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Zodiac Constellation by Twins72

May, the last month of Spring brings to our attention Taurus Constellation with its strength and special charm.

So, let's see! :icontruesmiles:

 Taurus  Constellation gives people born under this sign, a obstinate and tenacious character, which does not support the others advices. Taurus are  very proud persons and all the successes of this natives are because they are extremely hard workers and persevering. Taurus have a tremendous patience and never give up at what they propose to do. People born under the sign of Taurus (April 20-May 20) do not listen to almost anyone and  they can't be stopped by any obstacle in achieving their goal.
Taurus do not get angry easily, but when you really succeed to upset a Taurus, his
anger does not passing rapidly and he doesn't forget anything. Natives of this sign are objective, never ceases to gather new knowledge, have a right spirit, are very curious and very fine, not so easy to decipher, so under this sign are born mostly diplomats. Also Taurus natives are jealous and loyal in love.
Ideogram of Taurus zodiac sign, suggests
a head of Taurus and the circle symbolizing the spirit that supports and illuminates the soul crescent. Ideogram contains no straight lines, symbol is more sentimental.

Sookie Zodiac Taurus 1 by sookiesooker
Taurus is a feminine sign of earth,
predominantly practical, ruled by Venus, the planet that enhances artistic talents, sense of beauty, sensuality, sociability, taste, physical attraction, and jealousy, shallowness, indifference, sometimes immorality.

The Moonlight Spinner by MeredithDillman The Four Elements - EARTH by ingrid-crimson Elements - Earth by raspber
Black Foxgloves by JannaFairyArt the singing stream by dkjart Sound of silence..... by TriciaS
Contemplating Spring by rooze23 3 by MarijaMiladinovic Io by KleopatraAurel

Taurus are magnetic, have a charming personality, which, if is cultivated, will allow them to get ahead in life. Taurus mental and physical beauty radiates an appealing tenderness. People born under this sign have an interesting intelligence and their motto is"I Find security in myself and develop my own sense of values​​. I anchor on Earth and express my sensuality naturally." What you first notice to a Taurus is beauty, grace, sincerity, depth of feeling, simplicity. Taurus is methodical in everything he does and is content only with perfection. He has courage, patience, strength. Sometimes it is good to leave himself guided in his decisions, also by feelings and not only by brain.

Taurus by ivadesign

Cow 3004 by Outputt The Big Boy by KonikPolski Taurus by AmberCrystalElf
zodiac : taurus by ThuyLTran Bonasus bonasus by RichardConstantinoff 
Waiting for you by bridgetbright The New Arrival by BlackDogBarnyard Queen of a dead red heart by LuneBleu

Lady in red by CindysArt

Black and Tan by Earleywine The Grass is Greener by McCracken-Art Blood Zodiac. Taurus by Vasylina
What's up? by LadyCarnal Homunculus : The Metal Construct by hypnothalamus Buffalo, no soldier. by RichardPratt
karapan Sapi by toniart57 ZODIAC: Thaurus by anja-uhren Lilith. Wallpaper by DonatellaDrago

Taurus by patriciabrennan

The Zodiac Project - Taurus by the-zodiac-club  
Prodigue by amiejo Bonding by dove-51 
Highland Coo by printsILike Queen Of Darkness - Black Queen by Princess-Suki-W 

Zodiac : Taurus by ClairObscurArt

Among Friends by McCracken-Art Brian's little Viking by crayonmaniac Moo? by Riphath
Taurus by Ciuin Ohhhhhh .... Bull Crap by Witch-Dr-Tim 02 Taurus by NineThousandOnes
 Beautiful story by oxalysa Taurus V2 by azurylipfe

Taurus by deathrimental

Gate Sealer : Taurus by look The Ladies of the Ranch by dove-51 Taurus by AlexandraHaley
the audience is demanding by EintoeRn Taurus Of The Zodiac by zoozee Gnu by philippeL
Taurus- The 2nd by the-zodiac-club  Taurus by delfee

Taurus by wolfmorphine

Taurus by Asunaro  Lilith by Adipose620
Cow no.29 by dekdav Texas Longhorn by Azgrrlie 
 Bella and Calf by BlackDogBarnyard Taurus The Bull by TheFantaSim

Taurus to Taurus by Tigles1Artistry

Cows in Snow by randylavorante DW Zodiacs- Taurus by Flamestaff If moosic be the love of food... by not-in-my-lifetime
Carmaguaise bull. by jennystokes Taurus by JoyceCruz Dare by midnightrider79
MUUUUHHH by Sonia-Rebelo Taurus by paintmepinkshop Taurus by plutonia

