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Nude acrylic painting

Media: Acrylic on paper
Original size: A1

An old acrylic painting i've done in class. We were asked to find some great nude paintings on the internet and pick one to follow. We were trying to learn by imitating others:)

So, this portrait is an imitation in some way.
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Beautiful; keep painting.
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I've done similar copying landscapes back when I started learning to paint. What a powerful image! Wonderful choice:)
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Beautiful. I love color and light
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THE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
wow ... love your style
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This drips with nuance. My hat is off to you.
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Wonderful piece. I like the style you did the figure in. Use of light and dark is what really makes it.

my heart and soul: [link]
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wow that is really good work,, like that colors!
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Wonderful color! :D
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Such cool colors and light. Very expressive. Gorgeous! :heart:
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Wow. this is so soft and beautiful. Elements I don't usually think of while I paint. Thanks to you, now I will!
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Just beautiful!!!
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I love the colors and the movement this is so beautiful!
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This is utterly stunning! The colour and brushwork is amazing:D
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really love the colors and it's just beautiful
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*passion, not pation. OTL
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You're absolutely amazing. Every bit of emotion that you put into your work is evident. Between the contrast of colors, the motion, and everything in between, there is no doubt in my mind that you have been painting for a long long time, and you have a great pation for it. I notice that you don't reply to comments often, but I was hoping you could explain to me how you got that sort of "textured" background, if you know what I mean. It's almost looks like the northern lights, it's just so real and beautiful looking.
Thank you, you've inspired me.
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Thanks, I'm glad u like it:) I started painting since 2005. Do you mean the stroke texture in the background or the brightest colour in the centre? U know, when all the colours surrounding are dark n colored, the contrast just make the white colour part looks more bright. I didn't really learn to draw, so i can't give any professional advice, it's just my experiences in painting:)

BTW, this painting is a imitation, so for the amazing colour combination, all credit goes to the original painter:)
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Only 2005, wow. That's amazing.
The whole background is just stunning. I don't know how you did ANY of it. ^^;
Do you happen to have the name of the original painter? I'd love to see the comparison and some of his/her other works. (:
wow very cool painting
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I have featured this deviation in my journal as a thumbnail because I like it and want my watchers to see it.

If you object to your work being displayed in this manor - I have every respect for you and will remove it as soon as I receive a note from you asking me to remove it.

Keep up the really great work.

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Excellent - love the colours
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this is beautiful...more of this please!
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