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DevID v9 - La Muse Malade by sesshysshewolf DevID v9 - La Muse Malade :iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 1 0
Dream Journal
June 8, 2009

I could run no longer. My legs had no strength. I tarried as long as I could; I did not want to make this decision. But I was exhausted, inside and out, and had to let my body rest somewhere.
It was a forgotten little town, just off one of the more unpopular interstate exits, with just enough visitors to keep the old gas stations, diners, and motels running. The single-mother waitresses sympathized with me, pitied the pretty little flighty girl who reminded them of their youth. They welcomed me, and lent me their tables, their beds, and their bosoms. They did not feel the plague I had brought upon them all, and I could only pray that they never would. Perhaps they would not have to; perhaps he would not find me here.
Not even a week had passed when something strange happened. Something dark and empty had appeared in the bathroom of a local restaurant, in the second stall from the left, and simultaneously a woman had disappeared. Two days and three unfo
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 0 0
DevID v8 - Victorian Trash by sesshysshewolf DevID v8 - Victorian Trash :iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 0 3 : Desktop + Critical Mass : by sesshysshewolf : Desktop + Critical Mass : :iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 0 6
Beguiling. Pulsating. Stirringly sublime. It was always like this, the clear melody flowing mellifluously in through the curtains covering the open window, ringing throughout the intimate but immensely cluttered room. For how long, or how many other times he had sat here in the peace of morning, with the echoing of music and the light dancing all around, he could not say. Time somehow seemed faraway and unimportant. All there was was this one, infinite moment.
As the music came to a lingering halt a short while later, Tanim begrudgingly opened his eyes; he would have willingly reclined upon his chaise lounge and listened until the skies darkened and the morning hawfinches emerged to warble their songs once more. As much as he always dreaded the music’s end, the very fact that the music had stopped meant its creator would soon be making an appearance down in the tiny front garden. This was an occurrence that Tanim could not pass up; the young composer rarely ventured outside, so wh
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 2 7
Liddell's Mirror
Ah, but how curious! Entrapped within this still glass, do I perceive a murkily reflected silhouette? Are you a mirrored dream disentangled from the endlessly stretching night, or perhaps an echo made visible from between the cornered shadows of my armoire? Your periwinkle eyes are so like mine. Please, echo--do you see me? Do you hear me?
Yes...yes, I hear you, faint and callow though your voice is. I know your sinless eyes. Do not trouble your inquisitive little head with this cruel sphere. If there ever was, there is nothing for you here now, little one.
This sunless scene...why has it appeared before me here, etched in this hanging gilt-framed crystal as though by diamonds? It seems familiar to me, somehow. Should I know this place? How is it that you have come to reside here?
Do not ask me this, little one. You know not how, with briery guilt, it rents me through and through, and through again.
But look! The gray grows, the gold chips and cracks, the light
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 1 2
i am a shade of gray.
i am a faded pigment,
my true color long since lost in Your ever-engulfing murk,
blind and groping, grasping,
certain there was once a path in this blank space.
i know--though You have oft convinced me otherwise--
only the brightest of hues escape into Your frame.
but i am not a radiant azure
born from the pelagic depths of a thriving sea.
i am not a dusky crimson
stained sanguine by the bleeding heart of a dying sun.
i am a shade of gray
dyed not by doves or ravens,
but the listless wings of a moribund moth.
i am a shade of gray.
i am washed out,
entombed within Your chiaroscuro contradictions,
halted by Your blinding fluorescence,
displaced by Your distractions.
i am the wisps of a somewhat pleasant dream.
i am a fading afterthought.
i am half-remembered.
i am a shade of gray.
i am a shade of gray.
i am Your shade of gray (?)
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 3 7
De + lect, spic + able
Oh bitter, cloying Light,
Your wanton shine has breached the fissures of my doubt,
Leaving only reason--a frail protection from your licentious charm,
Mitigating whispers and contingent embrace.
How have you so managed to enchain me?
You've thoughtlessly refined these manacles
To such extent that dissolution should surely seem unfeasible;
Yet you avert your lustrous eyes from my pleading gaze,
And rebuff my every clinging grasp at worth or meaning.
Now, robbed of grace, shall we continue this silent clash?
Such imbroglio wears the fibers of once-perfection, yielding naught but sour nothings.
Your mad disregard can only invite discontent--can't you see that?
You can't, can you? You can't see your poison seeping through my capillaries.
You don't see the unceasing black rain I still shelter you from with this fragmenting body.
I never sought even close to what I gave--
Yet with each day your presence grew to be less and less,
Until, now, your warmth has dissipated,
And your
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 1 8
The 12 Days of XXXmas
(*To the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas)
On the first day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
A bishie in perfect cosplay
On the second day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
Two kissing boys
And a bishie in perfect cosplay
On the third day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
Three gay men
Two kissing boys
And a bishie in perfect cosplay
On the fourth day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
Four yaoi fans
Three gay men
Two kissing boys
And a bishie in perfect cosplay
On the fifth day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
Five doujinshi
Four yaoi fans
Three gay men
Two kissing boys
And a bishie in perfect cosplay
On the sixth day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
Six sexy semes
Five doujinshi
Four yaoi fans
Three gay men
Two kissing boys
And a bishie in perfect cosplay
On the seventh day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
Seven ukes blushing
Six sexy semes
Five doujinshi
Four yaoi fans
Three gay men
Two kissing boys
And a bishie in perfect cosplay
On the eighth day of XXXmas my fandom gave to me
Eight favorite c
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 5 8
In winter's lurid light hast thy sweet light deceived me:
Always a sordid storm lurks--a melancholy black symphony of mad trifles.
Never incubate that love which achingly whispers 'neath the waxing moon;
Of nothing shall I weep or dream in haste.
My tempting mortal rose,
Alas and farewell.
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 1 22
.Transmutation Circle + EARTH. by sesshysshewolf .Transmutation Circle + EARTH. :iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 28 3 .Transmutation Circle + FIRE. by sesshysshewolf .Transmutation Circle + FIRE. :iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 43 21 .Transmutation Circle + AIR. by sesshysshewolf .Transmutation Circle + AIR. :iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 87 15
TORA NO KOKORO Part 1, Chap 4
A mark next to a word (i.e. hakama') indicates that a definition or explanation is provided at the end of the chapter.
Tora no Kokoro: A Tiger's Heart
Part 1: "Kokoro no Hono'o no Gekido: The Heart's Flames of Rage"
or "Tora no Ki: The Tiger's Return"
A Sweet Young Lady

