Beautiful Couples In Life And In Art - Part Ten

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In a time when nothing is more certain than change, the attachment of two people to one another has become a rare thing, but just this increases its beauty.
All of us want to love and to be loved, but this is not easy at all!:icontruesmiles:
Love doesn't means only "I Love You", love means commitment and respect, a strong shoulder who can support your head at any moment, a warm heart who can  receive your joys, an energetic hand which can relieve all pain and depression, a mysterious smile during a dance, which always conjures the First Dance, but above all, love is the only feeling  that shines over time when our hair is white and our wrinkles talk about memories.
This is love and life, this is what all of us dream to have and to share this is what we have to respect and cherish.
I had the chance to meet some beautiful couples in our  dA community and I have the pleasure to dedicate a series of journals to them.
I want to do this because I want to let them know how  special they are and how important and beneficial it is their influence and example, because they succeed to make this wonderful virtual world, more alive, normal and much closer to us all, much closer to our daily 'Why", "What", "Who" or "Where".Heart
Today I have the pleasure to introduce you Vasi :iconvasidragos: and John :iconsamplle:
My motto for them is:

"Who has the ability to fall in love, may always have faith in love and in the human value of the man who loves."

I D by VasiDragos 
Is a beautiful life !! by VasiDragos  Simple geranium by VasiDragos  Cindarella by VasiDragos  Let's try flying by VasiDragos  Snail.. by VasiDragos
Golden autumn by VasiDragos T.R.I.B.U.T.E. by VasiDragos  red swings by VasiDragos  Playground by VasiDragos  Gray City by VasiDragos
Peruvian chess game by VasiDragos  lady chocolate by VasiDragos  Sleepy buds by VasiDragos  Paulownia by VasiDragos  Solitude by VasiDragos


Blue Eyes by Samplle 

Sequence by Samplle  Little Woman by Samplle  Lake by Samplle  Straight by Samplle  Beautiful Dog by Samplle

Pink Day by Samplle  No Comment by Samplle  Schrek by Samplle  Contemplate by Samplle  Imagine by Samplle
Portrait by Samplle  Just Winter by Samplle  Family by Samplle  Back Door by Samplle  In A Row by Samplle


Dear Vasi and John, You are very beautiful together and I wish you that life to be gentle with you and your love always bring you unique moments of joy and happiness.:tighthug:
I will choose for you roses because their perfume and variety are suitable with your love.
Here's a kiss for you, my love! Love by KmyGraphic

Thank You Eileen by Applemac12
<da:thumb id="432917556"/>  GABRIELA by LewiARTs  Killing Me Softly II by Scooby777 <da:thumb id="397404206"/> <da:thumb id="183404320"/>
Purity for Jan Birthday Friends by MayEbony <da:thumb id="430325337"/>  oh red roses by bebefromtheblock <da:thumb id="426321351"/>  Lighted Rose 091 by Deb-e-ann
The Wonder of Nature.......... by littleriverqueen  Dreamland by mebilia  My Pink Life by a6-k  We see good only with the heart. ... by amiejo  rosa by awjay
Irresistible by MissSpocks  Of Love by Vividlight  One is the loneliness. by Nipntuck3  Happy Birthday Alina by David-A-Wagner  trandafir albastru by steff1594
The Very Thought Of You by MissSpocks  Timeless by MissSpocks  Colors by ValentinaKallias  The Red Shoes by Vividlight  Blooming Today 5-18-10 by Tailgun2009
rose 541 by Halla51  The mystery of a blue rose by WhiteBook  Peach Rose by RikyM  Symbol Of Love by snarayanank  rose by onixa
A happy end by Helena-SunShine  Hurt Soul by XanaduPhotography  Roses by Mariska1974  special  rosebush by Mariska1974  afternoon delight by onixa
Until We Meet Again by Lilyas  When a rose cries by Vampirbiene  Classical Yellow by Gunpowdersmoke Rose d'hiver by Melusine8 my babies by Ingelore
Romantic Attachment by creativemikey

It seems that February is the month when Love is celebrated all over the world and Valentine's Day was adopted by many countries.:icontruesmiles:
In Romania we celebrate Love on 24 February and our feast is named Dragobete. Love Song by KmyGraphic
In the end of this journal which is dedicated to Love, I want to thank you to all my dear friends who sent me beautiful cards and thoughts in this special day, they brought me much joy and warmed my heart.:love:

Vlentines 2014 2 by SabakuNoShi <da:thumb id="433580668"/>  valentine 2014 by sewer-pancake  True Love by LaraBLN  Friendship is a facet of Love by Nameda
Happy Valentine 2014 by AngeliaArt
<da:thumb id="433590029"/>  Flower For You by Annissina  Andy - 17 by zurisu <da:thumb id="431282433"/>  Valentine's Day - Thank You for being there by OliverBPhotography

Andy - 17 by zurisu  A Red Rose for You on Valentines by avyva <da:thumb id="426499250"/>   Happy Valentine's Day by Lilyas
Happy Valentine's Day!(Speedpaint) by xXSilver146Xx  20014 Da Valentine by flowershot400  Inkay Valentine by MusicalCombusken  Love Yourself... Love Your Health by TeaPhotography  Me and you by FrancescaDelfino
Straight from the Heart by TeaPhotography
Happy Valentine's Day by CecilyAndreuArtwork  Dipper Valentine by sharkie19  Happy Valentine's Day! by PrincesaSevilla  Chamuel's Rose by Nameda  Appreciation by DriPoint
Happy Valentine by TammyPhotography
<da:thumb id="433661293"/>   Danbo and Kokeshi Valentine 2014 by Princess-Suki-W

I wish you all a very good new week and much health and happiness.


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Wonderful journal ;)
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Thank you for your beautiful support, I'm honored.:hug::iconwhiteroseplz:
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This is such a nice journal entry, and I am so sorry that I am stopping by so late.
Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful works and for including mine :hug:
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My pleasure, Sinje and I'm glad you like it.:hug:
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Beautiful journal, my friend Selina :heart: <3
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Thank you very much, Sol and I'm glad to see you!:heart::tighthug:
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Lovely journal for dear Vasi and her love:love:
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I'm glad you like it and thank you for your lovely thoughts, dear Rozi.:love::hug:
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Thank you so much sweetie :love:
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Always a pleasure, Marta.:tighthug::heart:
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AAaahhhhhhhh l'amour!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconloveloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
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Love and only Love....:):tighthug::pussyblowkiss: by spongee0990
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A wonderful lovely feature Selina... thanks for being a part of all these great works... :bow:
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My pleasure, Ina and thank you too for your beautiful support and friendship.:heart:For You by KmyGraphic
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You're always very welcome, Melina!:hug:Love-Tulips by KmyGraphic
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:iconthankyoupart1plz::iconthankyoupart2plz::iconthankyoupart3plz: for this amazing feature dear! :heart: :hug:
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