Stages Of Life

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If I would have nine lives,
maybe in one of them,
I would smile to a star called Desire,
which appears from time to time on the sky of an unknown planet,
to make life brighter.

Muse 0.5 by IvanVladik

The Fog Winding Down by philippeL Sweet Dreams by CaryAndFrankArts Gloomy by Ann-McLaren
Gold pedestal 4-Arany pedestal 4 by ladyjudina Crystalized Memories by Lemmy-X A dream in black and white by Mariska1974
Spring Project: Revival of Gaia by cristy120377 The End of All Things by secretgal1234 Secret Lake by eMBeeL
Once Upon a Time... by AprilLight Luz by Marazul45 Vow of Fidelity by plumita1

With eight lives, I would think I'm so rich,
that I would be able to find that wonderful legendary golden dragon
and with generosity,
maybe he would protect me from emptiness.

Secret garden by Ironshod

Golden Dragon by Helga-Helleborus  In love with a dragon by CindysArt Mother of dragons by ElenaDudina
Prediction by Amiltarea Soul Mates by Ironshod Fire Queen by rafater
Golden Dragon by Amisgaudi Friends forever by Ironshod Dragon Keeper by Tammara
Forest Whispers by cosmosue Her Blue Eyes by charro-art Dragon Queen version 01 by PabloFernandezArtwrk

With seven lives,
I would be so proud by my beauty,
that maybe I would forget
that you can not live so long without having a doubt.

imaginary wandering III by SuzyTheButcher

S 02 by JACAC  
Elegant by armene Medusa VIII by Aisii 
Marina by Sidusdirum  
EDITH lonely in the dark by GABOGRAFICO Glow by marius-ilie Autumn Leaves... by KostasKappa

With six lives,
I would turn the ashes of the Universe in diamonds
and maybe all known or unknown eyes,
would see the light.

Diamondworld by sedrati

When Thoughts Collide by Joe-Maccer Fireworks by innac A Little Weirdness by Thelma1
Ascending by LaraBLN Hope... by LaxmiJayaraj For Angie III by euroxtc
Soft Light by Ann-McLaren Bizarre coincidence 25 by cristy120377 The Traveler by Corvidae65

With five lives,
maybe I would discover from where springing the rainbow
and I would catch roots
in an certain Tomorrow.

God's Canvas by DrewHopper

Bright Angel's Rainbow 0629 by Sooper-Deviant 
New Galloway: rainbow revisit by Coigach Rainbow Oak by kayaksailor 
 after the Rain , pic four by Nipntuck3 
indepth by edsh Colors of Spring by vincentfavre
welcome to Utah by bonnyblue22 somewhere over the rainbow by triskeleanna Catch The Rainbow by ShinyWish
somewhere by iPaintedtheskies  too good to be true by Tyuki-san

With four lives,
maybe I would be very selfish
and I would believe that my heart can sing
and that song could stop time passing.

 AutumnSonata by Alosa The Memory of Thee by BrookeGillette
Blind Musician by Odilicious Once by Kythra Sonata for a Tiger by saperlipop
Andante Andante by Canankk One reason by hamesha 
Moonlight sonata by Cocodrillo
Autumn Serenade by Jenna-Rose The Swan Song by desideriasp

With three lives,
I would dream that my insanity was cured
and maybe,
I would be able to learn to love.

Refuse by pro-non

Bath Candle by MirellaSantana  Sledgehammer by Shedboy68
Changing by maddiecristea Last leaves by Megan-Arts Ravens Grief by KarinClaessonArt
A glimpse at a Future's Ghost.. by chryssalis   
Devil inside by Garden-Of-BlackRoses Crows by EstherPuche-Art 

With two lives,
I would start to appreciate my mortality
and maybe,
I would find the meaning of rest.

A 37 by kooookooookooookoooo

A41 by kooookooookooookoooo Illumination by Anjali25 Relaxation by prettywell
 Portrait of E by JohnPatience Softness by sounchy
'nef in the morning' by spoofdecator Shine by Raipun another portrait by ashleymadden1992
 Snape - Loneliness by MrsGraves Silence by CeciliaGf

With one life,
I just try to find my wisdom,
to be able to understand that nothing lasts forever
and time flies no matter what...

time by HippieVan57

My Angel by Stridsberg Junior blue eyes by handesengun Georgia May by MayEbony
 Alyssa by mrxthanh Young and Free by artdejohn
Passion by Jimbull wedding book Italy by Vuelo Mum by dev1n
 Happy Family 2 by DarlingChristie Doris and Cyril 72yrs Together by MayEbony

Four Generations by Arte-de-Junqueiro

Thank you very much to all who will visit and appreciate my presentation and don't forget about
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Contest - The Colours of Renewal 2014*
Hello to all members of TheFavouriteShowcase
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It's the renewal season, after a cold, damp, grey Winter (I know, not in the South Hemisphere - but you continue to have good weather there so you will be with the right mood to participate too).
Let's welcome the Sun, the blue skies, the warm weather with our annual contest "The Colours of Renewal"!
What do I want to see on this 4th contest?
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the  song could stop time passing.
many thanks for the feature in this  lovely journal
despite being so long away from dA
I'm happy to see my work recognized…
sesam-is-open's avatar
It was a real pleasure and I'm glad you like it.:heart::icontruesmiles:
L-florianno's avatar
I hope to be back to dA soon and be able to perform new works.
thank you for everything, it's very nice to meet nice people like you :iconflowersplz:
sesam-is-open's avatar
I'm sure we will see beautiful works.:)
Pleased to meet you too.:hug:
Creativeness's avatar
Very nice and beautiful feature journal :heart:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Thank you very much and I'm delighted you like it:heart::rose:
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Thank you so much for featuring my work. I'm so honoured
Love by RogerKeithBarrett
sesam-is-open's avatar
It's always a pleasure, your work is gorgeous!:heart::iconwhiteroseplz:
GlassHouse-1's avatar
Wow, you take so much time to match the artwork to each stanza of poem.  Wonderful job Selina.
sesam-is-open's avatar
I'm really happy you like it and thank you for your beautiful appreciation, Jeanie.:heart::hug:
GlassHouse-1's avatar
You're very welcome.
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A beautiful poem, journal and features, Selina :hug:  Thank you for including in it! :love:
sesam-is-open's avatar
It was a real pleasure, John and I'm glad you like it.:heart:
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thank you so much for the wonderful feature!! i appreciate it a lot!
sesam-is-open's avatar
I'm glad you like it, my pleasure!:heart:
chryssalis's avatar
Thank you from heart for this beautiful feature,my dearest Selina!:love::bow:
sesam-is-open's avatar
My pleasure, Athina and I send you a hug.:heart::rose:
Thelma1's avatar
Absolutely wonderful dear Selina, and many many thanks for including my work, it is truly appreciated :thanks::love::heart:
sesam-is-open's avatar
My pleasure, Thelma and I'm glad you like it.:dance::tighthug:
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