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SOMA - John, Catherine and Carl



Thought some people might be interested to see a few of the ingame portraits without glitching effects and discoloration through ambient- and/or backlight. All done in Photoshop. While doing one of these takes less than a day (without concepting and iterations, just raw worktime) we went through several variants and changes of these until we had the right look. :)
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You created the art of Soma characters and some elements in SOma? Fantastic! I love your portraits as Catherine and Amy Azzaro. You are a great artist. Only I did not understand why the Transmission characters do not have the art, and if Imogen Reed was created before or after the live action with Trim Miller. I have seen before Transmission and then I played  soma, and I did not understand this. To me, Reed that you have created looks very, very different the actress (Such as physical appearance, your Reed is fantastic and transmits a lot of respect, for me, by actress), and as I read on forum and other,  I'm not  the only person who loves this character like art in the Xray and more. Too bad for Golaski there is no art in the game. Bravo, I have seen your gallery and your works are extraordinary! I hope to see in other games Frictional your work :)