Why does this weak heart stay me so?
I want to slash it out,
And watch my other self slowly perish!
...But then I truly would be an ogre.

"She took down six men," Kaoru said skeptically, "with a sakabatou?"
"Hey, don't look at me that way, all right?" Sano said defensively. "She did! Her hair was red and her eyes... What?? You don't believe me?" He moved out of the way of a street merchant who was peddling his cart along down the busy street of the marketplace. It was midday, and many people had begun to gather for lunch; but (since Kaoru was on a saving-money fling, like usual) the group would have to go home and endure her..."interesting"...brand of cooking instead of en
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 1 3
Ten's A Crowd - Chapter 3
//Subd!v!s!0n 3#// ~E1uc!dat!0n~
~//By 0km!k0 G!nk!b@//~
//(Listening to: "I Am" [Inuyasha 3rd opening])//
"Damn, I'm hungry," Kyo sat, head resting against his arm, at the dining room table. An unfilled bowl sat on the table beside him, and he vaguely wondered if that's what his stomach looked like--dry and empty.
"Well, Tohru should be back soon," Shigure said, looking up from his writings. "Although I do wonder what is taking them so long..."
"Shigure, Kyo! We're back!"
"Finally," Kyo muttered.
"Speak of the devil!" Shigure said as Tohru came through the door. "We were starting to think--"
Just then, Hikari stepped through the door. Upon seeing Shigure, she gave a happy cry, and tackled him to the ground, much to the surprise of Tohru.
"'Gure-san!" Hikari said delightedly, squeezing him snugly.
"Ahh...'Kari-chan..." Shigure said, eyes swirling, "You've...returned..."
That's odd...he didn't transform! Tohru thought, perplexed. Wait! Does that mean...?
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 4 2
Ten's a Crowd - Chapter 2
{Fru!t$ B@$ket} //Ep!l0gue// ~Ten'$ A Cr0wd, But Twelve'$ A C!rcu$!~
~//By 0km!k0 G!nk!b@//~
//(Listening to: "It's Gonna Rain" [Rurouni Kenshin])//
//Subd!v!s!0n 2#// ~Tlk 0f $ummer~
"Shigure!" The brown-haired, sixteen-year-old slid open the paper door, large blue eyes widening slightly in surprise as they met with purple ones. "Hello, Yuki! I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here."
"Oh no, it's alright. Is there something wrong, Miss Honda?"
"No, I just wanted to tell--" stepping into the room, she spotted the very person she was looking for. "Oh, Shigure!"
"Ah, Tohru!" he said, looking up from his newspaper. "Is lunch ready, then?"
"Well, almost," she said with an apologetic smile. "I ran out of miso, so I'm going to the store to get some, alright?" She cocked her head, pondering. "Now that I think of it, we're running low on eggs, too. I might as well just do the grocery shopping for this week while I'm there."
"Ahh, I may just starve before you return," Shigu
:iconsesshysshewolf:sesshysshewolf 4 2

