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Tessellation: circus seals in Dr. Seuss style


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SNUBA from a Catamaran


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Tessellation: circus seals in Dr. Seuss style


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Faith Is Like Lollipop Sticks

Editorial Cartoon

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Ambigram: ALOHA

Trick Perspective

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Typical tourists from Australia, Shazza and Waz


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Story Illustration: The Watchmaker's Gift

Magazine Illustration

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Search + Inspect icon

2D Gaming Interface

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Lucite Bathtub Dry Bookstand

Computer-Related Furniture

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That's Not Treasure Island

Treasure Hunters' Cartoons

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Nature and Religion: A Palindrome

"Seth," said Hop, "There. God, No?" Hop faced Seth as trees waited outside. Nature confronted Hop and Seth. Seth and Hop confronted nature. Outside waited trees as Seth faced Hop. "...No god there, Hop," said Seth.

Short Stories Usually Sci Fi

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Wheelchair Handicrafts

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boat dive


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Game of chance, skill or bluff

Photo Chops

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Tessellations on My Mind 2

Sculpture Carving

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SNUBA from a Catamaran

Personal Photos

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Ambigram of Woody (granola bag label)

UPC Bar Codes

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Click To Look Inside


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New Trademark Signature v2


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