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(Original Story Test): We Have Fire!
We Have Fire!
Blowing a stray strand of her now damp hair with a frustrated huff, Miharu wrapped her arms around herself as she shivered furiously, her mahogany eyes glaring out into the vast forests beyond from where she sat huddled in a miserable ball against the trunk of the tree. As the over-sized raindrops hammered down upon the foggy earth below, she tried not to think about the fact that she was able to sit on the branch perfectly and not snap the wood in half due to her weight (not that she was that heavy, she mused), or the fact that she was small enough to use the drooping green leaf over her head as a makeshift umbrella…
Nope. That failed. She was still thinking about it. And she hated it.
It was bad enough that she was about the size of a thumbnail, and could easily be stamped on by something as small as a rat, or that she could even drown if she fell into a puddle, but the fact that the very reason why she was this small, the source of her current misery, conf
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Raphie Boy and LunarKittyThings! by Sesshomarusama3 Raphie Boy and LunarKittyThings! :iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 18
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 23
Chapter 23:
Finale: Forever and Always
As the reunited family finally returned back to their sewer home, Michelangelo couldn't wait to tell them about his adventure in the land called Oz. He told them everything from start to finish; from the stand-off with Fake Witchy Karai, Donatello the Brainless Scarecrow, (to which nearly everyone laughed at, much to Donnie's displeasure), Raphael the Heartless Tin Man, (which made Raph pout in irritation) and Leonardo the Cowardly Lion Ninja of the Forest, (which would result in days of teasing from Leo's family.)
He also told them about April Glinda, Splinter Wizard, and Shredder the Warlock, and how they eventually defeated him together. If they had not seen proof of the existence of this world, they would never have believed him at all, but the scars and marks on his body were proof enough of what he had been through with their counterparts.
After Mikey's uncanny tale, Splinter had suggested that they all finally get some rest, and Mikey wa
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TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 22
Chapter 22: No Place Like Home
"Glinda?! What are you doing here?!"
Glinda only rolled her eyes with a bright smile as she hovered above her dumbstruck older sister, dressed in her customary golden dress once again as she floated down inside her large, crystal bubble, which popped upon contact with the ground. "Karai, that is no way to great your sister!" she giggled mischievously.
Karai let out a long-suffering sigh, letting her shoulders drop in defeat. "Glinda, you're still very weak, just as I am from holding this stupid barrier up over the city!" she huffed, "I've got enough on my plate without having to worry about you and the turtles out there fighting against –"
"There is no need to worry anymore, young witch," said a kind voice from behind, and the two sisters spun around to find The Wizard of Oz himself, in his humanoid rat form, walking calmly towards them with his hands behind his back and a smile on his furry brown muzzle.
The sisters bowed down at the waist befor
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TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 21
Chapter 21: The Truth of the Heart
The wizards' ears pricked up slightly as he sat in his flourishing gardens. He was in his human form, but he still attained his rat-like hearing as he listened intently to the winds. He felt is heart sinking in his chest as a strange sensation came over him. His eyes widened as he slowly got to his feet.
He could feel its power, even from where he stood. It was there, overflowing uncontrollably from the Black Forests.
The power of The Sacred Crimson Orb had been unlocked.
But it was not pure power. It was tainted with hate, vengeance, and death.
Michelangelo was not meant to feel this way. He was one of the purest beings he had ever come across. His love and care for others, even those he barely knew, was overwhelming and innocent, and the love for his brothers…
It was in that moment that the wizard realized. One presence that had taken their place alongside Michelangelo was missing.
One of his brothers from this world had died protecting hi
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TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 20
Chapter 20: Unlocking
This wasn't real.
This was all just a horrible nightmare.
This was all just a bad dream, and he would wake up very soon…
But it wasn't going away. Blood was still splattered across his face and chest from where it had sprayed out. Leonardo was still standing in front of him, his arms spread outwards. The blades that impaled him through his shell were still dripping with blood onto the ground.
