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Forest sunrise winter trees
ice build up on tree
Serra da Estrela I
Le Petit Etang de la Foret I
Wonder Land
can you hear it?
Winter Reflection Panorama
Whispering Light
Snow Day
Sunrise over Walnut Tree in Slovenian landscape
First Snow 2021
Winter evening
20210114 083401
January in southern Sweden
Frozen Lake
Happy New Year 2021
They got it wrong!
Black And Blue
A waterway to the sea
I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name
promises @ acasa
Winter Places 2 Stock Background 2
Deer at the Stream
Beautiful winter morning
Frosty Colours
Winter's Blessings
Winter Flower 5613
Winter Solitude
Winter Beauty
White Helsinki
somewhere only we know
The Frozen Horizons
iced lolly
Frosted Window Fractal
Once upon a time....
Winter 2010
HDR: Cold Sunset
silent flow
Moscow, Friday
The Second of December - My Second of Snow
Alone Together
Winter dawn
Let's come back to Winter
oh tannenbaum
Mevsimsiz umut getirdim... - Erdem Nur C.
endless winter road
Snow On Ice.
Winter memories
Winter nature
The sparkle of a Scottish winter.
Pomegranates in the Snow 1
Winter Star
Frosty river
Nasty Hill II
Sunset view from Falkenstein
Winter sunset
The last goodbye
New Year's Eve
Winter path
1st snowfall 11
Uf de Buele
A Quiet Morning
Holy Hoar frost
Country Sunset
Down a Winter Road
December intricacy
Snowy day
Winter dream
january day
winter was here
Winter's frost.
White Forest
HIBERNACULUM [DolphinByDefault]
Veiled Tree
December Light V2
IMG 2314 Detail watermark

I will end this presentation with the beautiful and optimist poem of my friend Marc marciceman :)

So, for all of you, A Very Good Day.:heart:

THANK YOU from Selina
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"Painting is a painful act of achieving a balance between inner vision, virtuosity and mystery."

Pablo Picasso

Neighbourhood from my terrace
Snow Geese of Rangle Island
La Nuit, Le Bled
Art Therapy Winter Scene
Quiet Night
Monochromatic painting
Coming home
Winter walk
'Voyage du silence'
Winter Village
With the colors of today
Zima 96
Warm vs Cold
unknown 11
In The Brush
Snow Romp
Winter magic.
Winter landscape 2
The flying coach
Remember a Day
Winter Landscape
Zima 95
Winter Cottage
On the way to the village.
Tree of wisdom
When the trees were big. 2
First Snow
Winter Sunset
fairytale castle
Old Friends
The Elven path
Mountain Slope
Ice Queen
Winter Morning
Into the forest......
Swiss Winter near Klosters
november in my heart
Winter Sunset
Winter in the mountains
in the snow
Warmth in the Cold
Zima nad jeziorem
Winter on the hill 2010
A Touch of Gold
Dancing trees
Snowy Snowy all the way
Freezing day
Winter scenery 4
frozen kiss
A wonderful wintersdream
winter city
Winter Solace
Snowflake Fairy
Cold dawn
A wayside shrine in winter
Birds in the Swamp 3
A Little Bird Told Me
20200212 Snow 19x28
Schatten im Schnee
Chilly love
The Ice Queen
Snow Fall
Snow Queen
In forest
Lady Amalthea ACEO
Winter Fields
Blue winter
March Snow
watercolor 905061
Winter night
Frosty winter
Nature Scene 2
Acrylic painting
snow landscape 108
Solely I fade with the Winter
The Little Cottage by the Pond
It's snowing
Img 20200319 135613 20200319171518427
Valentine painting
End Of Winter by Leonid Afremov
Snowy trees

Thank you very much to all those who will see, appreciate and show love to these wonderful and talented artists present here.:heart:

Here in my place is Winter, not so beautiful winter shown here, but still a winter when you appreciate in dark and humid days , a cozy and warm home.:)

My January started well in real life and here in dA, I became Senior Member. I'm very grateful and thank you to all who thought that I deserve to be a Senior Member of this beautiful community. :heart:

With hope that all of you are health and safe, I send you all a hug and a good thought.:hug:

THANK YOU from Selina
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"bridge arch -

the life lived between

yesterday and tomorrow"

