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By sesseur
This right here is basically the events of Jeff's life told in a nutshell, I'm going to relay some points in Jeff's life that occured, eventually It will be told in full detail, this is just a very simple run down for you to get the idea of what couple events went on in Jeff's life.

That was the acid that disfigured Jeff when he was trying to unblock and clean out the persistent clog that was inside the bathroom drain.
Injuries can cause whitening of the skin with prolonged exposure, plus the crude synthetic skin that was grafted over his injuries was pale white too, and in Jeff's insanity he bleached the rest of the skin to match his horrifying visage, shortly after suffering a psychotic episode by carving a huge grin in his face to emulate any shred of happiness he desperately tried to bring out due to the result of the complete down spiral of his life.

For a while he'd be treated as a figure of horror, people would stare at him in fear, laugh to themselves and with each other in astonishment of Jeff's ghostly features, and the people that would "jump to his defense" as a idol for virtue signaling for the hypocrites that would defend Jeff and put him on a pity pedestal just to use him as a tool to display how accepting and kind they are to the "freak that needs all the sympathy" making Jeff feel much less as a person and as a tool for showing tolerance.

Jeff could see through their actions like a newly clean skyscraper window, he hated the people who tried to defend him more than the people who were not sensitive about his handicap, because he saw them as fake and major hypocrites that try to appear that they see Jeff as someone who is completely normal, but those types of people wouldn't be patronizing and quickly jumping to the defense of a normal person if they were mistreated as he was,

By them doing that to Jeff all it proves is that they are treating him differently, at least the ones that do laugh or gawk at and fear him are honest about their views of the poor bastard and they'd mock any other regular person like they did Jeff the same way, ironically they treated him with more dignity and equal worth than the patronizing types that try to appear like saints and defend Jeff like a pathetic freak that needs special treatment and not to be treated like any regular person who'd be mocked while nobody bats an eye.

Despite disliking the virtue signalers more, he still had deep hatred for the people that mocked him and treated him like a dangerous monster, it caused his depression to worsen, his hatred grow stronger, and his disdain for humanity grew and grew and grew, it resulted in him becoming a recluse most of the time, the rare times he'd leave his house he made sure not to draw anymore attention than he did before, so he made some changes to his appearance to enjoy going out in public like he used to.

He grew out his hair from neglect of his personal care and to blend into the night to get the drop on his victims, during the day he wears sunglasses to cover his freakish eyes, a surgeon's mask to hide his lower face when in public, as time went on he slowly stopped going out a day and practically became a nocturnal force of carnage and destruction, finding potential victims he deemed "Evil, corrupt and superficial" Before his incident he was a fairly attractive guy, he had a decent social life he was able to draw a crowd in a good way, some people didn't like him and some he didn't like, but it was not due to something that was out of control, he had a easy going life and his life just got started shortly before the event of 2007 changed his life for good.

So he knew exactly what he could no longer enjoy due to shallowness of the world, his social life was in shambles, and he eventually faked his death and cut ties with the people he knew, either because they turned on him or because he was too ashamed and didn't want the remaining friends that were loyal to get wrapped up, Jeff nearly attempted suicide, but Liu managed to change his mind but end up injured and needing a hospital yet again, it was then Jeff used the opportunity to fake his death, Liu wasn't on board at first but down the line he agreed and pulled some strings to get a fake death certificate for Jeff.

As far as everyone that knew Jeff was aware of, Jeff Hodek was dead, this is how he was able to pull of the string of murders for the first couple of years before the name of Jeff the Killer came to be, however as far as the investigating police was concerned they were looking for someone that was currently living that went by Jeff The Killer, it wouldn't be years down the line that Jeff Hodek was discovered to be alive and was to be investigated to rule out his involvement in murder, The hodek brothers did what the could to allude police, but the power of the government goes way over the head of two crafty men, the odds stacked against Jeff and would become a fugitive, forcing him to be even more careful, relocating all around Jersey, until he was caught, he was to be sentenced but was committed to an insane asylum for his mental health being in the shitter by this point, it wasn't shortly after Jeff would find his mark and escape, rampaging all the way back home.

Liu and Jeff had to stay off the grid for a while to bide their times, and for awhile they alluded capture, tragedy struck the Hodeks which nearly crippled them both emotionally, Jeff went crazy and got sloppy, attacked a person out of anger for being an awful human being, however it drew attention and the brothers had to find a hotel to sneak and break into to lay low, a cop managed to find a lead but had no idea with was the fugitive and asylum escapee, the cop was going in for the arrest, but was swiftly killed by Liu. 

