Winter Prayer

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Frosty days and nights in white color, please tell me the mystery of each unknown story written in the snow by strangers footsteps and allow me,  to find my own road to my unwritten story...

:thumb189590204: Still depths by beregond3019 A golden afternoon by eswendel Following The Sun by NachoRomero :thumb143372655: Crater Lake, Winter by MarcAdamus A lover blind. by CaNdyYoSweets :thumb148718364: this is heavy by Nipntuck3 dream dream by KariLiimatainen The White Land by Alexandru1988 Pedestrian Bridge Panorama by skip2000 White way by Al-Baum Hanging On by FlippinPhil Hivernal by Morgan-Lou White Way. by andokadesbois White with Snow by Kaz-D Ice Trees... by MichiLauke my winter wonderland by Ingelore Winter Adornments by tleach0608

...with love and delicacy

  A Winter Scene by renaboo Cold by ValentinaKallias Rouge-Cloitre by Nichofsky Beautiful World by farhadvm Into the Silence by Miarath Frozen River by grabachick Winter Reflection by Migrena Snow by FuegoRojo Snow? by Roman89 A new day begins... by gin-sui Frozen Kiel XIII by 51ststate 12 by gintarais Canadian Fun by dove-51 Forgotten by endegor Sotinglacia in the snow by lailalta Adrift by mrmd53 In the embrace of needles by ShinyWish Winter by mARTinimal Feel The Cold All Around You by gravycat

...with joy and confidence

8547 by KariLiimatainen Merry Xmas by vincentfavre De Riviere et de Neige VII by hyneige like ice in the sunshine by Dieffi :thumb191669419: Winter Melody by ShinyWish trees by brechnuss Silent Sleep by AndreeaTrandafir View from my house by Deb-e-ann Let it snow by SLHudgensPhoto on tip-toe to heaven by AlicjaRodzik Take A Seat by mindlesspuppettoy Gwent Levels by Mozisart Winter IX by andreiciungan :thumb191599204: A Winters trail by Helens-Serendipity A winter Day by Gunpowdersmoke New Year's Day by DimensionSeven My Novosibirsk by mrmd53 Shattered Dream by MrMeik

...hoping that always my dreams will fly free

Ice Age at the small pier by Bull04 :thumb191019615: Planai by sharp-eyed Classical russian winter by doberman4ik November Sunrise by jjuuhhaa undisclosed desires by islandtime Frozen island II by black-ladybird When Evening Comes by HegeKristin25 008 by verutzu winter mood by RaumKraehe The Start by CharmingPhotography Evening in Alps by Neitheea Frozen Stream by DeingeL Passage by mdenn369 another one by JQ444 Path to Seurasaari by Pajunen Snow Fantasy 11 A by DanStefan Freezing Day by bojar   snowscape by Yoonett Winter Tale by Oer-Wout

...and with innocence and wisdom, I will always remember this last white kiss and I will not forget,  who I am and which is the color of my soul!

Frozen Hopes by lumizet Eye-Sing On The... by Trippy4U :thumb174004527: Winter Rapids by Lithium-Shadows Thus Spoke Zarathustra by IngoSchobert Stopping by woods . . by MisterKrababbel The Pale Haunt Departure by doomed-forever :thumb194476626: Stronger by mim304 E q u i n o x by MarcoHeisler Brook in the Woods by philippeL Along winter roads by tomsumartin frozen wonderland by TomKilbane Winter frame... by Iulian-dA-gallery The first sunlight by adypetrisor ...winter by ShinyWish Morning walk by PaSt1978 :thumb349027529: first attempt by Ingelore Frozen Kingdom by torivarn

Thank you.:heart:

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Yoonett's avatar
Thank you very much - so beautiful. I nearly missed this feature. This is an awesome collection of Winter landscapes. Well done.
sesam-is-open's avatar
My pleasure, Christina and I'm very glad to see you.:hug:
bojar's avatar
Thank you very much for feature, dear Selina :wave:
sesam-is-open's avatar
It was a real pleasure, dear Igor:heart::)
Miarath's avatar
Thanks for including my picture in this wonderful feature!
sesam-is-open's avatar
It was a real pleasure!:icontruesmiles:
mim304's avatar
So beautiful! Thank you so much for including one of mine with them! I'm so grateful! :hug: Sorry it took me so long to get back to you with my response. Been awhile for me to be on dA. :ashamed:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Welcome back, dear Mim and I'm very glad to see you!:tighthug:
My pleasure and I'm glad you like it!:heart::rose:
mim304's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
sesam-is-open's avatar
It was a real pleasure!:heart::hug:
How are your mother and your sister?
mim304's avatar
My sister is doing real well, but, my mom is sick again, right now. She's not been well since her surgery, really. Strange...she hadn't been sick in her life until that surgery. Now, she just can't seem to stay well. :shrug: :-( Thanks for asking, though! I really do appreciate your concern. :heart: :hug:
sesam-is-open's avatar
I'm glad for your sister and I wish much health to your mother, dear Mim.:heart::hug:
MayEbony's avatar
These are all so amazing to me. It is 41 years since I have seen snow :wow:
sesam-is-open's avatar
41 years:wow:!
This is a life time!:hug:
I'm glad I could bring you a joy and thank you for your beautiful appreciations, dear May!:heart:
MayEbony's avatar
Yes. It is 2 lifetimes for some people on DA :giggle: Snow is beautiful and gentle to look at from Australia in the summer LOL
AlicjaRodzik's avatar
sesam-is-open's avatar
AmyKPhotos's avatar
Wonderful, my dear Selina! :hug:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Thank you very much, dear Amy!:dance::hug:
AmyKPhotos's avatar
Your very welcome! :) :)
RezzanATAKOL's avatar
it is getting to be impossible to see an awesome winter like these photos here in istanbul latest years. Already spring is here.
I m glad u collected those beauties to share with us. many thanks dear Selina:love:
sesam-is-open's avatar
This winter was pretty warmer here too and we not have spring yet but is on way.:)
Thank you very much for your beautiful comment and I'm glad you like it this journal, dear Rozi.:):tighthug:
RezzanATAKOL's avatar
Hopily it will arrive there too very soon:love:
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