Doina Maria Tudor

angels' neighborhood II
A Bridge to far
The Coat Hanger
Forth Rail Bridge Scotland
bay bridge at dawn 2
New York - Being There
Twilight Bridge
the raising of the bridge
Portas do mar at night
aerial lift bridge
Morning by the River
Westminster Bridge
Prag - Charles Bridge at Night
Szechenyi Chain Bridge
Puente de Toledo. Madrid.
O'Connell bridge by night
Opening Day
it seems that's not me who is hungry here
Night Tower
Brooklyn Bridge - Panorama
.:Bay Bridge Sunrise:.
Dublin lV
Old bridge
walking Andreevsky bridge
Most Pilsudskiego
London Tower Bridge
Hohenzollern Bridge
City made in Gold
Sunset at blue wonder bridge
Westminster Palace and Bridge
Great Egret 2
Liberty Bridge ~ Budapest
I love You, Sinan
Light Therapy
25 April Bridge Lisbon Portugal
Mighty Mac
The color of the night
Cologne Series - 23
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Osijek II
Millennium Bridge
Pier View
Lover's Bridge (night view)
Bhumipol 1 Bridge
cold perfection II
le pont de mes soupirs
Golden Gate
Forth Rail Bridge
istanbul II
View over the Themse
Pulteney Bridge
bridge and Agora
Birthday gift  4 Cindy Loo Who
Melbourne Yarra Night HDR
Under The Weather II
Florence 3
The pont des arts in Paris
Underneath the Arches
Magical Lights
Natal: Ponte de Todos
Glowing Cloud
Bay Bridge
Frankfurt Square
Paris at night
Dinant sur Meuse
Yarra Promenade Bridge
Big Ben And Other Stuff
London Impression V
The Eternal City
The Town of Lights
The Skyline of Frankfurt III
:.:The Love In NY:.:
Albi, the other side
No Fireworks
Beautiful View
Venice.. Ponte Del Diavolo
The Golden Gate
Night Bridge
one foggy day
Good Morning Sydney
Charles Bridge Pano
Charles Bridge
Futunnel II

I think that crossing a bridge can be common or it can be very relevant. We all crossing many bridges during our lifetime and this year that has just begun I think is exactly like crossing a bridge ...

Let's hope it will be an easy and relevant transition.:heart:

Thank you
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To properly welcome the New Year, I want to thank my dear friends who made this year bearable for me through their encouragement, their art and their beautiful words, which brought me smiles and joy.

For this, I paid a visit to their galleries and chose a work that is close to my heart.

I hope that 2021 will be a year in which hope will flourish and we will all have the strength to face everything that life will bring us.

I admire and love you and I want you to know that you are an important part of my life and it is wonderful to have the privilege of seeing many beauties through your eyes.

Thank you! :hug: :heart:

Regaleira in Sintra
A Sky for Lawrence
The Whisper
The clouds steal the show.
Change Come She Will
Herbst im Kurpark
A Successful Voyage Is Often Done With The Mind
Winter Sunset at Geoffrey Bay
maples on fire
An Invitation
Jolie Rousse
Je t'aime
Last Bus On The Boulevard
CritterLane Petting Zoo
As free as a bird....
Sightseer: tropical adventure
Steps full of love
Angel Study ~ For Suzie
Tech n color Dream 95 the land, on the moon...
The 10th oh December - Sweet Advent Sunset
The Epicurean Vampire
Go AWAY 2020 !
Lisbon 197
still life watercolor painting
Still life with mint and plums. Winter
Alien Cat
Lady Mary Crawley
Tree gate
imagine that you are inside a Christmas tree
rose flower
A house on the lake
Straight Forest Stream - Blackwater Refuge
shadows in my dream
Deer 1
Fractal Fusion Madness
20201124 132635
Every Sunrise Is A Poem
Celtic Flower Christmas Ornament (First Draft)
Learning from the Best
Victorian Mansion
Can You See Me?
Wet Land
20200717 204629
The City
Best Friends
Christmas Lights 014 nativity
Dragons Gold
LATEBRAE VII [DolphinByDefault]
e33. hjk. jpg
Wish you were here to hold my hand
Lever de Soleil
Beautiful Florence

I wish you all a very Happy New Year with joy, health and serenity! :party:

Happy New Year. Cookies
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"Merry, Happy Christmas, which can give us back the illusions of childhood, which can remind an elderly person of the pleasures of youth, which can transmute the sailor and the traveler over hundreds of miles, directly into the warm and peaceful bosom of the family."

