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My first story, criticisms welcome but pls nothing too harse lol

hope you enjoy
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This story is a decade old and for any shortcomings it may have, it's still probably the best inflation story I've ever read.
sethshark's avatar
Haha thanks I feel a tad old now.
Glad you still enjoy it. I wish I could still write stories like this one.
Sabonified's avatar
Wowza! This is a great story, and the one I most commonly come back to when I need some "alone time". Everything from the concept to the popping. Its everything I disired! I can't wait to see what other stories you develope like this!
sethshark's avatar
Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoy it so... thoroughly.
updown343's avatar
Amazing..conjoined inflation, a novel concept.
sethshark's avatar
Cheers Mate, glad you enjoyed it. It's one of my favorite inflation styles
updown343's avatar
May be one of mine as well at this point~
electricluke9870's avatar
So they both died? That's.....really sad.
sethshark's avatar
Well it is a popping story after all.
electricluke9870's avatar
True but some popping stories usually have the character reform or have it end up being a dream or something. But hey I won't complain this was a well written story despite it's less than desirable ending.
sethshark's avatar
Not the stories I read or write haha. Glad you enjoyed it though :)
sethshark's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it :)
lola960's avatar
You should use air instead of water is better, but nice story!
This story is magical. Extra magical.
not a fan of male inflation, but still quite a sexy story.
KorgFal's avatar
I liked it. good job.
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