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This tessellation tutorial starts with an equilateral triangle.
The triangle is split into three kite-shaped pieces, and goes on to create a tessellation with rotational symmetry. In the Heesch description system, the result is called a C3C3C6C6 tessellation.

For tools, nothing more special than a single piece of tracing paper is needed. You'll also need a regular piece of drawing paper, a pencil, at least three differently-colored pencils, a medium-wide black magic marker, and three 5"/14cm thin strips of paper.

Enjoy...and post your tessellation both here at dA and at my tessellation website's guest gallery. Link:
You can download the PDF version of this tutorial from…
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This is a really cool, elegant design!  Starting with three triangles 120o of each other and manipulating the edges from there reminds me of how I planned my Keitora tessellation four years ago.  (I feel old now!)  One thing I noticed is that you mention using a red pencil to make things easier to see, but it looks like the outlines are all in black and white.
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Oops! There's a misspelling and a wrong step # in the tutorial, too, so I'd better go back and correct those 3 errors.

Yes, the original photos had red and green colored pencils for the "squiggly lines" for clarity. I later decided that clarity was less important than erase-ability, so I reneged and wanted to show normal black pencil marks instead.... so I used Photoshop's "desaturate" feature, which changes color photos to black-and-white. looks like I forgot to alter the text in that step.

Yup... I'm an idiot, and there's the proof.

Thanks for catching my error & letting me know.

BTW, in the next few days I'll be uploading one more triangle-based tutorial. I'm putting the finishing touches on it today.

In the next month I also plan to release tutorials for tessellations on spirals/concentric rings, on the surface of icosahedrons, and on the surface of dodecahedrons.

icosahedron: 20 sided ball covered with equilateral triangles
dodecahedron: 12 sided ball covered with pentagons
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