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Happy Mutant Family Fun Day

So I started this in APRIL but never got to work on it until this week.

Deadpool and Wolvie at the annual Mutant Family Fun Day.

They're having soooo much fun!
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Uncle-of-the-Sky's avatar
*pffft.....Its a FASTBALL SPECIALLaugh LOL 
Blucaracal's avatar
Wolverine shouldve been flipping him off with the middle claw XD
Ah really, no pine apple surprise?  What a let down.
Giorgia99's avatar
Oh God, this is awesome : D
lamuerte's avatar
lol, awesome.
Dasher-Dart's avatar
I have a real strange feeling that the ball is actually a grenade or a bomb. XD Great work! I love the colors!
Dasher-Dart's avatar
Da heck?! I only posted this once?! :confused:
Rambling-anthology's avatar
I could totally see this happening :)
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KankiYamato's avatar
*lol* This is awesome!XD
WhyKick-A-MooCow's avatar
Logan wasn't doing too bad... Then Bulls-eye found out about the dunk-tank.
Blader3000's avatar
Nice coloring! It fits very well!
And Wade don't try anything stupid you're just having fun.
related by blood
pathetictastic's avatar
lol. They're about to get in an endless battle.
CannibalisticCacti's avatar
hahah, love this. Awesome piece.
rockthearts1212's avatar
very very nice. im jelly
ArticNorth's avatar
Hehe. I have a feeling that it isn't the target that he's aiming for.
Guilles's avatar
Loads of FUN!
DoctorDeadpool's avatar
I wonder what Deadpool is to Wolverine, genetically? Brother? Cousin?
ThaMutt's avatar
wow this looks so professional!love the colors.very amusing!
Shufly's avatar
:iconwolverineplz: For the last time deadpool, you're not a mutant, bub.
SHADOWR0MAN's avatar
This is hilarious. Great work, it's really well done.
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