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My little Pony Plush Firefly

I worked on the pattern for 3 days, but i have a few thinks to adjust, now i have finished my first Pony! It's firefly from the first Generation from the 80th. Everyone is sewing the Main Six from FiM, but i wanted to make one of the old ponies, so i decided for her, because i had everything here.

Two days ago I got an embroidery maschine <3 one of my dreams came true! Wanted one for years, and now it happend. I tried some days with PE Design and the maschine and then I wanted to make a pony and not only playing ^^ I learned a lot while making her and I hope the next one will be better :D Hope you like her

Minky and Shag Fur, eyes and symbol are embroided.
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I remember her, she was awesome! 
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I had a Firefly plush as a child... still do! I love this version of her! You did such a great job mixing the two styles of ponies... I want one like her. Do you take commissions 
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thank you vermuch :)
yes i do, but not atm. for quotes please note me.
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I love the colors of her hair.
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aahhh i want her :) one of my fav ponies!!!!! <3
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she was a prensent :)
but there will be a new firefly soon :D
thank you!
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I love the look of the shag, and that's an adorable little flip you put in the tail!
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loving this

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there will be a "danger is my life" Firefly soon ;)
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Wow! I love the ponies with this furry kind of mane! Looks great!
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thank you :D
i want he looks as much lion as he could!
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SQUEEEEEEEEE FIREFLY ^^ Love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish she was for sale I would sooo buy her ^^
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thank you so much :D
she was a gift ;)
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lucky lucky Friend ^^
so great and soft :)
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so cute! Very huggable.
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thank you :D she's so soft <3
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