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#22 Original Bat Donut Steel - Ruby Skies

I got tired of creepin on xWhiteDreamsx OC BAT, so I made my own BAT.

I didn't realize oc pony making was such a nightmare. I guess Sphinx doesn't really count, since shes more of just an egypt pony. My sudden need for a bat turned into a massive time sink of running around asking people for color schemes, and the face was completely redone at least five times.

I think I'm starting to get this art thing. Now I just need to learn to shade like my shading idol Centchi . Technically she's the one that got me into bats to begin with thanks to her early Sweet Velvet drawing (… ).

No real reference this time. Simple pose doesn't really need one.

(Update: since people keep bringing up that it looks like a base, it's just a common pose. Here is my sketchy thing i posted in eqd art chat before i fixed everything up for the pony above
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Barbaro20's avatar
Ruby is a cute batpony.
pawpoxpony's avatar
totally going to steel this :3
pawpoxpony's avatar
yea m8 try and stop :3(you'll prably win)
SlayerRevanche's avatar
What a fantastic looking OC! One can really tell that the effort was put in.
Techoh's avatar
Bat ponies are so adorbs! ^-^
SoulfulMirror's avatar
For a second I thought it was base.
Sethisto's avatar
No base here! Just focused on show style big smooth lines for this one.  I made her more curvy tho. 
Kyoshyu's avatar
We all like curvy. :)
SoulfulMirror's avatar
You make fast progress!
theBronyFromQc's avatar
look great ! i love your art seth :D 
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