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Zodiac Constellation by Twins72

June, the first month of Summer brings to our attention Gemini Constellation with its seductive duality

So, let's see! :icontruesmiles:

People born under the sign of Gemini prefer changes, permanent stimulation and new experiences. Their charm singles them out in any circumstance. Gemini are made ​​for society, relationships of all kinds, and diverse contacts. Gemini is the sign of a great intellectual curiosity and a tremendous need to communicate constantly. Such a person will try all life to learn something new. Natives of Gemini  (May 21-June 21) are very clever, often endowed with literary talent, able to learn new things without effort and acquire various skills naturally, they are charming, loves to flirt with the opposite sex and easily attract their attention, but did not feel comfortable in family life. Monotonous life is a burden for them.
 Ideogram of Gemini zodiac sign suggests
two lines of destiny united by two horizontal of  physics and metaphysics.

Sookie Zodiac Gemini 1 by sookiesookerZodiac Avatar: Gemini by FantasyStockAvatars

Gemini is a masculine sign of air, predominantly intellectual, mental, ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet that enhances communicative spirit, intelligence, eloquence, oratorical skills, diplomacy, ingenuity, ability but also wile, instability, shallowness and tendency toward deception.

 There will be a day when I fly away by dashakern The Heavens Opened by shell4art
 Pathway to Heaven by zzzSoleyeszzz In my dreams by Mendrinos
Rays by fashioneyes Touching The Sun by Eeren Rainbow In The Clouds by Heidi-V-Art

Gemini have a strong character, are authoritative and this zodiac sign can be characteristic for teachers, writers or any other person which will be linked to lifetime information and communication. People born under this sign, always have something to say to the world, or the general public, or to a limited audience  and always will say the right thing at the right time. The  motto of a Gemini native is ""Communicate with an openness of mind and listen to what another have to say. I fully express my ideas and develop a spirit of discernment." It is possible, from  a certain point of view, that a Gemini native to remain a child all his life, enjoying everything which optimistically gives in life. Gemini have a great oratorical talent, which almost magnetically attract  and have a way of expression which makes them very special and only through communication - written or oral -  they knows how to reveal their charming personality.

Zodiac Gemini by crimsonvermillion

The fleeting moment by lilok-lilok Commission: Sera and Eva by SerenaVerdeArt Bubbles by GeaninaBeatrice
Responsibility shared by Lirulin-yirth InsideEnergy by Alosa -Gemini- by Eternal-Salvation
Blood Zodiac. Gemini II by Vasylina  Easy thoughts by Bobrova

Wcked Sisters by Amanda-Diaz

Gemini by phantoms-siren Against Myself by Aelathen Story by ElinasArt
 Twins 7 by jeezkay 
Gemini Of The Zodiac by zoozee

Gemini by patriciabrennan

Hug the babies by jessiewilson sl14 - To worship the Sun by jennystokes Dance by JCCJ756
Zodiac : Gemini by kelogsloops Queens of Ice and Fire by ScorpionEntity 
 Blood Zodiac. Gemini by Vasylina twins by monikha

Sleepwalkers by MariannaInsomnia

Autumn's Angels by LindArtz The Sisters by Doucesse The Holiday by CaryAndFrankArts
 Festival of Happiness by dukeofspade
Private dance 2 by sasha-fantom
the twins, part 6 by StanislavMironov Lolita Zodiac - Gemini by Darkbutterfly137 Gemini by ivadesign

Wonderful time by CrisestepArt

ZODIACS - Gemini by EmanuellaKozas  Lilith and Eve (2012) by Kiriya
Ebony-Ivory FINAL by spoofdecator Katrin-Elizabeth by Katrin-Elizabeth GEMINI by BADANG
Diplopie by amiejo birds floriade venlo  3 by ingeline-art Gemini by Inucat

Dark and Light by feanen-lazuli Gemini by Ciuin Smileee by lisa-adrina
 Gemini by Sarima Yin and Yang by kelogsloops
Twixt by LadyEvilArts Autumn Joys by bonnyblue22 twice by Mastowka

