No Other Words - Part Seventy Five

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I don't want to imagine a world without friendship, support, respect and love!

This is the reason for I started this feature, for all my Watchers and Friends and now it's time to start again!:icontruesmiles:
It's a big project but I hope I will manage and most of all I hope you will like all the beautiful works of this wonderful Artists.

I'm grateful to all of you and each of you, brought in my soul a gleam of joy.:iconhugglesplz:

 I have the pleasure to start this presentation with a beautiful gift which I received long time ago from a beautiful Lady and friend and brought me much joy. :iconttaasst:

A Lily For Selina by mim304


Eddie and  Me by mim304
Wake Me Up When September Ends... by mim304 Miss Kitty by mim304 What A Beautiful Day by mim304
SMILE by mim304

Thank you for your beautiful friendship,  my dear Mim! :iconcheale: :iconbouquetplz:

Buburuza by Andrei-Azanfirei Symbol of summer by Andrei-Azanfirei Lazy cat by Andrei-Azanfirei :iconandrei-azanfirei:
Apolyont by vabserk The Red Boat by vabserk Colors of the Bosphorus by vabserk :iconvabserk:
Nothing really Matters by shiny-shadows-Art Forsaken Land by shiny-shadows-Art SCARS by shiny-shadows-Art :iconshiny-shadows-art:
Immortal Mortality by Malintra-Shadowmoon The Three Graces by Malintra-Shadowmoon  The First Automobile by Malintra-Shadowmoon :iconmalintra-shadowmoon:
The chandelier by lecrispeco In my time when I was young ... by lecrispeco peacock by lecrispeco :iconlecrispeco:
The Spirit of the Forest by superalysson  Super Alysson by superalysson Spare Time by superalysson :iconsuperalysson:
The Devil Seems So Small... by The1Little1Fox1X  PPPFT. by The1Little1Fox1X  Don't Know Where It Goes by The1Little1Fox1X :iconthe1little1fox1x:
Vergine Maria by Irenezolea Doccia estiva by Irenezolea Angelo di pietra by Irenezolea :iconirenezolea:
alcove by marisa-clarce Picnic by marisa-clarce spring is here by marisa-clarce :iconmarisa-clarce:
The Touch of the Sky. . . by VerdrehtEngel777 Blooming Flora by VerdrehtEngel777 Pray As The Sun Descends '' by VerdrehtEngel777 :iconverdrehtengel777:
allura by matsudas  stuck in her daydream by matsudas :iconmatsudas:
Aino Erufu by veuko Mono by veuko Alo by veuko :iconveuko:
Candy Girl by Dennine Oreo Madness by Dennine La Marionette by Dennine :icondennine:
flowers 14 by CreeppingDeath Princess 3 by CreeppingDeath  :iconcreeppingdeath:

D- Driven by hate, fear, art, love or absurd, 

E- Envious being, yet it contemplates & admires, 
C- Cosious by nature, for greatness it aspires. 
A- Away from the world's eyes, it awakens capable, 
D- Dwelved into darkness & dirt, despicable. 
E- Elegant black, putred, ash, gray, white, lead or none; 
E- Enigmatic, enlightened, elusive, excentric at times. 
N- Nobody counts it as friend more than it exprimes, 
C- Cunning mostly than educated, undone... 
E- Exiled, it rewinds, like  the Phoenix bird.
  Rain  ~Rain~
1. Raging with thunderbolts & lightening, 
  Air moist filled & sky with cloud', 
  Increasing, decreasing, pressure building, 
  'Ntil it starts raining loud.   
2. Rapid or slow, relentlessly falling, 
  Angels might cry, who knows where; 
  Instantly touching, fludding or just filling, 
  Noone to care unless you're there.  
3. Rest your soul... nowhere to go, 
  Accept it, try to relax; 
  It's nice, nature at its max', 
  None to (b)reach, it will all go.
E- Entering a room with grace, 
L- Leaving all who sees in awe; 
(Laughs of joy, most will embrace) 
E- Excitement builds into astawe, 
G- Getting ready, telling lies, 
A- All align, all cheer, have fun, 
N- None to question, how time flies, 
T- Till too late, when it's all gone.
tenth by doreline Queen of evil by doreline  twissy valentines card by doreline :icondoreline:
shock the dog by dualhydra The Best Burger in the World by dualhydra persian is elegant by dualhydra :icondualhydra:
14 days by Anita-Garbo Smoochie by Anita-Garbo Evil Queen by Anita-Garbo :iconanita-garbo:
Samira Wong by Fundelstein  Ceri and Dulce - A Beautiful Friendship by Fundelstein Marjorie Gray (Possible Version) by Fundelstein :iconfundelstein:
A Generous Coating by LifeThroughALens84 My Suet by LifeThroughALens84 Fall Sunset Series #48 by LifeThroughALens84 :iconlifethroughalens84:
Lasque by rhombus528 Iberian Siblings Mochi by rhombus528 For Ice Cream Lovers... by rhombus528 :iconrhombus528:

Thank you very much to all my friends who will see and appreciate this presentation.LoveHug

I wish you all a wonderful Autumn and Haloween.Heart

I-wish-the-best-for-you- by faryba:iconselinapls:  THANK YOU from Selina by Sugaree-33

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mim304's avatar
Thank you so much, Selena, for the beautiful features and such kind words!  So sorry it's taken me so long to respond.  I'm very rarely on the internet these days, as you've probably noticed!  It's been so long, that I'm truly overwhelmed that you even still remember me, let alone, have been so nice to me!  Thank you so much!  You've made my day!  :iconhugplz:
sesam-is-open's avatar
My pleasure, dear Mim and I'm delighted to see you.:tighthug:
I never forget my friends and I keep you in my heart. I hope life treats you and all your loved ones well and I send you a hug.:heart::hug:
philippeL's avatar
Very beautiful journal Selina :rose:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Thank you very much for your appreciation, Philippe:heart:
matsudas's avatar
thank you for the feature! :^) :heart:
sesam-is-open's avatar
It was a pleasure and thank you too for your support!:heart:
BonzzGX's avatar
Yeah, quite the nice gathering of arts, craftsmanship & look on life facets. :3
sesam-is-open's avatar
I'm glad you like it and I send you a good thought.:):heart:
Beautiful features dear Selina :love:
sesam-is-open's avatar
Thank you, dear Lucila and I send you a hug.:heart::hug:
Dimeolas7's avatar
Thats really sweet, thank you *hugs*
sesam-is-open's avatar
Absolutely my pleasure and thank you too for your support!:iconwhiteroseplz:
MYPeanutGallery's avatar
Lovely feature, Selina!
sesam-is-open's avatar
I'm glad you like it and thank you, Penny!:heart:
Kachinadoll's avatar
sesam-is-open's avatar
You are always a beautiful friend and thank you very much for that, dear Suzi!:tighthug::rose:
Kachinadoll's avatar
Aww, right back at you sweetie! :)
sesam-is-open's avatar
Arte-de-Junqueiro's avatar
As always my dear Sister - a wonderful journal full of beautiful works - I can loose myself in your journals as your selections are so amazing!! :love:
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