Michelangelo's legs weakened, and he sank to the floor, his eyes wide and filled with pure terror.
"…L-Leo…?" he managed to choke out.
This couldn't be happening.
This wasn't happening.
Raphael and Donatello couldn't move. They couldn't speak. They could barely even breathe as they stared in sheer horror.
Leo had used himself as a shield.
The Shredder had stabbed him.
Leo was going to die.
The Shredder's cold, heartless laughter suddenly snapped them all out of their trance. "How pathetic!" he spat, "The young coward, trying to redeem himself? Piti
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 3
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 19
Chapter 19: Fearless Sacrifices
Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo ran into the cell, gently picking up Michelangelo's limp and cold body and taking him out of the room. Raph held his upper half in his left arm, putting his right hand on his face as he tried desperately to wake him. "Mikey?! Mikey, wake up! Please!" he begged, feeling oil sting his eyes as he stared down at the younger turtle's motionless form. Klunk approached him, and nuzzled her soft face against his cheek.
Mikey did not respond to any of their calls, nor did he move at all.
Panicking, Leo quickly came to his side and put his ear to his chest.
He heard nothing but silence.
He slowly drew away from him, his eyes wide and unbelieving as they filled with tears. He looked back up to Raph and Donnie, but they already knew.
They were too late.
Michelangelo was dead.
Donnie buried his face in his hands and began to sob helplessly. Leo was soon to follow as he wrapped his arms around Donnie and wept in
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 7
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 18
Chapter 18: Holding On
The moment Raphael laid eyes upon the Black Castle behind the tall, thick, blood tipped gates as he climbed over the large sloping hill, he knew that getting inside there was not going to be as easy as they had hoped it would have been.
And also, judging by the vast number of large, heavily armored 'Foot Soldiers', as they were called, marching back and forth guarding the entrance as they chanted in unison, he knew it was going to be just as difficult, if not impossible.
But they couldn't let that deter them. They had come so close to saving Michelangelo, and there was no turning back now.
As they peered over the top of the steep hill, with Klunk hopping atop Leonardo's head to get a better look, Raphael quickly scanned his eyes around the area, looking for any possible weak points in the structure of the castle or any weaker links out of the Foot Soldiers. To his dismay, however, he found none; Shredder had really put some effort into building this army, and
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 2
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 17
Chapter 17: An Act of Mercy
It was a long and very tedious process, but eventually, Raphael and Leonardo managed to patch up Donatello's legs, using long strands of vines to tie them to the rest of his raggedy body. It wasn't exactly a great method, but at least Donnie could walk again to some degree, and was no longer in any real pain.
With Raph and Leo supporting Donnie as he waited to regain some feeling into his limbs, the turtle trio continued on their way in search for The Warlock's castle, where they were positive Michelangelo was being held captive.
Raphael felt his oil blood boil in anger inside him. If he found that Shredder had so much as he even touched Mikey, he would rip him apart, limb from limb, and then some.
Whether he had liked it or not, Mikey had become a part of their lives; in fact, he was the very reason they really had lives now, and Raph had said so himself. Without Mikey, they would have remained the empty shells they had been before they met him, stuck to
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 5
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 16
Chapter 16: Breaking
He could barely breathe.
It was as if his chest had been literally caved in, which being a turtle made of metal, was a very likely possibility.
He couldn't even move, as if his body had rusted and frozen again.
All he could see was complete and utter darkness around him…where his eyes even open? Was he dead? Had those disgusting little creatures ripped him apart limb from limb and left him there to rot?
"…Raph? Raphael?"
Someone was calling out to him. They sounded familiar. They also sounded very hurt.
A pair of soft, weak hands took hold of him and shook him. When that had no effect, he felt himself be lifted and propped in someone's fatigued arms.
"Raph? A-are you dead? Wake up! Please…"
Finally, he cracked his eyes open, groaning softly as a fuzzy face came into view. He could just make out an oval shaped head, olive coloured skin, and a pair of worried, reddish brown eyes that stared down at him...
