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Since my childhood, drawing was my greatest passion.
While I grow up, I wanted more than just pencil and color-pencils.
Looking at the work of artists like Boris Vallejo, Don Lawrence and Alberto Vargas, I bought in 1982 my first painting-stuff, like oil-paint, brushes and a airbrush.
Then came the great surprise, … I appeared to be allergic for the oil-paint, ink and all the solvent you can imaging what is necessary for painting and airbrushing.
So, that was a great disappointment to me.
So I gave up this hobby, because I still wanted more than just working with pencils and color-pencils.  But still, so once in a while I tried to pick up, this great hobby, which was such a great passion to me, I even bought a second airbrush in 1990.
So unfortunately I gave up definitive in 1992.
In the mean time I became a bit a computer-freak, new hobby, lol.
In 2007, my little daughter asked me to draw a Spiderman picture for her from a very small picture on a toys-package. Ten minutes later I finished the drawing. I was surprised by myself what I did. It appeared that I’ve got drawing still in my fingers.
Almost at the same time I read, that some big artists like Vincente Segrelles and many others were working digitally.
Also almost on the same time, I discovered the artist Luis Royo, from that moment on I’m a big fan of him, his art inspired me so much, that I only wanted to draw and paint, no matter what and how.
So I bought a Wacom Pen Tablet, I already had a scanner.
I started to draw with pencil on paper, scanned the pencil drawing and colored it on the PC. I was satisfied with this kind of working.
But some people in my neighbourhood react, when they heard I did the most work on a computer like, ”Oh did you do that whit a computer”. Like everyone could do that kind of work, if they use only a computer.
In early 2008 I read in a book of Finlay Cowan, for a quick sketch of an idea he had, he uses watercolor-paint.  I’ve always seen watercolor-paint as a kind of child-toy, stupid me. So I bought watercolor-paint and made my first watercolor painting and I liked that. For the second one I searched my old airbrushes and bought watercolor-paint-paper. Later I also combined watercolor-paint with pastel-chalk.
Seems I found my way, the traditional art gives me more satisfaction than the digital art, despite that the traditional art is easier than the digital art to me, so digital art is art for sure. I only miss the Ctrl-z in the traditional art.
Until now and for a future while, my paintings are study, learning and experimental paintings, to grow in and to create a own technique and style. For that reason I upload my work copyright-free. If else, I will place a big watermark or something on it.
Because of a busy job and family life, it takes me long time to finish new work, so visitors of my work, please be patient with me.

I would like to make paid artwork orders.
Contact me for orders.

With Kindly Regards, …

Seth Apophis

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