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Sesshomaru-sama by Chisera
Unrequited Love by trav-mcdan
IY: The Sunset by Kay-I
.:Sesshomaru:. by rupuceree
Sesshoumaru -traditional art
Sesshoumaru by Sumbae7
Sesshoumaru by Sumbae7
You dare mock the son of a DemonLord?! by AyosDesignz
Dueling by AyosDesignz
Sesshoumaru - digital art
Sesshomaru by Cuine
Sessrin Nude by Asurama
Sesshoumaru and his child by IrathindurArt
Sesshomaru can use Soryuha with Bakusaiga ? by inu-sessh-rin
Sesshy - group fanart
Sesshomaru and co by bebebean
Calles nocturnas Sesshomaru and Rin by Atori-chan
Sketch: Rainy day by paakipaaki
The ambiguously hot trio by AyosDesignz
Sesshy's pairings
Sessrin Ball by Asurama
Sessrin Praying by Asurama
Kingdom Keys colored by Asurama
Kingdom Keys by Asurama
Sesshy - family
As future King by AyosDesignz
Inu Kaiba brothers by AyosDesignz
Inktober2018 Day 10 by AyosDesignz
REMAKE The Brothers dont say Goodbye 9 years later by Heroika
doujinshi and comics
Wrong Advice pt 2 by M4dG4rl
Inuyasha manga color by TheNayaki
The Wind and the Dog by VoxVulpina
Return to Me. by Miyori999
Sesshy with OC and crossover fanarts
Six Fanart - Hinata, Sesshomaru, Gudako, Kaneda ++ by ecaoart
Oh my Enma! by AyosDesignz
Cherry and Sun by Charrcole
End of Eternity by Mirakyuu
SixFanarts part 2 of 2 by AyosDesignz
Your alright now Rin by C16B
Sesshomaru's Best Faces by C16B
Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru Charms by felixavenier
Through Me by DemiourgosEnsemble
Scent by DemiourgosEnsemble
Sesshomaru cosplay III by CeroGrey
Sesshomaru cosplay IV by CeroGrey
Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 4I do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, One Punch Man and Mortal KombatOutside of the temple Naraku puts down the scrolls on the table. Which both Quan Chi and Shang Tsung are listening to him."Last night, the gods granted me a vision. I'm not merely going to restore this temple, I will make it more grand, more splendid than any other one in Egypt." Naraku replied as Inuyasha looks at all the slaves working and getting whipped by the guards which he sighs. Suddenly getting grabbed by Naraku."Inuyasha! Look. Fate has turned our little misadventure into a great opportunity." Naraku replied as he and Inuyasha were walking"Get up, old man!" Kobra shouted as Inuyasha turns and sees him with a old man named Silver Fang."Father will be so pleased." Sesshomaru replied."Put your back into it! Faster!" Kobra shouted as Rukia sees him while Sesshomaru was working. "This is just the beginning. A gateway will open to an entire new city of white limestone, more dazzling than the sun." Naraku replied as The two Youkai princes went towards a tent where Quan Chi and Shang Tsung is at."And here, a statue of Hapi." Naraku replied as Inuyasha turns seeing Kobra harassing Silver Fang."I said, hurry!" Kobra shouted as Inuyasha turns away."Two great column halls." Naraku replied as Kobra hits Silver Fang with a whip which Inuyasha and Rukia got mad."Stop it!" Rukia shouted as she was to stop Kobra."Rukia, no!" Sesshomaru shouted "Somebody's got to stop this!" Rukia shouted as she was grabbed by Sesshomaru."There's nothing we can do." Sesshomaru replied as Kobra began to hit Silver Fang with whip.Inuyasha ran from Naraku and his group. Which he sees Silver Fang screaming in agony. The Dog Youkai hybrid began to ran towards them."Stop it. Stop. Stop it! Leave that man alone!" Inuyasha shouted as Naraku turns and sees him."Inuyasha!" Naraku shouted as Kobra was about to whip Silver Fang but Inuyasha pushes him off the wooden floor. Which Kobra fell down and crashed into some wood. Killing him instantly. All the slaves approaches to Kobra."Out of my way. Out of my way. Move!" Kano shouted as he pushes the slaves away and sees Kobra who is now dead and blood began to spill due to the fall."Who did this?" Kano asked as all the people look up and sees Inuyasha."Up there!" Hotaru shouted."It's him." Dairou added."Up there." Kabal replied as Inuyasha realized that he killed a guard which he turns making the slaves frightened along with Rukia and Sesshomaru. So he ran away but Rukia grabs him."Inuyasha." Rukia shouted as Inuyasha sees her and ran away but ends up rolling down. Naraku grabs him."Inuyasha, what's going on?" Naraku asked as Inuyasha pushes him away."Inuyasha!" Naraku shouted as Inuyasha ran out of the temple. As the Dog Youkai hybrid ran out of the palace, he sees Naraku riding on his Phantom steed chariot."Inuyasha!" Naraku shouted as he blocks Inuyasha with his chariot."Let me go!" Inuyasha shouted as he was to leave."No, wait." Naraku replied."You saw what happened. I just killed a man." Inuyasha replied as Naraku exits his Phantom steed chariot and follows him."We can take care of that. I will make it so it never happened." Naraku replied."Nothing you can say can change what I've done." Inuyasha replied as Naraku continues following and blocking his path."I am Egypt! The Morning and The Evening Star! If I say "Day is Night," it will be written, and you will be what I say you are! I say you are innocent." Naraku replied."What you say does not matter. You don't understand. I can't stay here any longer." Inuyasha shouted as he pushes Naraku away."Inuyasha!" Naraku replied as Inuyasha turns around."No! All I've ever known to be true is a lie. I'm not who you think I am." Inuyasha replied."What are you talking about?" Naraku asked."Go ask the man I once called "Father." Inuyasha answered as he walks away."Inuyasha? Please." Naraku replied."Good-bye, brother." Inuyasha replied as he ran away from Naraku and Egypt."Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" Naraku shouted as Inuyasha continues running through the desert, walking down by winds and climbing on canyons.As Inuyasha travels he trips on a rock which his sandal broke. He took it off along with jewelry but stops when he looked at the ring that Naraku gave to him so kept it on his finger and took off the wig revealing his white hair with dog ears. Inuyasha threw the wig onto the ground as the sandstorm appears and covers him with sand.A Numel walks under Inuyasha, which it sniffs and grabs his hair by its teeth."Oww!" Inuyasha shouted as the Numel lets go of him and spat on his face. Inuyasha sees the Numel walking away with Bags and a bag filled with water. Inuyasha got out of the sand and follows the Numel."Hey, wait. Please." Inuyasha replied as he grabs on a bag while the Numel continues walking.Unknownly Sheep Pokemon Mareeps appears as Numel stops at the pond filled with water which Inuyasha began to drink the water which made Flairees opens his mouth.Suddenly there was a huge scream"What are you doing?" A voice shouted."Help!" Another voice added as Inuyasha gets up and sees Shippo, Konohamaru, and Tatsumaki fighting with two men named Sektor and Cryrax at a well."Let our sheep drink!" Shippo shouted."Leave us alone!" Konohamaru added."Get away!" Tatsumaki replied as they kept screaming."Stop it!" Sektor shouted as Inuyasha sees a branch holding the two Numels and began to untie the ropes."My father's the high priest of Midian. You're going to be in big trouble." Shippo shouted as he and the other two were being held and pushed by Sekor and Cyrax."Hey, you. Aren't these your camels?" Inuyasha shouted as the two turn towards him holding the two Numels. "Hut-hut!" Inuyasha shouted as the two Numels ran off."No, no! No, no!" Sektor shouted as he and Cyrax chases the two Camel Pokemon."Wait! Wait, stop!" Cyrax shouted as Shippo, Konohamaru and Tatsumaki looks at Inuyasha. Which he lays on the ground but falls into a well. The three approaches the well and began pulling the rope as Kagome approaches to them."What are you three doing?" Kagome asked."We're trying to get the funny man out of the well." Shippo answered as Kagome approaches to the well."Trying to get the funny man out of the well. Well, that's one I've never heard before." Kagome replied."Help!" Inuyasha shouted as Kagome was shocked that someone is in the well."Oh, my. Oh, uh, don't worry down there! Uh, we'll get you out. Hold on!" Kagome shouted as she grabs onto the rope that her brother Shippo and his friends held on.They began to pull Inuyasha up which made Kagome recognized him."You." Kagome replied."Huh?" Inuyasha replied as Kagome lets go of the rope which made Inuyasha fall back into a well again and she began walk away. Konohamaru and Tatsumaki looks at Shippo."And That's why father says she'll never get married." Shippo replied.