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 3
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 15
Chapter 15: Attacked
They heard them before they saw them coming.
That loud, unforgettable sound of screeches and the flapping of wings in the air filled their ears.
Leonardo's heart missed a beat as he stared with wide, terrified eyes at the sky.
Raphael was no different, but his gaze was filled more with rage than anything thing else.
Michelangelo and Donatello were not oblivious to the sound, but did not know why the other two turtles were so much on the edge of dying on the spot or killing everything in sight. They scanned the skies, but found nothing but the grey clouds that gathered overhead.
The screeches continued, growing louder and closer with each passing second.
Mikey pulled out his nunchaku and assumed a defensive stance, despite the fear rising within his chest. "Guys, what's that sound?" he asked warily, having to shout his question over the noise as he stood protectively in front of Donnie, who was unarmed and very afraid.
Raph was also unarmed, but he was not defens
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 3
TMNT 2012 Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 14
Chapter 14: The Black Forest
In the late hours of the afternoon, The four young turtles sat around the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz himself, deep within the heart of his beautiful gardens as they each told him their stories. He, of course, already knew of their origins, but he did not interrupt, nor did he stray his attention to something else. He listened intently to each and every one of them, even Donatello's, whose story was the shortest, due to the fact that he had no real memory of his past, but just knew that he wanted a brain.
Raphael wanted a heart, so he could really feel love and become real.
Leonardo wanted to regain his courage and the honour that he believed he had lost.
And young Michelangelo wanted nothing more than for his three 'fake older brothers', as he put it, to get their wishes, and then to return home to his real family back in the land of New York.
When each turtle had finished their stories, Yoshi closed his eyes in thought for a moment. "You all have v
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 3
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 13
Chapter 13: The Wizard of Oz
The next morning, the sun shone bright upon the Emerald city as the many people bustled about their daily business. No one had yet put their frightened thoughts on the events of the previous day to rest, and many were still on the edge. Many were gossiping about it, wondering who this so-called 'Michelangelo' was, and why The Wicked Warlock of the West wanted him so badly. Could it have had anything to do with those four turtles that had entered?
A few people seemed to think so, which is why the four turtles received strange looks from a few of the townspeople as they exited their hotel. Raphael sent dirty, threatening looks to anyone who tried to approach or accuse any of them. Leonardo hid behind him in anxiousness, and Donatello shielded Michelangelo and Klunk from any unnecessary attention.
Karai noticed the attention they were receiving, and decided to put a stop to it. "To make sure you don't keep getting stopped on your way to the wizard's palace,
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 3
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 12
Chapter 12: The Witch and The Turtle
Inside the warmth of the hotel room within the walls of The Emerald City, The four turtles drew in close to Karai as she begun to tell her story, ignoring the sudden rainfall that had started to drench the city outside the windows. Klunk padded over from the windowsill and nuzzled herself onto Michelangelo's lap for warmth and comfort.
Karai cleared her throat and finally began.
"A long time ago, my father was known throughout Oz as a great and powerful wizard, even rivalling the power of The Great and Powerful of Oz himself, who were actually really good friends at the time. His name back then was Oroku Saki. He was actually kind and caring man, able to cure the worst of diseases and even put on a few shows for the people of Oz. He was adored and respected by all who knew him, and was really rich too, but he never really cared about money or riches, but only if it meant keeping his family alive and in good health, which after my mother passed aw
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 3
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 11
Chapter 11: The Emerald City at Last
"Are we there yet?"
"…are we there yet?"
"No, Donnie…"
"…are we…"
"I swear if you ask one more time, I'll smack the stuffing outta you, Donnie!" Raphael barked, raising his fist and shaking it threateningly.
Donatello held up his hands, "Okay, I'm sorry! I was only asking!" he argued.
"Well, don't ask again!" Raph yelled in agitation. He then groaned loudly in pain as he felt his left leg lock into place as they walked along the brick road. "OW! Oh, this is just great," he cursed, "Mikey, pass me that oil can, will you? Otherwise I won't be sitting for another week."