Charles Dickens

Christmas Scene
Tug of War
Christmas tree in Old Town Square
Christmas Eve
Santa claus coming
What Christmas means to me
+  Happy Holidays  +
Happy Yule 2010...
Merry Christmas
Out my front window
SnowDad and SnowDaughter
''Christmas Eve''
Candycane Dancer
Beach Christmas
A Sweet Winter's Day
.::Merry Christmas::.
Christmas on the Way
Merry Christmas
Girl and Nutcracker
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Wall-e Christmas Gift
Funny Christmas 2015
Ghosts of Christmas
Hope For Hope
Happy kids 1
The First of December - My Advent Calendar
The holiday comes
Something there...
Fairy Christmas night.
Christmas cakes
Christmas cupcake
The Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve
Happy Holidays
My Christmas Tree
.:Last winter:.
Christmas balls
main tree of the country
Christmas candles
Wintertime -
white christmas in Kronach
All I Want For Christmas....
Waiting For a Kiss
Vintage Christmas
Puss in Boot
Tis The Season
Christmas balls
Christmas time
Gift Giving...
Christmas Eve Vigil
Le Pere Noel se coupe en 4
winter wallpaper
Christmas Castle (faux gingerbread)
Black And Silver Brocade Ornament
Christmas Balls
Winter Wonderland
Full of love
Waiting for Santa
Christmas cat
Christmas evening
Christmass waiting
O Christmas tree
Xmas 2009
In Search of Christmas
Taya 34
Winter Wonderland
Red Tradition
Merry Christmas
White Christmas
The Uncle's Arrival
Merry Christmas
16. 12. 2010
All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day

I hope all of you are happy and have a beautiful Christmas and all worries are vanished for a day.:heart:

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The Days Of Our Life Today...

The Days Of Our Life Today...

I feel empty inside my head for the words left un-said now it can be told of the missing time that remain between the cracks left by the shadows slowly fading upon darken walls long ago before most of you was missed this is true only a handful of you remember the old days of memories that are in total rewind slowing down to drink the wine that was then...this is now am counting the days of old until there is no more what then will I become? is this my swan song or shall I remain in place should I get up again and dance once more what do you say my friends! By `caddman ( My dear friends, I presume this is the last journal in our de

Winners of CATS Contest and My Birthday :)

Winners of CATS Contest and My Birthday :)

Hello to all my dear friends and watchers in this beggining of May! Here in my place, the Lilac is still in bloom and this makes me happy because is my favorite flower. ~truesmiles ( In the beginning of my Journal, I want to present you the  winners of CATS Contest held by my dear friend Cristina :iconlintu47: Let's show to all this talented Artists some well deserved love and appreciation!:heart: First place goes to :iconlazy-brush: with the entry: More from this Artist work Second place goes to :iconbeckykidus: with the entry: More from this Artist work Third place goes to :iconquijuka: with the entry: More from this Artist work

No Matter What... Spring Is Here

No Matter What... Spring Is Here

I was thinking these days how few things really bring us joy ... A warm smile ... A sincere hug ... A conversation about a book ... A flowering tree ... I will wait you to continue the list. My dear friends, in the end of this presentation I want to bring to your attention a very beautiful  Contest held by my dear friend Cristina `Lintu47 ( With hope that you will like the idea of this contest and you will create some beautiful art as usual, I send you all my good thoughts and wishes in these hard times for all of us.:tighthug: Stay health and safe and remain beautiful and sensitive! :iconselinapls:

A Few Words About My Feelings

A Few Words About My Feelings

Hello to you all! In these times when the world no longer needs only prayers from priests, promises from governors and manipulations from the press, in these darkest moments for all people, when we realize that the planet is being cleaner without us, when we realize that the greed and the unconsciousness of some rulers has brought us on a dark road, when each of us fears that we may lose our loved ones and when the uncertainty of a tomorrow makes us wonder many questions, maybe we should all wake up and say STOP. Stop from a life based on false values ​​and a lot of hypocrisy. At this time, I would like to see churches all over t

Among the Leaves... A White Flower