It got worse from there, Jeff and Liu were spotted fleeing the hotel and a county wide manhunt was deployed, they couldn't return home the police were already searching frantically with Swat team, K-9 units and all the works.

Liu and Jeff fled the area and made plans to separate so the heat can die down, Liu goes to maine to keep their mother company, Jeff fled to Michigan it was a good place to go and it's the state that made his favorite ice cream flavors, so they left Jersey for over a year, when they came back, they had to make an ultimatum, by the end of it Jeff and Liu were able to get a second chance, they changed their identities and was transported to a Farm on open acres with treelines seen from a distance in the state of Ohio.

Jeff's currently laying low trying to change his ways, but he's got that killer instinct and it's unknown he'll live out his life kill free, Liu's child is displaying psychotic traits, and Jeff and Liu fear for the child's future, he/she may mature into a psychopath with no mercy and remorse, only for a taste of destruction.
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| Dear Sesseur, |

Well, just as a side-comment, it's fun to know that I have the same birthday (not year) that the original/sesseur Jeff the Killer has.

However, I have with me a ton of rapid-fire questions; please bear with me. ;u; (Sorry if there's too much)

While Jeff was going on a killstreak in his youth, was there any time before, during, or after that he started to do any amount of training? And did any occasional, resilient victims he hunted from time to time help him prone his overall skill? Did his skill change at all between his prime, and where he is now?

2. How would Jeff fair against his prey with a training

background-- something akin to that of originally

being apart of the military, or the navy? Did he

always gain info on his targets before killing them?

What if he didn't know about their history?

3 How intelligent, wise, creative, and quick-witted was

Jeff? Perhaps he has a specific IQ? Was his mind his

strongest attribute when it came to killing? Did his

intelligence ever decrease or increase up to where is

he is now?

(Bonus question! - What would be Jeff's reaction to another serial killer? What if the latter desired to kill Jeff? How would Jeff be compared to other serial killers?)

Sorry if you don't have the time to answer these, or you just don't like my questions at all.

| Stay safe! You deserve all the love you need. -- Sincerely,

Blake |

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  1. When Jeff started his killing spree he was not quite in his youth, but still pretty youthful 25/26 till he stopped around I think 2016/2017? During his killing career there has been plenty of times he was nearly killed, or seriously injured. With those defeats caused him to get better at what he did, it also pushed him over the limit mentally, he started taking substances that pushed and pushed him into near beastial insanity. From his prime to now I could say that since it's been a few years since he's shed blood he's likely gotten slightly rusty, he still keeps himself active as he was conditioned to do so, only now for hobby and to protect instead of the intent to kill.

  2. When Jeff first started his killing he was more stealthy in his approach. He would target people based on what he'd observe only in the given context he was exposed to and just run with it, normally they'd be regular people, of course he'd run into some people who could fight back and have some trouble, usually by barely getting by unscathed or having to flee. As the years went on he got more experienced and was able to face people more head on, however, putting himself more at risk in the process. That's when his brother soon came in the picture and started racking up a bit of a body count too. It would be around early 2010s where he'd start becoming more careful and look into the target as much as he could. If it were to come down to him facing someone with a military background today and he had to kill the person for any reason, he'd play it safe and shoot them from a distance, Jeff back then would go for a more risker approach and sneak attack them from behind with a sharp object.

  3. I would say at first he was more quick witted than intelligent. He would become more intelligent and creative as time went on, but there was moments in his career where his mental state plummeted and he would become reckless. During that time only displaying high levels of creativity in his devious actions while the levels of wit would fluctuate depending on the drive behind his actions. Mid 2014 is when his intelligence started to develop and by 2015 his intelligence would reach to the point where he lost interest his twisted view of vigilante justice and realized the futility of his actions of killing people he deemed as responsible for why the world was so bad and realized it was all stemmed from his selfish woes.

  4. I think the difference between Jeff and other killers would depend on methods and motives. Many serial killers hid in plain sight, while Jeff stuck out like a sore thumb, so deception was one of the methods Jeff never got to take advantage of as a killer that often. Since Jeff has trained and taken so much cocktails and concoctions of various drugs and mind altering substances it caused him to experience many mental and bodily changes to give him the slight edge in being a dangerous foe. When it comes to facing another serial killer Jeff will be prepared, who wins honestly depends on many variables.

Thank you for your love and support, I enjoy answering these questions, I hope I gave you satisfactory enough answers, if you got any more I'd be happy to answer more!

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When is Jeff's birthday?

