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Gallery Folders

One Word and One Act Contest Voting by Cati-Art
Spring Contest by Cati-Art
Spring 2011 Contest Voting by Cati-Art
Sesshoumaru x Kikyou Fanart
Your life is in my hands by PauliGaVi
Meeting Place by TheBelleLair
The second resurrection by PauliGaVi
Sesshoumaru and Kikyo by happycookiieblog
Sesshoumaru Fanart
Inuvember 2017 Day 6 Sesshomaru with Speedpaint by shaygoyle
(+NSFW) W.I.P - SESSHOMARU (INUYASHA) by customhusbandos
Sesspractice by Miyori999
Kikyou Fanart
Inuvember 2017 Day 7 Kikyo by shaygoyle
Kikyou archer AU by FanasY
Kikyou AU by FanasY
Tears and Loose-Form Flowers by Miyori999
Group Fanart
Sesshoumaru October by jiegengDai
Family by Cati-Art
Hoshimaru by xong
Under shine by FanasY
Doujinshi and Fan Comics
Obsession Youkai -Pag 152 by FanasY
Return to Me. by Miyori999
Family moments by FanasY
Sweet dreams by FanasY
SessKik Cosplay
Full demon and human woman by MultiRagnell
Fukai Mori by NewmoondropCosplay
Kikyo 1 by MicJacSmile
..Summery moments.. by FanasY
Cameos -all sold out- by FanasY
+ Advent Calendar + Snowglobe - Kikyou by Yami-Kaira
+ Icon Pixel Doll , Kikyou + by Yami-Kaira
Winter Challenge
SessKik - Safe by Cati-Art
One Word and One Act Contest
Rose an smile by Neocco
Halloween Contest
:::+ Jack and Sally - SessKik Version +::: by Yami-Kaira


Below you will find links to some great AMVs and fanfictions dedicated to Sesshoumaru/Kikyou. Enjoy! :D

M U S I C   V I D E O S

Memories by YorleniProductions (YorleniSama)

You Will be Safe by YorleniProductions (YorleniSama)

Moonlight by YorleniProductions (YorleniSama)

Thank You by YorleniProductions (YorleniSama)

Wo Ai Ni by aoisenshi9

The price of Freedom by YakuKikyo

She saved me by MidnightPhenomenon

Impossible Love by MidnightPhenomenon


Forbidden by Tsuyu no Inochi
Theirs was an unexpected alliance that ended in a unique bond. Two powerful forces combined for one cause. What happens when love is not an option?

Unexpected Encounters by Carnivorous Mushroom
A cold and stoic demon meets a kind, young miko one fateful day. As time progresses, they start encountering each other at unexpected times. Will these coincidental meetings lead to unwanted feelings for the both of them? Only time will tell...

Fukai Mori by Seigetsu Ren
He is a taiyoukai, she is a miko. A meeting that should never have occured, a shattered heart hidden in the depths of the forest. Fifty years later, their paths cross again, but it is never the same...


Random from Featured

Sobre codos... by Asurama Sobre codos... :iconasurama:Asurama 4 0 Inktober - Tenseiga by Asurama Inktober - Tenseiga :iconasurama:Asurama 3 0 Terrible sign by Asurama Terrible sign :iconasurama:Asurama 10 0 Ocaso by Asurama Ocaso :iconasurama:Asurama 18 5 In Love by Asurama In Love :iconasurama:Asurama 18 4 Sesshy Kikyo by Yami-no-Fake Sesshy Kikyo :iconyami-no-fake:Yami-no-Fake 13 7 kikyo and sesshomaru by Soul1991 kikyo and sesshomaru :iconsoul1991:Soul1991 12 2 Mending Hearts version 2 by xxxNARYanANGEL Mending Hearts version 2 :iconxxxnaryanangel:xxxNARYanANGEL 10 6 Mending Hearts by xxxNARYanANGEL Mending Hearts :iconxxxnaryanangel:xxxNARYanANGEL 9 0 Kikyou e Sesshoumaru-Descanso by gacktsama Kikyou e Sesshoumaru-Descanso :icongacktsama:gacktsama 1 2 kikyo seshh by sabaku-no-hikari
Mature content
kikyo seshh :iconsabaku-no-hikari:sabaku-no-hikari 4 3
Sesshomaru and Kikyo by Joetheheadgehog Sesshomaru and Kikyo :iconjoetheheadgehog:Joetheheadgehog 9 7 Unavailing Jealousy by Thief-Rikku Unavailing Jealousy :iconthief-rikku:Thief-Rikku 17 23 Sesshomaru and Kikyo by wingedwhisperer Sesshomaru and Kikyo :iconwingedwhisperer:wingedwhisperer 49 32 In Your Arms... by neo-italy In Your Arms... :iconneo-italy:neo-italy 70 20 Protecting a Bellflower by preppygurl0069 Protecting a Bellflower :iconpreppygurl0069:preppygurl0069 7 2



Welcome to the SessKik group, a fan club dedicated to the couple Sesshoumaru and Kikyou, from the anime/manga Inuyasha. If you like them together, join us and let's spread the love for this beautiful pairing!


