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Each country has its specificity, but certainly there are things that some peoples can boast that are better.
Speaking of things that are no better nowhere else than in the United States of America, it is appropriate to recall the unique places that this country has, and the people here.
Following a study, we will see ten things in which Americans excel.:icontruesmiles:

Exuberant Greetings

"Ahoy!", "Aloha!" "Hey!" "Hola!", "Howdy!" "Hiya!" "Ho there!" "Well, look who it is!" "What's happenin '?! "" 'Sup! "" Yo! "or "Hello!" are just some of the greetings that you may experience when you meet an American.
The variety and enthusiasm of these greetings come from friendly character that some Europeans may find it burdensome, but others find it charming and it is a very pleasant surprise. Either you pass thru a hotel, or through a store in which you want to buy a pair of shoes or you just want to walk, no chance to
 escape without such a cheerful greeting.

new ID by David-A-Wagner


Given that spans so many square kilometers, that has roads that cross it from one end to the other and has a history behind the evolution of the automobile, the US  can not but excel in terms of trips, the famous "road trips ".
Whether you want 
to cross Texas, or you go through Nebraska and Indiana, you definitely will have many things to admire, in a car trip for a few days.

 Hot Rod by Corvidae65 Dominatrix by TheLoveTrain


Even if it gets its name from an English city, derby is still one of the things that Americans rightly
assigns them.That's because since the 50s, the United States organizes all sorts of competitions, from horse races and reaching to cars racing sports competitions nowadays.

Two Pennies and Rider by Trippy4U
Let Er Rip Tater Chip by jmarie1210  Eco Friendly Transportation 5-2-15 by Tailgun2009


We could say that the Germans are the best in terms of beer, but what sets Americans apart from the rest of the nations which consuming beer, is mode and bottling quality.
In addition, the US is the country that has the highest number of breweries in the world.

Beer wallpaper by GruberJan
Cheers by Trippy4U Shot by MichelleRamey Johnnie Walker by TanuSingh


USA is the country where we can find something from almost every culture of the world and most diverse landscapes and varied climate.
From beaches that stretch from Cape Cod up in Kaanapali, to the Rockies and the Appalachian, from arid deserts to green forests, the United States has it all.
And if we talk about diversity, we can not  mention the ethnicity of. Despite restrictive immigration policy, the United States is one of the most heterogeneous in terms of ethnic peoples.

Johnny's Pumped by Trippy4U
one of Gods beautiful Sunraise by Nipntuck3 Shadows by NickChao Sunrise Over Cohutta Wilderness by rctfan2


The many geological formations make the landscape of USA, one of the most diverse on our planet.
Deep and narrow valleys surrounded by high walls of rock are the delight of millions of tourists from around the world.

Sandtone Swirls at Sunset by joerossbach
 Cut Out All The Ropes.. by TeaPhotography  


United States can boast that they have not only the Yellowstone, the first national park in the world, but other 400 protected areas.
In total, it is almost 340,000 square kilometers of protected areas that include volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, geysers, plates or dunes.

This May Be the End by LeashaHooker
Uper Cathedral Lake by rctfan2 28031+ Goosenecks of the Colorado by PhilS1761 Half Dome on Fire by Mac-Wiz

The Cuisine

American gastronomic universe is almost as diverse as the rest of cultures that come together in this country.
However, Americans have the merit to
reinvented  the specific dishes of other countries, but also to have memorable desserts that taste buds will not easily forget, such as cupcakes.

A Very Happy 07 04 2015 by theresahelmer
burger by saadany Smiley Donut by WillTC


Most countries have one national sport, but Americans have at least three or four.
If they were to leave the hockey to Canadians, Americans remained with three specific sports: baseball, American football and basketball.

Baseball by Trippy4U
Defense Vs Offense by Trippy4U Basketball III by Trippy4U Third And Goal by Trippy4U


It's not just about the worldwide success serials or Oscar films, but the merit of being the source of viral videos on the Internet, such as those with Harlem Shake or sisters Kardashian.

m.freeman by krzysztof20d brad2 by krzysztof20d
Katharine Hepburn by khinson Elizabeth Taylor Portrait by wbmstr
Scarlett Embraced by EverIris Casablanca by bulletinthegun

It's really hard to describe a country and a nation in a few words on a page, maybe is funny and interesting to
follow studies which show to you one point of view or another and help you to remember some things you already know, or to learn other things you never heard about before, but what really describe a country and a nation is the mark which has left in the history of the world.

Liberty for Freedom by AugenStudios
Capital Capitol by amesho National Support by Cmac13 Washington Dawn Monument by boldfrontiers
Midnight swim by kayaksailor Peace on Earth HDR 02 by genry31 Houston Architecture by foureyestock
Manhattan Across the Hudson by Trippy4U
 San Francisco by slecocqphotography 
17... 24... the Boston skyline by VaggelisFragiadakis
The Center of Austin by dayzydaze Seattle Great Wheel II by ashamandour Cincinnati by ashamandour
Harbor Lights by melmaya La Reina de Los Angeles by roqq Theres Only One by ExplicitStudios
Chicago, Buckingham Fountain by Nightline
My Favorite Building by wingsofdragons Tribute in Lights by galactica1actual Seattle Skyline with Mount Rainier 2014 by LarryGorlin
   new york skyline. by simoendli
Detroit Lights by JeffreyDobbs

"In the future, when the high court of history will judge us individually - and record how, in the short period of activity, we have fulfilled our obligations to the state - our success or failure, in any capacity, we will be measured by answers to four questions: I was really brave ?, I was truly wise?, I was really integrity ?, I was really committed?"

John F. Kennedy

Mount Rushmore by candysamuels
Jefferson Love Memorial (freebie) by boldfrontiers
The Lincoln Memorial by cljuscblue

Midnightrider... by midnightrider79

I dedicate this presentation to all my American friends in their special day. Have-a-Beautiful-Day by KmyGraphic

For You by KmyGraphic   :iconselinapls:  THANK YOU from Selina by Sugaree-33

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