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Zodiac Constellation by Twins72

October bring close to us the beautiful Libra Constellation.

So, let's see! :icontruesmiles:

The life of a Libra natives is  subjected to  love, beauty, harmony and fairness.  Because they are kind and they have high qualities of mind and a calm nature, they never remain alone. Virtually a Libra have no enemies and will positively influence those around them. People born under the sign of Libra ( 23 September - 22 October ) have developed a sense of duty and are reliable in business.
Ideogram of  Libra zodiac sign, suggest  the plates of a scales, the bottom line symbolizing the physical side, and the top the metaphysical side, which never touch each other.

Sookie Zodiac Libra 1 by sookiesooker  Zodiac Avatar: Libra by FantasyStockAvatars

Libra is a masculine sign of air, predominantly intellectual, mental, ruled by Venus, the planet that enhances artistic talents, sense of beauty, sensuality, sociability, taste, physical attraction, but also jealousy, superficiality, indifference, immorality.

Elemental: Air by Ziggyman
Air elemental by javi-ure  Air Elemental by ImaginedMoments
May The Light of Life Bask Upon The Sea by CharlesADowdrick Air Elemental (Portrait) by ImaginedMoments Sea of Clouds - III by MD-Arts 
Close- up element air by Amaterasu1960 Falling 1 by FrancescaDelfino Elemental Series: Air by paintmepinkshop
Wait for sleep by Pajunen 

People born under the Libra Constellation are courteous, friendly, sociable and has a natural talent in moderate some conflict situations. They not support high tones, fights, everything involving mental tension and will always seek to settle such discrepant circumstances, tactfully and temper. Libra natives are very patient and if things don't go as they wish, they knows to wait until everything will be favorable and they always think that "
time solve any problem". A true Libra is likeable, attractive and interesting, women are very beautiful and men are the most charming of all the zodiac. In general, they have a developed sense of balance and possess a character that makes them the judges of their own destiny and this capability provides guidance very good starting point in life. Natives of Libra are sensitive and romantic, needs affection and admiration. They are easily flattered, because wants very much to be appreciated and approved and they don't reject  praise, even those exaggerated. In their negative sides, more or less obvious, people born under this sign  can be selfish, conceited, boastful, stubborn, impulsive, unruly, lazy, vain, passionate, subjective, impractical and / or too prone to sensuality for their signs. They can also be very hesitant and superficial in their judgments and behavior.
The motto of Libra is "I open my heart, share enjoyable experiences with each other and consider his needs without becoming addicted on him."
Very easily adaptable and sociable, Libra  love to shine in their entourages, they are intelligent, elegant, graceful, honest, traits that characterizes a greater extent than any other is that of being open to everyone, art of concealment is completely unknown. Often have a look of innocence and gentleness that marks them in the eyes of others for life. They are calm, discreet and do not deal with any kind of extravagance.

Signs of the Zodiac - Libra by HansPeterKolb
Zodiac : Libra by clair0bscur Libra by EnchantedWhispersArt Libra by Mitternacht-wunsch
Sign of Zodiac - Libra by Iribel Libra by Evelicious Libra by rakaon
Libra by Demoncherry Libra by wintersmagic Libra by Aseamlessbonds
Libra by patriciabrennan
Zodiac : Libra by endrju100 Libra by godofwar What they deserve by cunene
Libra by LauraAshford-FineArt participate in the future by Ruskatukka Time to choose by maddiecristea
Dark Zodiac Libra by tonyperna  LIBRA by hypnotises

Lady of Libra by vision-of-shadows Temida - The God of Justice. by Alcove Libra by Sabrine
Libra V2 by azurylipfe The Ultimate Weapon by StarsColdNight zodiac : libra by ThuyLTran
Libra by theperian Goddess Maker Zodiac Contest Entry - Libra by PrincesaSevilla Dark Zodiac - Libra by IgnisSerpentus
Libra by ivadesign
Libra by Angel-Blaze  Zodiac Sailor Libra by shimoyo  libra by JenaDellaGrottaglia
Libra by iizzard Libra by luciekout LIBRA by tony-tzanoukakis
  Libra by Inucat
Libra by Magica-28
The Weight Of A Butterfly by mari-na
libra by pseudoematofago Libra by Vinyariel Libra - Pinup Fairy by RomanticFae
ZODIAC - Libra by EmanuellaKozas Libra by Velvetta Libra by EmanuellaKozas
Libra by Terrauh  Libra by LiquidFaeStudios
Libra by LittlePzycho
Libra by wolfmorphine  
Libra by gypsyangell Libra by Sahan Blind Justice With Scales and Sword by deskridge
The Tribunal by babsartcreations Libra by EvilinLee Libra by LorenzoDiMauro
Zodiac - Libra by puimun
 Libra by Pygar Libra by guitarsallly
Libra by Estheryu  

Lucky stones for Libra are Pink or Green stones: Malachite, Moldavite, Fuchsia Chrysocolla, Fluorite, Crisopraz, Peridot, Pink Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Lepidolite, Unakit, Rodonit and Pink Agate, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Green Agate, Aventurine, Carnelian, Citrine, Amazon Smoky Quartz, Sapphire, Serpentine, Emerald.


Libra prefers tastefully arranged bouquets that contain more flowers. It is not wrong if you choose a bouquet composed of roses or other flowers in shades of pink or white. Among the favorites are: roses, hydrangea, blue, mint, daisies, berries, plums, peanuts.


I hope that all my friends who are children of Libra zodiac sign had a beautiful September and October and a special Anniversary.:iconalesiandra:


In the end, I want to thank to all who will see this presentation and to wish to all my friends who celebrate, a very Happy Halloween!:heart:


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CaribbeanRose9's avatar

My gosh, even though I was born on the cusp of Scorpio, (21st of October) that is SO me. ^^; Thanks for this indepth analysis to help me understand my sign better.

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I'm delighted you like it .:)

My pleasure and thank you too for your beautiful comment.:heart:

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Yeah, I've been told I have some Scorpio traits since I was born so close to it, but I always have considered myself Libra. You truly gave such a deep analysis that I've never seen before. I never knew Amazon Smoky Quartz was a Libra stone! Thank you so much for this.

sesam-is-open's avatar

Yes, when I made these journals about all zodiac signs, read a lot about all and I tried to do a complete presentation.:) My pleasure and thank you for read such an old journal of mine.:heart:

You can check if you want also the journal dedicated to Scorpio sign.

Stay safe and health and thank you also for the Llama:)

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Thank you so much for including me in this beautiful feature :love:
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It was a pleasure, Eleanor.:heart::hug:
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Thank you again for including me here ..... you are too kind :hug:
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You're very welcome, excellent work!:clap::hug:
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yay for the feature! thank you! :heart:
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It was a real pleasure!:heart:
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Thank you so much for the feature :heart:
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You're most welcome:rose:
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Thank you very much:):love:
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Nice, I dig the theme of this feature.
Nice find.
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I'm glad you like it and thank you for this beautiful comment.:heart:
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Beautiful time of the year…Wonderful presentation Selina :rose:

BillyRay :)

P.S. :pumpkin:
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Thank you, Billy and indeed it's a beautiful time of the year.:)
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You're Welcome Selina :rose:

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