If you would like to join, just click "Join our Group" button at the top of the page, and you are in! ^ ^

You don't need to contribute in the group to be a member. You just need to like Sesshoumaru and Kikyou. ^-^


Here are some simple guidelines that you should follow before submitting to the gallery:

- All artwork submitted must be related to Sesshoumaru/Kikyou.

- Deviations containing Sesshoumaru or Kikyou paired with anyone else will not be accepted.

- Fanart with just Sesshoumaru or just Kikyou are okay. But the image can't contain any other character. ^ ^

- Submissions containing mature content are accepted, but please make sure that the proper warnings are on your deviation.

- Only submit your own work (NO copying or stealing other people's art).

S U B M I T   A R T

Enter the gallery and then click "Contribute to this Gallery". Please make sure to submit your deviations in the right gallery folders. The folders are as follows:

Featured - Club-related. Only the founder can add deviations here.

Sesshoumaru x Kikyou Fanart - Fanart containing Sesshoumaru and Kikyou together.

Sesshoumaru Fanart - Fanart containing just Sesshoumaru.

Kikyou Fanart - Fanart containing just Kikyou.

Group Fanart - Sesshoumaru and Kikyou with their companions or their children. But remember that Kikyou or Sesshoumaru can't be paired with anyone else in the picture.

Doujinshi and Fan Comics - Sesshoumaru and Kikyou Doujinshi and Fan Comics.

SessKik Cosplay - Sesshoumaru and Kikyou cosplay pictures.

Fanfiction - Sesshoumaru and Kikyou fanfiction.

Miscellaneous - Sesshoumaru/Kikyou wallpapers, icons, stamps, etc.


You can also suggest Sesshoumaru/Kikyou works to our favorites! ^-^ But keep in mind that the Favorites section is only for deviations that for some reason can't be submitted in the group's gallery (if the author isn't active on dA anymore, for example).

If you have any problems or questions, please send us a note! ^ ^






It's time for our Winter Challenge again, dear members! :love: Below you can read all the details and I hope you can participate! :la:


1. You must be a member of this group.

2. Create an Winter themed picture featuring Sesshoumaru and Kikyou together.

3. One-shot Fanfictions and cosplay pictures are also acceptable.

4. You may include other characters, just as long as Sesshoumaru and Kikyou are the main pairing and the main focus.

5. Entries must be something new you have created specifically for this challenge.

6. Each participant can submit an unlimited number of entries.

7. Entries containing mature content will be accepted.

8. Only submit your own work (Please don't use official artwork or manipulations. Don't copy, trace or steal other people's art).

9. Please submit the entries to the "Winter Challenge" folder.…


The deadline is March 20, 2014. ;D


This challenge won't have a voting or winners. Everybody who enters will win a banner made by Cati-Art. The objective is to participate! :dance:

If you have any questions or suggestions let us know! Have fun and Happy Holidays, everyone! :love:

- Cati
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CuteDreamerofRoses94 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
I was accepted? Just like that?
YuzukiYuukari Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015
Thank you soo much for the request~! <33 Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
yoneyu Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the request <3
vanessacloud Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank u for the affiliation!
Chuly Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
You say Inuyasha's insecure like Kagome, um what? he characterization of Inuyasha as "insecure" is something that bothers me. I dont really remember anything in the manga indicating that. He's clearly arrogant. Having doubts and showing vulnerability, as well as feeling sad and angsting and suffering for other people, do NOT mean you're unconfident. It means you're human. 
But there's nothing in the manga indicating Inuyasha's insecurity. The woobie flashbacks are not present in the manga. He loved his mother and once she died, he went off and became a Sesshomaru-like loner I guess (we're not given info). He wasn't needy and crying because he didn't have friends. He was portrayed as someone who didn't care, and would just take what he wanted from people, and didn't give a shit about anything till Kikyo came along. Inuyash blocked out the pain and went on with his life. We know later on Kagome taught him to break down and stuff. 
The biggest problem I see with this is that there was nothing wrong with the way Inuyasha was in the first place. He was a jerk sometimes, ok, but he wasn't all broken. He was strong. He had his own way of dealing with things. And in a time like that, desperate times call for desperate measures. It's not about being naive and romantic. KAGOME is the one that seems clueless, somewhat unconfident and later on, an emotional trainwreck. So... yeah. 

Also, nothing in the manga indicates he's unsure Kagome loves him. He does at least know she has feelings for him. Kagome made light hearted advances on him at the start, and he rejected her, and later on, those feelings turned real, and Inuyasha realized it. He explicitly asks her if she's mad because he kissed Kikyo, so obviously he suspects/knows she's jealous.
Nothing indicates he's insecure of competition either. I really doubt it. Why would Inuyasha compare himself to other dudes? He knows what he's got. When Kagome hugs him front of Koga in some chapters, he brags about it to Koga and says he "won". 
Rin-Shirosaki Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Student General Artist

I invite everyone in the group dedicated pair KohaRin - ^_^

Myebi Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Very cute couple I must say! =)
SasuNaruChibi Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013
Is the group still updated?
Ann-Lin Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
yes, of course. :D
SasuNaruChibi Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
Neh, yay!
Are we still going to have challenges? :d
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