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Zodiac Constellation by Twins72

April is dominated by the charming Aries Constellation and bring close to us a powerful zodiac sign.

so, let's see! :icontruesmiles:

Aries is willing to change and challenge, is attracted to adventure and risk. He is born to be a natural leader, a man who regards life as a perpetual struggle and everyone around them are competitors. Aries is competitive, courageous, self-confident, proving very bold. Has initiative, likes to take the lead or to start some projects that others do not have the courage to launch. Natives of Aries (March 21-April 19) are very joyful, intemperate, have perseverance in pursuing goals and don't accept  compromises. The tendency to defend the point of view can sometimes turn into tyranny. Aries are not influenced by others, they have a will of iron and are extremely passionate in love. People born in Aries, always goes forward to their proposed target, without thinking to the  obstacles that may arise in their path.
Ideogram of Aries zodiac sign, suggests the two horns of the ram, representing two incomplete crescents from which the consciousness waters gushing out  powerful.
Sookie Zodiac Aries 1 by sookiesooker  Sookie Zodiac Aries 2 by sookiesooker

Aries is a masculine sign of fire, predominantly active, ruled by Mars, the planet that enhances physical energy, aggression, courage, boldness and vitality, and imprudence, jealousy, harshness, brutality, violence, nervousness, vengeful spirit.

The Zodiac Garden by CassiopeiaArt 
playing with fire by martzianu Fire by rickydeviant
Elements- Fire by AkaCirce   
Into The Sun by maiarcita

This sign motto is "I assert , I consciously act and take alone my decisions. I assume my individuality and independence"  and people born under this sign will always be strong, brave, will not give it back to try something new, militant, authoritarian. With a special vitality,
all that is unknown and pathless, can be the largest passion, being a big daredevil, a pioneer par excellence. Aries, refreshes immediately after long effort, because he has a good resistance to large energy resources, which must constantly consume them not to go to the other extreme: aggression, anger, recklessness. Always wants to be first. Find success and wants to shine.

Aries by ad-shor

soulful friend by mj-magic 
Aries by ivadesign
Chocolate by squareprismish Mimicry by vampirekingdom Sheep by HappyKootie
Down by the Boathouse by nine9nine9 A Sheepish Look by smallsofthamish the lost Shepherd by gulgulass

Pan and Selene by Dianae

Don't you eyeball me boy by printsILike  Pod gurou Girowa by wosicz 
Blood Zodiac. Aries by Vasylina
 It's A Dahl by AlaskaGrl Dark Devil_______! by DIGI-3D
Musical Aries by dvnmyls 01 Aries by NineThousandOnes Yellow Rams by printsILike

Music Forest by AliaChek LeapFrogging Lamb by thrumyeye Aries - The Zodiac by zoozee
sheep by secret-mirror Aries - Phoenix by caleyndar 
Aries by phantoms-siren Barbary lamb by Wolfling01 Arise by patriciabrennan
Brothers by Coigach

 Aries- The 1st by the-zodiac-club Trails in the Snow by Earleywine
Aries by gmeza The Golden Faun by lady-oceansoul S4 by jennystokes
Miss universe by Creamydigital Aries by Terrauh A Cry was heard by melanierogers

The Old Village by torieyule

Aries V2 by azurylipfe study of a demon by ceruleanvii 
Aries Of The Zodiac by zoozee  Dreamer by FriendFrog
Zodiac Series - Aries by angelnablackrobe The Sheep by liranlevi0 Sign of Zodiac - Aries by Iribel

Whoopi Goldberg II by gatiodaniel

  the Aries by azurylipfe
aries by JenaDellaGrottaglia sheep by adypetrisor Aries by Angel-Blaze
Aries by Pygar  Diviner by hgjart

Aries by Uniquecell

Aries by rakaon snack-wm-IMG 0039 by Geraldinejane Aries by seiyalover
Aries by chib Da Zodiac - Aries by YukiMiyasawa ZODIAC: Aries by anja-uhren
New Life_2 by XanaduPhotography March Madness by McCracken-Art zodiac : aries by ThuyLTran

