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Rachel Corrie in WPAP

"We should be inspired by people...
who show that human beings can be kind, brave,
generous, beautiful, strong
-even in the most difficult circumstances"
Rachel Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003)

I made this illustration as my admiration for the figure of Rachel Corrie.
She is young, beautiful, brave and full of dedication and concern for others.
While the western world and the Arab silence towards Israel's invasion into Palestine, Corrie best contribute to the weak people mentally and physically wounded in Palestine due to Israeli attacks.
I hope her sacrifice will inspire us to always care for others.
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She lived like an idiot, and she died like an idiot. 
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Great Work.  Clap 
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she was a legend
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davvero interessante la tecnica con cui hai colorato!
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i like
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Heyo. Are you going to make a poster for Vittorio Arrigoni as well?
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yeah. of course.
insha Allah.
I'm collecting pictures of him, to be processed into an illustration like this.
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yang ini paling ane suka.... betul... sangat Powerfull....!! great job brader
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no problemo.... ^_^
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Gue juga mau dong...
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mau dibikinin..
trace gambar gw, ahahay..
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can i have a copy without the water mark, am thinking about printing this on my Tshirt if you allow me
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Of course.

What is your e-mail? I'll send via e-mail.
By the way, you print it in large quantities?
dynamiteme's avatar
no just one for me, or maybe my friend so it won't be more than 2 or 3 print max, i'll send you my email as a note, thanks a lot! i'll print it and show you the results inshallah :D
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Ok. I have already sent the file.
please check .. :)
dynamiteme's avatar
thanks a lot!!
enshallah i'll print it soon :D
setobuje's avatar
you re welcome :D
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she is a great example of the power of well and the strength of women around the world, you should how israeli are trying very hard to wipe her memory off and to picture her as this "terrorist", shame on them and on our governments for not defending her and her fellows
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