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Super Smash Bros. Accurate Heights

By sesshowmall

Average Man: 175 cm or 5'9

Captain Olimar: 3.9 cm or 2"
Kirby: 20 cm 20 cm or 8"
Meta Knight: 24 cm or 9"
R.O.B.: 24 cm
Pichu: 30 cm or 1' [1]
Pikachu: 40 cm or 1'4
King Dedede: 50 cm or 1'8
Jigglypuff: 50 cm
Squirtle: 50 cm
Duck Hunt Duo: 65 cm or 2'2
Diddy Kong: 74 cm or 2'5
Mr. Game & Watch: 82 cm or 2'8
Inklings: 84 cm or 2'9
Ice Climbers: 90 cm or 2'11 [2]
Villagers: 90 cm [2]
Pac-Man: 90 cm [2]
Banjo: 90 cm
Sans: 94 cm or 3'1 [3]
Ness/Lucas: 94 cm [4]
Isabelle: 95 cm [5]
Toon Link: 100 cm or 3'3
Ivysaur: 100 cm
Sonic: 100 cm
Mario/Dr. Mario: 100 cm
Bowser Jr.: 105 cm
Wario: 110 cm or 3'7
Yoshi: 113 cm or 3'8
Luigi: 114 cm or 3'9
Child Link: 117 cm or 3'10
Lucario: 120 cm or 3'11 [1]
Daisy: 120 cm
Donkey Kong: 120 cm [6]
Piranha Plant: 122 cm or 4' [6]
Peach: 126 cm or 4'2
Mega Lucario: 130 cm or 4'3
Mega Man: 132 cm or 4'4
TP Link: 135 cm or 4'5
ALbW Zelda: 135 cm
ALbW Sheik: 135 cm
TP Zelda: 140 cm or 4'7
TP Sheik: 140 cm
Ludwig von Koopa: 145 cm or 4'9
Roy Koopa: 148 cm or 4'10
OoT Zelda: 150 cm or 4'11
OoT Sheik: 150 cm
Pokémon Trainer: 150 cm
Greninja: 150 cm
Wendy O. Koopa: 153 cm or 5'
Rosalina and Luma: 158 cm or 5'2
OoT Link: 160 cm or 5'3
BotW Link: 160 cm
Roy: 163 cm or 5'4
Lucina: 163 cm
Pit/Dark Pit: 165 cm or 5'5
Wii Fit Trainers: 168 cm or 5'6
Charizard: 170 cm
Little Mac: 170 cm
Dragon Quest Heroes: 170 cm
Shulk: 170 cm
Corrin: 170 cm
Bowser: 170 cm [6] [7]
Fox: 173 cm or 5'8
Cloud: 173 cm
Robin: 173 cm
Marth: 173 cm
Chrom: 173 cm
Ryu: 175 cm or 5'9
Ken: 175 cm
Joker: 175 cm
Palutena: 175 cm
Snake: 178 cm or 5'10
Ike: 178 cm
Incineroar: 180 cm or 5'11
Lemmy Koopa: 180 cm [8]
Terry Bogard: 182 cm or 6'
Wolf: 183 cm or 6'
Simon: 185 cm or 6'1
Richter: 185 cm
Iggy Koopa: 187 cm or 6'2
Larry Koopa: 188 cm or 6'2
Falco: 188 cm
Samus: 190 cm or 6'3
Zero Suit Samus: 190 cm
Dark Samus: 190 cm
Mewtwo: 200 cm or 6'7
Captain Falcon: 203 cm or 6'8
Morton Koopa Jr.: 214 cm or 7'
OoT Ganondorf: 230 cm or 7'7
TP Ganondorf: 230 cm
King K. Rool: 235 cm or 7'9
Bayonetta: 250 cm or 8'2
Petey Piranha: 260 cm or 8'6
Giga Mac: 267 cm or 8'9 [6] [9]
Octopus Game & Watch: ~270 cm or 8'10 [6] [9]
Super Pac Man: 280 cm or 9'2 [10]
OoT Ganon: 335 cm or 11' [6]
Giga Bowser: 400 cm or 13'1 [6] [9]
TP Ganon: 400 cm [9]
Ridley: 412 cm or 13'6 [6]

1. It seems the Pokédex doesn't count ears and horns to the size value.
2. Not enough data to determine an exact height.
3. Realistically he's 152 cm or 5' like Ness, being reduced due to the cartoonish style.
4. 152 cm in realistic style.
5. Slightly above Tom Nook whom is taller than the Villager.
6. Taller if standing properly.
7. His size varies a lot each game, from as tall as Mario in Super Mario Bros. to gigantic in Odyssey.
8. Sometimes I count hair and head gear to a character height for being part of his silhouette.
9. Values found comparing models from their original forms and respective transformations.
10. Comparing head sizes from the source game.