A Portrait of Baroness von Schafen by Ksenos-ks

Aries by cobaltdragon Lady Carkan by Jennyeight Missing Nothing by Pinedrop
aries by jaszone S2 by jennystokes Aries by Ciuin
Spring Lamb 2 by mosherte -Aries- by Eternal-Salvation lunch-break-wm-IMG 9978 by Geraldinejane

Aries by patriciabrennan

hide by EXX-VOTO enjoying the sun 7 by ingeline-art Dream Catcher by Dianae
Aries by AlexandraHaley Aries by CORinAZONe 
L emprisonnee des profondeurs by Le-Meridian Engagement photo by paddimir Gold on Violet by Candra

Aries by wolfmorphine

The Bad Seed by vampirekingdom Aries by Drakenborg Staring Sheep - Road to Ayr by Coigach
Zodiac - Aries by Ellygator Aries by luciekout Aries by mystcloud
Sheep by cprmay Aries by ScarLune The Zodiac Project - Aries by the-zodiac-club

Zodiac : Aries by ClairObscurArt

The Boss by McCracken-Art Aries by ErebusOdora Wee Black lamb by piglet365
Easter 2014 by Keziamara Aries by NinfeAde Aries by Inucat
Aries by noomxbass Spring in holland II by Betuwefotograaf Aries by AntonellaB

Aries by valhadar

Aries by MskyCarmen Happy Easter by thrumyeye 
ARIES by reihaha First Lamb by FriendFrog 
Aries by Flamestaff Levitating Lamb by thrumyeye Aries by absynthia

Aries by magic-ban

Lucky stones for Aries are
Fire Agate, Carnelian, Garnet, Red Jasper, Rubin,

Garnet rose by Laurelis

Harem by Nemhiria Wing of a dragonfly by Nymonyrya Colette 2 by BartoszCiba
Baroque by IMNIUM Black Nouveau necklace by IMNIUM A touch of Orient by amorfia 

RUNTIRAEL - silver and amethyst by LUNARIEEN

Aries is very passionate and appreciate luxurious bouquets  in shades of red: red roses, red tulips.
Other flowers and plants that suit them are honeysuckle, cacti , mint, lily, geranium, hollyhock, pine.

Cold by NiemErze

Red, Red Rose by Heidi-V-Art rose 19 by galimzyanova 041 by Placi1
IMG 0417 by bibousiq  Rose II by FrancescaDelfino


I hope that all my friends who are children of Aries zodiac sign had a beautiful April and a special Anniversary.

The Zodiac Circle by sam241  Flowers by KmyGraphic Astrology Series - Aries by feiyan

In the end of this presentation, thank you very much and I wish you all a very beautiful weekend and coming May.:heart:

:iconmuchlove5plz::iconmuchlove6plz:  SELINA by KmyGraphic :iconselinapls:

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Haaaaa thank you so muchhh \o/ !!!
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It was a real pleasure and I'm glad you like it!:icontruesmiles:
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A truly powerful and beautiful journal dear Selina.  You are such a wonderful journal maker :iconloveloveplz:
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Smileys Kisses by RogerKeithBarrettWhat a beautiful compliment, dear May!:love:
Thank you very much, my dear and I'm glad you like it.:tighthug:Thank You! by RogerKeithBarrett
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You're so welcome Sweetheart :iconttaasst:
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thank you for including my bracelet in the feature!
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It was a pleasure and your bracelet is very beautiful.:heart:For You by KmyGraphic
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Beautiful. Its funny I never realized Aries means Leo in hebrew and at first I thought you were featuring leo.
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Thank you, Shlomit and I'm glad you like it.:heart:
Here Leo is in August.:)
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Thanks by KmyGraphic 
For the feature! :heart:
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thanks a lot for includin my deviation! 
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Thank you for inclusion in your feature.
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You're most welcome!:icontruesmiles:
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My dear, very nice sellection, I loved it
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I'm glad you like it and thank you for your beautiful comment, dear Sara.:tighthug::iconlovepls:
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Thank you so much for featuring my watercolor! Awesome collection of zodiac art!
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It was a real pleasure, my dear!:heart:
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So many cute and beautiful sheep!   Sheep by Cundrie-la-Surziere
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Yes and I'm glad you like them!:icontruesmiles::dance: Sheep by Cundrie-la-Surziere
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Thank you so much for the feature dear! :love:
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