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:rose:Welcome to Sesshoumaru-lovers! It's a fan group dedicated to Sesshoumaru (also spelled as Sesshomaru) from anime/manga Inuyasha. Come and join us if you dare.:rose:

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:bulletred: Rules: And please read it before you join this group. The one true rule is No SessKago submissions. for more information regarding this policy please read this-->: :pointr: exception :pointl: only one pairing is not accepted in this group.

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Hello everyone!
I'm just gonna go straight to what I'm gonna say. our group needs admins. If you're a Sesshoumaru mania, also disapprove of Sesshoumaru X Kagome pairing, yes as most of the group members have read the WELCOME HERE journal sesshoumaru-lovers.deviantart.…, we don't welcome any kind of SessXKago fan works.  and If you happens to love this group,  love this idea, want to run this group, also have enough spare time, just let me know!

So for anyone who's seriously interested , please leave a comment.

happy to see our group is becoming the largest Sesshoumaru fan club gradually.
Hello there! summer is all around.  do you feel it? :D For those who are still students, hope you enjoy your summer holiday! for those who are not, consider everyday is summer holiday.LOL
and I'm still amazed by how fast our group have grown, thanks to lord Sesshoumaru!:heart:
so some of our lovely Inuyasha affiliates are holding contests, check them out if you're interested in that and hope you guys have some fun!:love::

:iconsesskik: is having "One Word and One Act" contest, the prizes are awesome and it's Sesshoumaru related. more information…

:iconthe-inuyasha-fanclub: is having "Pride" Fanart and Fanfiction Contest, sounds pretty good. more information here:The-InuYasha-FanClub.deviantar…

:iconbankotsu-fanclub: is having "A New beginning" contest, and it's been extended. more information…

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