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September 22nd, 1982

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Oop, sorry. I just saw you answered this in another spot. Take care!

I have some questions if its not a bother

1: where was Jeff born and does he have an accent of any kind

2: how would you describe his personality and how he takes to people being kind to him

3: how much damage can he take before being knocked out, how strong is he?

4: does this man cry or ? Does he put on a fake persona and hide his emotions

5: jeff is heterosexual correct?

6: what are some personal hobbies he does like , music or any crafts or reading ext

Last one being how would you say he sounds as in voice
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  1. He was Born in New Jersey. During his prime and before the incident he had a slight Jersey Accent when speaking some words.

2. His personality had changed prominently 3 or 4 times over the course his life.

- His original Personality before the incident at 25 was, laid back, calm, outgoing, easy going, slightly immature, a bit crude, a slacker, occasionally flippant, but still thoughtful, knew when he needed to listen and not speak......

This Jeff would welcome you with open arms, maybe offer you a beer.

- Then his Second Personality change was after that fateful day spending nearly a whole year in recovery, he became; more Quiet, hostile, depressed, he'd grew resentment and hatred of the world and it's superficial, shallow, judgmental, hypocritical, patronizing and condescending ways. Then he would have manic states, where he would laugh, have a dark, morbid sense of humor, would toy with his victims when he felt he had the advantage. When he felt like his life was at risk he'd attain both aspects of his Depressive and manic side that would be of use for his survival; Intensely focused on the target, angry, but calm, would make loud growls, grunts and cries but would be completely silent. His anger would make him reckless to and nearly costed him his life a few dozen times over in his murder career.........

This Jeff in his Depressed state would simply avoid anyone wanting to come in contact with him if he wasn't trying to kill them, His manic state would likely cause him to try to intimidate/scare/mess with but not kill the person coming to show kindness to Jeff, and his survival instinct state would possibly have him knock over/push the person out of his way to get to his intended target.

- The Third Personality was sheer despair, the most hopeless and lost he's ever felt, but also the most unpredictable. In this state anything could trigger him to lash out and attack/maim/brutally kill someone.....

This Jeff would surprisingly be much more receptive to a person coming into contact to show him kindness, then again it could also go the other way too due to his unpredictable nature in his current state, meaning it would likely cause him to react negatively and flee or threaten.

-The Fourth Personality is his current "Reformed" state..............

Similar to his first personality, but much more mature and reserved retaining the positive qualities of his last states of mind he experienced and accumulated into a different type of man with clarity and guilt for his past actions. This Jeff would welcome the person that approached him with kindness and have a deep and meaningful interaction.

3. Jeff's durability is reasonably above average compared to a regular man, due to his extreme lifestyle, training and the cocktail of drugs and other chemical experiments Jeff subjected himself to during his earlier years of his murder career.

For example: Jeff could take 4 or 5 head blows from Mike Tyson in his prime before being knocked out. Jeff survived (but almost died) a few fatal gunshot wounds that would have been instant death for anyone else. He can heal slightly faster than a regular person can, also due to his blood clotting significantly more quicker. His finger nails are more sturdy and thick than a regular person's. His bones have improved tensile strength leaving most bone related injuries being hairline fractures. Jeff is strong enough dead lift around 600lbs or 272kg using his full body power potential at his peak strength.

4. He's cried a few good times during overwhelming situations, and there are occasions he'll save face and keep the emotions quelled, he usually had his reasons for doing so as he's very open around his brother. When Jeff is in a deadly situation he'll make sure do bottle up any negative emotion that would be considered a sign of weakness to the person he's targeting for a kill.

5. He's indeed heterosexual, however the issue of sex seems to be the last thing on his mind.

6. As of now Jeff will go about his personal life as peaceful as can be, his hobbies aren't much of noteworthy, what he does is wake up in the morning, he'll do a few tasks around the homestead, cleaning, feeding, organizing. He'll take walks around the property and just think of the future for him and his family. During the later afternoon he'll be in his room listening to music and reflect more on life, occasionally he'll be writing papers, crafting, organizing, but the music will always be on. One of his most interesting experiences he considers a hobby ironically is when he dreams. Jeff finds solace in his dreams. He sure hasn't slept as good as he did since 2007.

As for Jeff's voice, I have a video in my journal logs that I feel matches the most so far. The video is called The Darkness.

I hope I gave you satisfactory answers, if you got more questions to ask, I'd love to hear more from you and everyone else! Have a good one!

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3. Does Jeff narrowly survive the bullets because he was shot in a vital organ or because he was not shot in a vital organ?