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FNAF-GEEK14's avatar

i dont think so. I know for a fact that ness and lucas are taller than toon link

Cartoonenxtdoor's avatar
Do you ahve a blank template of the chart? I want to use it to update this: Scale Lines by Cartoonenxtdoor  
Owyn-Ross's avatar
Nice work. Giga Bowser can range from two to 10 times normal Bowser's size.
sesshowmall's avatar
Even more, if standing straight.
Owyn-Ross's avatar
Yeah, speaking of, can you make Giga Bowser standing straight to his full height?
sesshowmall's avatar
Sadly I don't have skill with 3d model editors. :(
Owyn-Ross's avatar
Well, I can send you pictures as reference on who use 3D model editors.
Bring it on! by Darth-Xelleon Giga Bowser by ShadowWOLF0848 Mario vs Giga Bowser by yamilhypershadicpro1 Giga Bowser by Detective-Puppet New Mario Models Part 1 by AmatureManga
sesshowmall's avatar
ShadowWOLF0848 is amazing! I'll see what I can do.
Owyn-Ross's avatar
YU-GI-OMG's avatar
Charizard is only 5'7", not as tall as the 10' Bowser.
sesshowmall's avatar
Yeah, Bowser height is always changing. In this chart I've followed this scaling from Mario as 3'3 tall.
Lukac2002's avatar
I think Mega Man would probably be shorter than Donkey Kong.
sesshowmall's avatar
In Smash his model is taller than Mega Man, but according to my research into their canon heights, Donkey Kong is not as huge as we think.

Mega Man:…

Considering Mario to be 110 cm tall...
Super Mario Odyssey: Mario Height

Donkey Kong would be:
Super Mario Bros. Height Chart
MysteryPony18's avatar

Mario isn't 110cm. I looked it up and Mario's Canon height is 156cm or 5.1ft. Or we're all wrong and his height is constantly changing.

sesshowmall's avatar
Hey! I was doing some Sonic research and found these two artworks by chance. Since Sonic is supposed to be 100 cm tall, perhaps I'm being too generous with the 110 cm. lol
sesshowmall's avatar
Nintendo never gave us an official number. We can just speculate. My "110 cm headcanon" is based on this:

Super Mario Odyssey: Mario Height by sesshowmall

For a while I also accepted Mario being 155 cm as canon. However this value would make some characters absurdly tall, like Waluigi, Rosalina and even ALttP Link.
Lukac2002's avatar
Ability-King-KK's avatar
R.O.B. in-game is about as tall as Donkey Kong.…
sesshowmall's avatar
In crossover games like Smash and Mario Kart the characters are resized to fit the main cast ratio properly. In this chart I used their canon heights, from the original sources, which can vary drastically from what we see in these games, like R.O.B., Kirby, Ridley...
In the description I gave explanations to each character. R.O.B., for example:

"The R.O.B. unit's height is 24 cm (9.6 in)."

ToxicIsland's avatar
Bout time you posted something new! Though I highly doubt Ness and Lucas would be that tall with those proportions.
sesshowmall's avatar
I'm just being faithful to the information available to us, as much as it seems "weird". I assumed Ness is the same height as Ninten, which is officially 152 cm tall. You just wait for Ice Climbers. lol
ToxicIsland's avatar
Well according to this part in MOTHER 3:… there is a billiard table that's said to be 9 feet long, and comparing it's size to Lucas's, he would be around 2'7" (Not counting his hair), so in conclusion: humans in Earthbound are Shorter than you think!
sesshowmall's avatar
Oh, nice finding!!! OMG 
I'll make the calcs in cm.
ToxicIsland's avatar
So your going to make a size chart of the Earthbound characters using the Billiard table compared to Lucas from MOTHER 3 as reference?
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