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Jurassica Catalina Morgan
United States
[ a.k.a. ] Cap'n Jurassica, Acqua Toffana, 'Neechan, Jess
[ age ] 22 (mental age - alternates between 12 and 62)
[ location ] America's vital regions

[ interests ] foreign languages (Spanish, Japanese, French, and more), historical fashion, art history, angsty poetry, pirates, experimental anime, cosplay

[ <3 ] being a yandere with strangely tsundere tendencies, pretending to be a pirate queen/mafia mistress/rich countess/warrior princess/etc., having cats instead of children, dancing to chest-pounding darkwave at clubs, fantasizing about wearing pretty historical clothes, adding Kahlua and/or Baileys to everything, alternating from writing angsty poetry to fluffy smut in ridiculously short intervals, ladies

[ </3 ] putting up with male chauvinism and/or homophobia, doing math, working at D*sney, going to bed before 3am, eating healthy food, fainting while getting shots because my trypanophobia sets off a vasovagal episode, dreaming about being dragged down a well by Samara/Sadako, men

[ historical/celebrity crushes ] Anne Bonny, Charles Baudelaire, Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Lady Gaga, Cary Elwes, Madame de Pompadour, Emilie Autumn, Louis XIV, Sarah Brightman, Nicole Kidman, Caravaggio, Virginia Woolf, Joan Jett, Billy Idol

Current Residence: 6th Level of Hell, Florida
Favourite genre of music: darkwave, steampunk, symphonic metal, electronica, techno, trance, operatic pop, world, indie
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Cain (Cain Saga), The Count (Gankutsuou), Viral (Gurren-Lagann), Itoshiki (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
Personal Quote: "That's CAPTAIN to YOU!"
  • Listening to: Lady Gaga - &quot;Monster&quot;
  • Reading: Don't even ask. OTZ
  • Eating: Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
  • Drinking: Smirnoff
So I haven't updated this journal for like two years or something ridiculous like that, but I was really, really bored and everyone else was posting memes so I figured I'd re-post this silly meme I made a few years back (with different randomized results, of course.) xD;;;

The Superspecialawesome Make-Your-Own-Anime Meme Thing!

[1] List yourself and nine of your friends below, with each name next to a number.
[2] Use this die-roller (…) to roll a 10-sided die once for each of the stereotypical anime characters listed below. For each number you roll, list the name of the friend whose name is next to that number as a character in the "results" section. (If you roll a friend's number multiple times, roll again until you've listed each friend only once.)
[3] Tag some betches.

[1] Jess (sesshysshewolf)
[2] Dagger (Majime)
[3] Senpai (AcidConfetti)
[4] Kel (kelbora)
[5] Kitty (darkelvenmage)
[6] Ariel (Majiran)
[7] D-chan (BlackRose629)
[8] Kyou (TwistedFirestarter)
[9] Alanah (IXoclock)
[10] Cyn (Syrae-Universe)

- - - - -

[1] The Opening Theme Performer:
= Kel (I have no idea what song she'd sing, but it'd be REALLY American.)

[2] The Powerful-Yet-Annoying Hero:
= Ariel (Yeeep. xD)

[3] The Cloyingly Sweet Magical Girl:
= Alanah (Ehh, don't really see it. xD; )

[4] The Grouchy Talking Animal:
= Cyn (This is the most perfect match of them all, haha.)

[5] The Lecherous Old Man:
= D-chan (Also a great match. Hehehe.)

[6] The Evil Long-Haired Bishounen:
= Jess (OMG YEEEESSSS, much better than last time I did this! 8D Although... that would mean I'd have posters of myself on my wall...)

[7] The Mystical Miko:
= Kitty (Cuuuuute. x3)

[8] The Depressed Mecha Pilot:
= Senpai (Awesoooome.)

[9] The Plotting Glasses-Wearer:
= Dagger (Uh-oh. Don Leonelli's up to something. >_>)

[10] The Flaming Cross-Dresser:
= Kyou (Haha, nice. xD)

[*] BONUS! (roll die, multiply x2)
Number of seasons your anime would last:
= 2 (Aww man, we're not even close to beating Inuyasha, much less Naruto.)

- - - - -

Umm, anyone who's bored? I guess?


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