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CS2 Water Brushes

I felt bad having all of my water brushes and also downloading free brushes without giving some of mine in return.
So I took five of my water brushes and made a small FREE set for everyone to use. Just give me Credit if you use them. The image above is a sample showing all 5 brushes. It doesn't look like much, but you can do a LOT with these 5 simple brushes. Just need a little imagination. And I'm sure you all have one. ^_^
I've noticed that a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of members are downloading Free brushes without giving credit to the artist/creator nor faving the dev. These artist deserve credit for their work, as do I. So, Please, :+fav: this Deviant and I thank you in advance.
These brushes were mostly made in Photoshop CS2. If you don't have CS2, then chances are that you'll not be able to use them. Sorry. :(
You CAN use these 5 brushes for Commercial use. Just send me a Link if you do. I'll Love to see your work. ^_^

The original host site for the Brushes has been down for a LONG time now. To save fustration, I've gone ahead and uploaded them to DA. Clicking "Download" should now give you the Brushes. Terribly sorry for the incovenience the has brought to all of you. I still hope new visitors will :+fav: the brushes even after downloading them. In case you loose them, at least you'll still have a link to them. ^_^
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I used your stock here [link] and thank you:)
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These are awesome. Used them here [link]
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wow these will help alot thanks
+fav and downloaded
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Glad I could help.
Be sure to let me know the first time you use it. ;)
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I've used them here: [link]
Thank you! :D
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Those are really helpful ! :D

I've used it in the melting, and maybe I'll use it again in a future manip... anyway, thanks. :)
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They look great! :D
I'm downloading right now :)
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lol Thank you. :hug:
Be sure to let me know (at least once) when you use 'em. ;)
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Be sure to let me know the first time you use 'em. ;)
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will do for sure!
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Just what I was looking for! Thank you! I have some wings made of water and the splashes will go nicely at their feet!
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Sounds awesome!
Send me a link when it's up.^_^
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I just realized how to use different brushes and these work with CS3 as well Great work as always spider! Thanks!
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Yeah, Anything made in Photohop will work with that version and newer ones. Unfortaintly, these will not work for Older Photoshop programs.

So everyone is welcomed to recreate this set for older Photoshop programs. Just be sure to give me credit for the original (and MUCH more difficult) work.
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ty wiull use, fav'ed n downloaded x]
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And Thank You ^_^
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Will use. Favored + Downloaded.
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lol. Thanks ^_^
xBlazexDeviantx's avatar
No problem :]
I will try to tell you when i use them. :D
Im really creative with my brushes. (dark skies with vortex's)
:D I just uploaded that one. I love it lol
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well check back often. I plan to upload some 5 Smoke brushes as well. Hopefully today if I get the time.
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I'd love to see them.
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