Yesterday Dream_04 by caddman  Furious Bull by TheGalleryOfEve Taurus by wintersmagic
Boooo by anone52  

Give me a title ....? by Betuwefotograaf

Taurus by phantoms-siren Untitled by RedFireRaven420 zodiac sign Taurus by MrsEfi
 Curious Youth by McCracken-Art Longhorn by saudimack
muh die kuh by pumpwerk Taurus by ErebusOdora 

Highland Smile by Coigach Taurus by luciekout <da:thumb id="403920066"/>
Musical Taurus by dvnmyls The gras is greener.. by momary  .:Taurus:. by chickenMASK
 Taurus by cobaltdragon Cow in the snow by SevenHeptagons

Taurus by ad-shor

Moo by prettyflour Taurus by rakaon Guardian by Giraffe3001
Taurus by Angel-Blaze What do you do............. by jennystokes Taurus by vaia
::taurus:: by Tarot7 Looking at you by LiveInPix :Sailor Zodiac Taurus: by NeridaNixie

Taurus by godofwar

My Way of Life by Iluvbiscuit2 Taurus by ameliablackrose Taurus by Shivita
 Taurus by Steel-Eyes Taurus: i found you by ming85 Taurus by sw0nk
Da Zodiac - Taurus by YukiMiyasawa

Sign of Zodiac - Taurus by Iribel

Taurus by cika Charolais Bull by Coigach -Taurus- by Eternal-Salvation
Taurus by ScartletV Taurus by Terrauh 
Zodiac: Taurus by Uniquecell Taurus by Afina79 Taurus by gmeza

taurus by JenaDellaGrottaglia

Meet the herd by zoldszorny Minotaur by valhadar Texas Longhorn 'Frank' by Amatuer-Pics-By-Me
Meadow Play by In-the-picture Texas Longhorn by phuchton Taurus for Damian by zachlost
Tiny Cutie Zodiac Taurus by LCibos taurus by Lightbehm Taurus by Estheryu

Signs of the Zodiac - Taurus by HansPeterKolb

Lucky stones for Taurus are Agate, Amber, Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Citrine, Crystal, Quartz rock, Crisopraz, Hematite, Jade, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite. Moldavite, Eye of the Tiger, Rodonit, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Serpentine.

Blue Quartz Earrings 2 by FILIGRY Rio II 2 by BartoszCiba Indian Summer-Citrine, Smoky Quartz Earring by FILIGRY
SHERRY GARDEN by KL-WireDream Tea in Delhi by Nemhiria 
Swirl of Golden Amber Pendant by skezzcrom

Magnetisme by BartoszCiba

Taurus is very romantic and will enjoy receiving small bouquets of Lily of the Valey or Lilac. In the same time pink Roses illuminate their heart and brings them joy.Taurus are not picky and gladly accept any flower as long as it is offered with love.
However if you were to list some favorite flowers and plants would be: Rose, Poppy, Lilies, Violets.

Birthday gift by Mrs-Cloudia-S

 prima.donna by vicente-oliveira 

Lilac+Stones by KARRR Reflection of a Rose by WhiteBook Only you.. by VasiDragos

lily of the valley by Erofeecheva

I hope that all my friends who are children of Taurus zodiac sign had a beautiful May and a special Anniversary.:iconalesiandra:

Zodiac Revision by Lilyas  flower70 by Luckygay Astrology Series - Taurus by feiyan

In the end of this presentation, thank you very much and I wish you all a very beautiful coming June and start of Summer.:icontruesmiles:

:iconmuchlove5plz::iconmuchlove6plz:  SELINA by KmyGraphic :iconselinapls:

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I'm a Taurus moooDancin Cow a cow can dance better than u Holy Cow - Updated COW  :) 
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How lovely!! Thank you so so much for the wonderful feature!!!
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Your work is beautiful and it was a pleasure!:icontruesmiles:
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I'm delighted you like it and thank you!:hug:
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aww...very sweet!
also even more fun having the same birthday date as you have! :icondragonnod1:
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Thank you for your beautiful words, dear Richard!:):hug:
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you're so very very welcome :huggle:
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awww wow another excellent feature my dear :heart:
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...thank you dear friend for including me in this wonderful showcase...:hug:
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My pleasure, dear Skot and Congratulations for your beautiful work.:tighthug::clap:
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wow it has been a while since I saw my taurus piece!
I made it for my mother a long while back
thank you so very much for the feature , it is very appreciated :hug:
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I'm glad you like it and your Taurus is beautiful.:heart::hug:
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Thank you very much, Tori!:hug:
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