It was then that Donnie started to giggle, covering his mouth to stifle the sound, but to no avail. Raph narrowed his eyes as he oiled his legs, bending them both once or twice as an experiment, "It's not funny, Donnie," He snarled in warning.
Donnie only burst into fits of laughter at that, clutching his sides in pain.
"Hey shut up!" R
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 2 3
TMNT 2012: Michelangelo and the Wizard of Oz Ch 10
Chapter 10: Glinda's Message
A loud yelp echoed from Donatello's lab, followed by a hefty explosion that nearly shook the entire lair. Leonardo and Raph leapt up immediately from the couch and made a break for the lab. "Don? Donnie, are you okay?!" Leo cried as he and Raph wafted away the smoke that nearly choked their lungs.
"I-I'm in here guys! I-I'm okay!" Donnie coughed from his desk as the smoke finally began to clear. They spotted a very black coated turtle sat at his desk in front of the portal. "I was just testing the machine," he said as he took off his goggles, revealing two round spots where the blast had not hit his face, "and I guess I miscalculated the precise quantity of dimensional dynamism compulsory to construct the portal work and –"
"Long story short, you blew it up." Raph interrupted, folding his arms across his chest crossly.
Donnie shrugged nervously, his gap tooth showing as he grinned. "um…kind of. But it's not broken, I promise! In fact, I
:iconsesshomarusama3:Sesshomarusama3 3 5
I hope you all like these.

Random Favourites

TMNT - Snow Wars
TMNT – Snow Wars
TMNT belongs to Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. I thank them for allowing me to use their characters for stories like this...:
Michelangelo sighed as he adjusted his orange scarf around his neck. Beside him, his brother Donatello was pulling at his own purple scarf, while Raphael mumbled something to Leonardo about hating the itchy item of clothing.
Fluffy white flakes of snow were cascading down from the cloudy gray sky, and Michelangelo opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue in order to catch some. Donatello chuckled at the sight.
"Man, nothing beats the Big Apple in wintertime," he said as he and his brothers stopped on a rocky outcrop that was blanketed in snow in Central Park, looking over the scene below.
"Yeah, except all these snowstorms have been giving me a headache," Raphael grumbled, glaring up at the falling snow.
"Yeah," Leonardo agreed, kicking at some of the snow already on the ground from previous storms. "We've been getting hammer
:iconlinzerj:Linzerj 20 7
Was it something I said?
"N-no! …Don't do it…! Don't go in there, there's a-AAH!!"
"Geez, Mikey!" growled an irritated Raphael. "Do ya have ta go screechin' like a girl every damn time someone opens a friggin' door in this movie?"
Lowering the fluffy pillow he had just used as his defense against the terrifying monsters on the screen, Michelangelo just gave his older brother glare.
"I was NOT screeching like a GIRL!"
"Oh yeah? Then what was that high-pitched noise ya just made? Or is that just how ya normally sound?"
With that, the red-banded ninja had a pillow thrown promptly in his face. Snarling, Raph stood up, about ready to beat his pizza-loving brother senseless, when his other brother stepped in.
"Raph, enough. Let's just finish the movie."
Said turtle grumbled a bit before settling back down, glaring daggers at the youngest. Mikey took his hands away from his face, having used them as a shield, and gave a thankful look to the one in blue. Leo merely nodded his head in acknowledg
:icondark-energon:Dark-Energon 57 28
di no MITE!! by enolianslave di no MITE!! :iconenolianslave:enolianslave 412 44
TMNT - Into the Light (Part 2) - Welcome to Heaven
Donnie and Raph watched in distress as Leo’s chest suddenly stopped rising and falling. “No.” Donnie whispered running over to Leo. He started CPR immediately. “No. No. Leo, you can’t die.” Donnie shouted tears streaming down his face, pressing against Leo’s chest with all the force he could muster up, “I’m not gonna let you die.”
