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I've been playing a lot of Legend of the Five Rings lately since fifth edition came out and I'm excited about the system and the content rework. While a lot of my stories still are in the older setting, they've been adapted to the new system, and I'm enjoying it a bunch.

This character is my girlfriend's, Yoritomo Vihaan, and he's an infamous pirate. His dark skin is due to his direct gaijin lineage and his size is probably from the Yoritomo bloodline, 'cause they are all big. He is a flirtatious and audacious man, and fell immediately in love with Yasuki Tomi, despite the fact that the Yasuki and Yoritomo have been having naval skirmishes for as long as he's been alive and then some, and despite being very frequently thrown in a nearby lake or body checked, eventually woo'd the crab daimyo's sister into marrying him.
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