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He's been lucky to not get hit in spots that would instantly kill him. He's had times he was struck in vital spots that would have killed him if he didn't have Liu to save his life in time.

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en qué año (mes y día) subiste por primera vez la imagen de Jeff y dónde?
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Hello I have a big fan of this story and loved how far its come its great to see more insight on the Jeff Story I do have a questions tho, how is Jeff and Liu's relationship with their mother after the incident and does she know if her sons are murderers? On other if its okay, did liu actually find a significant other and had a kid to hopefully start a normal life after all the craziness? Thanks for reading and I enjoy your story a lot :)

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Their relationship with their mother was strong and loving, but a bit strained, during Jeff's murderous decade they did their best to keep it a secret from their family, their father knew about Jeff's actions and naturally was highly against it, he was upset about how his two sons were living, and their relationship was tense, but he still loved his sons. He wanted Jeff to be put away for the safety of other people and Jeff himself, he wanted Jeff to be put into a psych ward where he could get the help he needed, but refused to do anything about it himself because he didn't at all like the idea of himself being the one putting Jeff away, he hid his son's lifestyle from his wife in order to protect her emotionally, if she knew her sons were doing horrible deeds it would possibly cause her so much trauma that it would put her in an early grave.

Their mother had an idea about what was going on but never had any definite proof her sons were murderers and blatantly denied it despite the strong evidence of it, when Jeff became more known as a murderer she still tried to deny it as their father was more and more disappointed by his son's actions, they soon became very distant and didn't speak much, only occasionally from their mother. Jeff's father hated what his sons became once Jeff the killer became a legend and barely spoke with them for awhile to distance himself from them, partially blaming himself for what he assumed was due to failing to raise his sons right. Jeff became more resentful of his father for not understanding his cause, and figured his dad must have some hatred over him, despite his father telling him otherwise, that he doesn't hate Jeff, only the acts that Jeff commits.

Whenever their father became sick and was dying he wanted to get in touch with his sons, Jeff was still bitter with his father he was in denial about his father dying and would always say that his dad is fine and that he'll get better. Jeff came to terms with the possibility that he may never see his father again and went to visit him and his mother. The final moments with his father was very emotional, his father wanted Jeff and Liu to know how much he loved them, no matter what they did, Jeff told his father that he loved him to and his resentment towards his father was gone when he understood that his father just didn't want his son to hurt people.

He'd occasionally argue with Liu and at times his mother when she was around or in contact that their father will be fine until the day his father passed, and it caused Liu, Jeff and their mother great emotional stress. Liu went to tend to his mother for emotional support and Jeff isolated himself suffering with tremendous stress and severe depression over losing his father, he started to blame himself for it and thought himself as a horrible failure of a son, his mental health got worse and soon down the line went insane later down the line when he overheard a young lady talking to another girl about her younger brother dying and how happy she was for him to be gone due to how annoying he was to her. Since Jeff recently lost his father and could never fathom the idea of losing his brother went berserk and viciously attacked the young lady, he nearly killed her before her friend yelled for help and started to draw attention causing Jeff to flee somewhere to hide before the authorities came.

Ever since then Jeff and Liu became closer to their mother and would communicate with her much more often with Liu visiting her very often, and Jeff only occasionally from late 2016 to now. Their mother was over joyed to realize that Jeff and Liu were able to be cleared of all charges thanks to the help of a Rogue faction made up of former FBI/CIA staff personnel that helped changed their identity, relocated them to an isolated farm with Liu's kids in his and Jeff's custody.

Unfortunately the mother of Liu's children didn't make it to be with them, currently the nuclear family in their homestead consists of Jeff, Liu and their 3 children that they love dearly.

The children visit their grandmother during the holidays.

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Wow this is amazing thank you so much!

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Esto es...Una versión de la historia de Jeff The Killer?
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Oh vaya...No puede ser que no sabia nada de la original, pensé que era la otra ;-;
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Te podría invitar a leerte mi futuro blog, si quieres. En ella hablará todo sobre lo que se sabe de Jeff the Killer canónico y Las que tomaron como Canon.

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Me interesa leerlo UwU
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Bien, en algún lugar de este mes voy a publicarlo. Yo te aviso y te mandaré enlace directo.

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Well, I need to read the story :0 but I have a question, who is the mother of liu's son?
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She's unknown so far, plan to flesh that part out, but she did meet him in 2005.
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I need to read that story
I thought about it and came to the conclusion that Jeff has a strange moral foundation. It seems to kill criminals, but in fact it is. And criminals can have motives (to help their family, take revenge on someone). Can you explain this?
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