Raph sighed and stood off the chair he was sitting in. He crept up to Donnie and put his hands on either side of his carapace. Upon being touched, Donnie stopped immediately and turned around. He looked at Raph with watery eyes and a quivering frown. Raph frowned and looked him in the eyes, crying himself, “It’s over Donnie.” Donatello broke down, falling to his knees and holding his head in his hands.
“It can’t be over. He can’t be gone. He’s gonna come back.” Donnie spoke between deep sobs.
Raph felt sorry for his brother. He semi-understood the relat
:iconririmania1335:ririmania1335 50 86
Mature content
TMNT - Into the Light (Part 1) :iconririmania1335:ririmania1335 38 82
TMNT - Power Out
Three-year-old Michelangelo sat in front of the TV watching his favorite television show. It was his turn to pick the channel so none of his brothers could complain that it was a show about talking construction vehicles. He looked behind him to see his three older brothers sitting uninterested on the sofa behind him, with the exception of one who appeared more angry than uninterested. Mikey smiled as he moved to lay on his plastron kicking his feet in the air and resting his head in his hands.
“Mikey, move your feet.” Raphael complained with his arms crossed unable to form a more complex sentence.
“You don’t like this show, Raphie.” Mikey smiled as he intentionally pointed his toes at the ceiling.
Before Raphael could retaliate, the lair went dark. Every single one of the few light sources in the lair simultaneously blew. The four boys let out a surprised scream as their surroundings disappeared right before their eyes.
“What’s going on?”
:iconririmania1335:ririmania1335 125 108
TMNT - T-Tots - Meditation Session
“What are we gonna learn today, sensei?” Leo asked, leading his brothers into the dojo.
The small turtles sat on the ground awaiting their teacher’s instructions. “I hope it’s something with kicking.” Raph smiled deviously at Mikey.
“Maybe it will be backflips!” Mikey smiled, clearly not understanding Raph’s crude humor, “I love backflips.”
They all turned their attention to their father as he sat down in front of them. He set a stereo beside him and plugged it into the wall. “Ninjutsu is not just about fighting. It is about becoming one with the mind and body. Today, we will have a lesson on meditation.”
“But I don’t like meditation, sensei. It tastes icky!” Mikey made a face.
Splinter thought for a moment, confused. He realized what Mikey meant and corrected him: “No, Michelangelo. Not medication. Meditation. Medication is for when you are ill and need to feel better. Meditation is f
:iconririmania1335:ririmania1335 67 94
Apparently there's Drama on my page???
Wow, so my tumblr followers told me about some drama going on my Archive Page for Raindrops.
A little amused but after checking I found that it was indeed true and a certain user ragequit on Raindrops due to the lack of updates. A couple of things I would like to address since I've been busy, I haven't checked DA in a while so I haven't been able to read all of the comments. SO!
1) This was really amusing to read on some level.
2) Thank you to everyone who defended me.
3) Sorry to those who agree
4) Thanks to the rest for understanding!
And most importantly!!! I mentioned in the past that my average speed for writing Raindrops is usually one chapter per year. Usually because life gets in the way like... work, and friends, and other interests. And just because I don't get to Raindrops doesn't mean that I've abandoned it. It just means that I haven't gotten to it. In fact, I've spent the last several weekends writing and rewriting the script for Chapter 8 (which is like the longest chapt
:iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 48 193
Sesshomaru-Fukai Mori by JassyCoCo Sesshomaru-Fukai Mori :iconjassycoco:JassyCoCo 210 44 Magical Girl by Rosuuri Magical Girl :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 4,135 111 A sorrowful meeting by Gold-Seven A sorrowful meeting :icongold-seven:Gold-Seven 2,078 85
some of my faves!



I know, it's been forever since I've posted on here, but don't worry! I've got this summer project thing going on, an i'll be scanning the pages I do onto here! Until then, I'll be seeing you later!



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