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Twitch plays Pokemon: I WANNA GO HOME

MORE TPP fan art, wooooooh!

This was not what Red imagined when he dreamed about becoming a pokemon trainer. Not at all. As day seven start's the voice's in his head get louder and LOUDER, and Red find's himself in the brink of a nervous breakdown, and there's still so many towns to visit, so many badges to win and so many task's to accomplish, what a nightmare! Is he going to make it? Or is he going to snap?


My first twitch plays pokemon fan art 'HELP ME' can be found here:…

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... what exactly happened to make feel Red all sad and worried?

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This picture is amazing. It also has me feeling for him. So much emotion in it.
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Too much Pokemans
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The drum beat Doctor, will it ever stop?
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AWESOME! You should do some Onix X Weepinbell art ;)
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This is amazingly done
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He can Beat his wish now, Now it's d (Lil' D) That has the fear :o
you can rest now my friend. Your struggle is over
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Having 100,000 people in control of one playable character for the entire duration of a classic game everyone loves, is by far the worst idea ever. I like these comics and fan art of this because they make you feel so bad for Red. Nice work.
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I felt his pain once....but i didnt take off my shoes for it the heck?

Still its a very emotional image, its amazing.
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I still think this fanart is so great because of how you can interpret it in different ways.

For the TTP fans: Bloody Sunday, or... any time with the PC, really. Or the crash, as it happens.

For Nuzlockers: If you take the challenge literally, as it happens in-game, you force your player character to release them manually, possibly leading to this once you've turned your game off for a while.

For casual Poképlayers... Meh. Dunno.
Why is Red barefoot?
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Well,according to Japanese culture,people remove their shoes before committing suicide.
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It's a mystery
Why's that? I was just curious about that detail, is all...
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part of the schizophrenia results from having thousands of voices speaking to him
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I just thought it looked more dramatic.
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I love the idea of making TPP dark like this. I remember watching a movie about social anxiety where the main character does that in a corner..
it is done, suggest a final art of red finally free.
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fufufu, there is no happy ending as AJ (Gold) has just began his adventure of doom... (im making a comic about it! 8D) 
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What's up with the Twitch Plays Pokemon thing? Are they bad or something?
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At face value, twitch plays pokemon is a story about a young boy trying to become a pokemon master despite his violent mental illness impeding him at every possible moment.
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