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APH: Pls teach me pg52

Please teach me a way to betray that person

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Yao is older than everyone XDD

It's difficult that there is no Honorifics in English.
In the Chinese version, Toris called Yao "Xiao Yao," which means "little Yao." (similar to yao-kun in Japanese)
Xiao/kun is used to address someone of same age or younger, as well as someone intimate.
Because Ivan calls Yao "Xiao Yao/Yao-kun," he thought that was Yao's name

as for the "big brother" reference....
It's a Sino-Soviet thingy...
Yao considered himself a "born-again Communist" (LOL) after 1949, so he refers to Ivan as an older brother at that time.

But old habits die hard. The big brother thing didn't last very long = =||| (and why do I have to mention sad things when this is a happy page?) stupid translation
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...English doesn't have Honorifics, only some...but we have a crazy load of pet names/nicknames, which is commonly used for children or people who are younger or those we are close with.

Like Dave/David would be 'Davey'
Or Rebecca into Becca or Beccy.

Lots of 'y's at the end of names. Or just shortening a long name.
It wouldn't work with Yao, considering (joke has already been made) Yao-y, Yaoy....Yaoi.
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Third Last Panel..Liet is love!..but then, when isn't he?
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i use the japanese honorifics, and i'm completely american. its gives more insite into what kind of relation ship you have with a person, or how well you know them. and for "little yao", we'd probably say "squirt" or something like that.
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Yeah, all we have in English are cute nicknames ~♥
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I hope they fight over Ivan... (I kidded :XD:)
I love the name play~ really nice! :heart: :giggle:
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lol Let's duel, Yao vs. Toris! XDD
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I got pretty images in my head :heart:
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Just as a small note, Yao looks like he had been crying or something D'; Or he just looks REALLY REALLY tired. orz

:heart: But Liet's SOOO cuteee tehe~

And LOLLL Yao's age. I'd hate to be the candle provider. XD
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My Yao always looks somewhat melancholic, lol

Candle provider XDD
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Lot's of new pages... Or somewhat many at least. <3

And I like Xiao Yao, it sounds so cute. And I totally prefer that ovr Yao-kun. Why would Ivan use japanes honorfics anyway, when none of them's from Japan?

Those two are so cute together, though there's always this feeling they won't be happy for long... :'D
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Because the comic is from Japan?
I thought Japanese honorifics were more widely accepted in the fandom...
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Well, yes. I don't really have anything against the use of japanese honorfics... It just feels a little wierd when non-japanese characters use it.
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Look forward to the next page, amazing as always! :heart:
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Nice job! I really like your work and i can't wait to see what's going to happen next : D
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Yah. Nice work as always.. Even though i haven't commented on the other stuff you have uploaded.. did look at it though xD (looked good btw) xD
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You're welcome xP
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