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My Bio
Current Residence: Stumbling through Asia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Circus Tent, only roomier
Print preference: White mug or jigsaw puzzle
Favourite genre of music: Neoclassical, classical instrumental, rock, NOT rap.
Favourite photographer: Michael Moore
Favourite style of art: Tessellation & Farside-style cartooning
Operating System: Debian Linux with WINE
MP3 player of choice: VLC (VideoLan) Open Source Freeware (no DRM, no malware, no proprietary formats, just goodness)
Shell of choice: Triton's Trumpet
Wallpaper of choice: Tessellations with muted, darkish colors and a thick medium-dark border for the desktop icons
Skin of choice: The one I got on my birthday
Favourite cartoon character: "Doonesbury" by Trudeau
Personal Quote: Without doubt, experience merely reinforces prejudice.

Favourite Visual Artist
M. C. Escher, Da Vinci
Favourite Movies
2001: A Space Odyssey; Bowling for Columbine
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Enya, Mozart, Moody Blues, Kraftwerk
Favourite Writers
Douglas N. Adams, Mark Twain, T. H. White, Ralph Nader, Marx, Hume, Noam Chomsky, David Gerrold
Favourite Games
Diebold Electronic Voting Machines (where fiction is frictionless)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Clear warm ocean water, 11 meters deep.
Tools of the Trade
#2 pencil, watercolor pencils, wood, clay, GimpShop
Other Interests
SCUBA, Languages, epistemology, etymology, PCs

dA Management, Stop Routine Copyright Abuse!

0 min read
Currently, dA removes copyright-infriging art or writing about which they've received a DMCA cease-and-desist letter from the copyright holder. That's all. There's no follow-up to see that the dA member is not constantly repeating, in a long-standing pattern of copyright abuse before or since. There's no penalty to a dA member for continual copyright abuse-- in other words, it's a crime without punishment. WHY NOT keep up the piracy, if the only punishment is the removal of SOME of the material, and there's no long-term or more severe penalty? Does dA even have a mechanism to alert staff when there's a pattern of repeated copyright infring
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Adjusting to Life in a Wheelchair

0 min read
So I've been in a wheelchair since January. It's....not that bad. At least, not that bad compared to crutches. Crutches are wobbly and tiring. Wheelchairs are a lot more relaxing to use, unless there's a staircase or uphill incline. People have been, for the most part, overly kind and accommodating. Strangers give me a push. Even "standing" in line at a bank, kind people tell me to go to the head of the line as though the head of the line is a handicapped parking spot. ...As though I'm not sitting down while the rest of the people in line are standing. I try to point that out-- that I'm the only one in line who had the foresight to bring a
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Making Darwinism Sexy: A Satiric Essay

0 min read
SPOILER ALERT This essay contains Strong Language, and other words about reproduction, religion, and politricks. If you don't mind cussin' and adult sexy talk, and you're a liberal Darwinist, you'll enjoy this essay. Children and other small-minded people should probably stop reading here, if their reading skills allowed them to make it this far. Kids, Creationists, and Conservatives, go play, pray or prey. ---------- Smart, broad-minded Darwinists, it's up to US to come up with a more accurate and sexier slogan for evolution. Our current slogan, "Survival of the Fittest", isn't a clear evolutionary improvement over Creationists' lates
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May you rest in peace, seth. Sorry I'm late.
pink Rose in teardrop crystal vase dewless 
Wait... he's actually dead? No way... 
Damn dude, I should have taken your offer to make me a japanese stamp. Rest well, buddy.
Rest in peace, my friend. I hope you're in a better place.
Thenques for the fav
hi. wanna join my group called Anti-illuminati-01? anti-illuminati-01.deviantart.…
Ummm.... I took a look at your gallery, and formed an opinion of the group. Although I'm broadly anti-religion, this group of yours seems a little too "fringe", "out there", for me. It sees blatant "all-seeing eye" symbol use as "subliminal" when it's in reality quite overt. It sees that as proof of the influence of the Illuminati (a secret religious group from waaaay back in European history) today, whereas I see the "all seeing eye" (one eye atop a pyramid) as a symbol of Freemasonry's influence, not the Illuminati's, in American government since America's inception.

I see the Freemasons as a fraternity with secrets. I don't see evidence of an "Illuminati" that is a religious zealots' secret club working toward world domination.

I think there are forces working to undermine democracy, but I see those as 1-percenter superrich and corporations, who only incidentally invoke religious themes when it coincides with their core goals.