Gemini by LorenzoDiMauro

Gemini by ad-shor Gabrielle and Gabriel by vampirekingdom Golden moon of Pentaxia by shoutsandwhispers
FingerTrap by RocketPancake Strawberry Spearmint by Ophelia-Overdose Two Sides by DolceCaramella
GEMINI by Rickbw1 Taltoses by FlexDreams Gemini by artorifreedom

RockStar II by MistyTableau

++ Gemini ++ by utenaxchan Piers Vernon-Kell I by TansyBlue Zodiac : Gemini by ClairObscurArt
 Gemini V2 by azurylipfe Solidarity by kemal-kamil-akca
the twins, part 2 by StanislavMironov Gemini by Asunaro Fleurs du Mal. by roxaralu

Gemini by The-SixthLeafClover 

Signs of the Zodiac - Gemini by HansPeterKolb Gemini by banuandaru 
Gemini by wolfmorphine Jump by MDGallery Looking Out For The Candy Bandit by Trippy4U
Summer Breeze by EmilySoto  Gemini: Twins by theperian  Gemini by Estheryu

Morning in garden by DangMyLinh

Gemini Fae by AmberCrystalElf Zodiac Project - Gemini by the-zodiac-club ZODIAC: Gemini by anja-uhren
Musical Gemini by dvnmyls Gemini by JoyceCruz Free to Live by creativemikey
.:Gemini:. by chickenMASK Gemini by Angel-Blaze Contemplate by ChrissieCool

Through twilight,darkness and moonrise by ValantisDigitalArt

-the gemini- by guu-chanDa Zodiac - Gemini by YukiMiyasawa  
Yin and Yang by Juli-SnowWhite gemini by dorilysse We bring you white light by crayonmaniac
serenissime defi by roserika power by svetlost70 The-great-encounter by ladyjudina

Twins by pesare

Lucky stones for Gemini are Aquamarine, Agate, Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Citrine, Calcite, Green Chalcedony, Quartz, Garnet, Jade, Bloodstone, Jasper, Serpentine, Moldavite, Onyx, Opal, Tiger Eye, Topaz Blue, Sapphire, Emerald.

KJFH 3 by KL-WireDream

Agnia by taniri Summer Green ~ Australian Opal, Tsavorite Necklace by FILIGRY Twigi by enzeta
Ornate Filigree Wire Necklace by Lirimaer86 Beauty ring by UrsulaJewelry Rosebud by Gailavira

Amethyst and Citrine Bracelet by mdvannes

Gemini are mysterious. You can offer them Daffodils, Roses and Poppies. Woman born under this sign prefers almost any flower, her preferences depends on her mood,  which is very changeable. Other flowers that  Gemini prefers are Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Myrtle, Ferns, Orchids, Chrysanthemums, Lilacs, Hazel.

Lopsided... by billndrsn

 IMG 0231 by bibousiq 
Pink Flowers by KmyGraphicThe Lasting Ones by Corvidae65
Happy Birthday Gabriela by Tigles1Artistry Spring sight by George---Kirk Mums by 4pplemoon

Orchid v.2 by SaisonRomantique

I hope that all my friends who are children of Gemini zodiac sign had a beautiful May and June and a special Anniversary.:iconalesiandra:

Zodiac by Patrick-J-Reynolds  Summer Love Dance by KmyGraphic  Astrology Series - Gemini by feiyan

Thank you very much to all who will see this presentation and I wish you a very good coming week and July.:heart:

:iconmuchlove5plz::iconmuchlove6plz:  SELINA by KmyGraphic :iconselinapls:

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Beautiful by KmyGraphic

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wow really a great feature and i'm really happy to read it - i'm a gemini too :-)
wonderful dear selina :hug:
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I hope you had a beautiful day and I'm delighted you like it, dear Steffi.:hug:For-You by KmyGraphic
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Roses-and-Butterfly by KmyGraphic
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