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How 2 FAKE textures in Blender

Okay, in case some Blender Artist have missed it, there has been a VERY neat little tricked discovered in Blender. And it doesn't matter which version of Blender 3D you are using either. All info can be found here >> [link]

But if you want to save some time, Read below. It's the EASY way of doing the same thing.

1-Create a new file in Blender and choose the Monkey mesh. Now position it on top of the default cube.

2-If you with, feel free to remove the default light, just be sure to turn Ambient Occlusion ON if your do.

3-Now go to this [link] and Screen Cap any of the Matcap sample images you wish (choose it on the left then screen-cap the image on the right.

4-Now paste that image in your image editing software of choice (Photoshop, Painter, etc). then cut out everything except the sample sphere.

5-Now save (only the sample) sphere as a PNG (other formats work as well but PNG is best) with a transparent background if possible.

6-Back in Blender choose the monkey, with any material color of choice, and then click the tiny textures tab and add a new texture. Choose "image" from the choices and load the PNG(image) you just created.

7-Now under the "Material" tab click on "Shadeless" and then under the "Map Input" tab click on "Nor."

8-You can adjust any other settings you wish, just remember that the mesh will not be shaded at all). And the world colors will effect the outcome of the material (to a point).

9-Render and you'll see the monkey (or mesh of choice) has a lovely texture that looks stunningly professional.

In the sample above I applied a Skin texture to the monkey and a Brass texture to the base with a gray background. Oh and there is ZERO lights in the scene. Just the textures and AO turn on. Oh and I added a minor reflection to the base since it doesn't cast/receive shadows ;)
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Where's the Map Input tab located? I'm using blender 2.63 by the way so I'm assuming that there's a change in the interface and organization of the tabs and whatnot.
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There's a pretty big change to it. lol
The Map Input is now a drop down list above (I believe) the Image location field. Hope this helps.

Sorry for late response.
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That's okay. Thanks again for your help!