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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The Doom Slayer

Titles: The DOOM Marine, The Doom Slayer, The Unchained Predator, The Ultimate Death, Hell Walker
Weight Class: Heavy (Falls fast and is hard to knoackback, but is surprisingly agile in his movements)
Debut: DOOM (1993)/ DOOM [Reboot] (2016)
Bio: The man dubbed the Doom Slayer by the armies of the underworld is legendary for his one man war against the demon hordes. After two successful travels to the realm of the dead to save the soul of his pet rabbit, and returned to Mars where he was stationed with high hopes. Hopes that were shattered when he was sent to the underworld once more after a betrayal of a scientist from the UAC, Dr. Bertruger. Seen by the demons he fought against as a time-traveling warrior, The Doom Slayer waged war for what seemed to be an eon in the underworld, until trapped within a sarcophagus by the horrid creatures. Eventually however he was realeased by the UAC, and
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Death Battle Fight: BUFF BUSINESS BOYS

Smile: Alright, the fighters are ready, and I think its about time we start it up!
Frown: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome and prepare for a DEATH BATTLE!

It was a rather dull day at the Lakewood Plaza Turbo, no attacks from Lord Boxman, no hijinks involving the growth of a hero's level, no grand adventures, just a rather quiet work day for everyone at the plaza. Inside Gar's Bodega we find Rad, the muscular green alien, at work mopping up the floor after a customer spilled his drink all over the floor and grumbling as he does. KO was busy restocking the shelves, as energetic as ever, and Enid was sitting at the front counter while looking through her social media. For the first time seemingly in a long time, things were calm and simple. Little did they realize, that this was soon t
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Death Battle Prelude: BUFF BUSINESS BOYS
Smile: When it comes to the list of things I don't understand, one of the spots on that list would certainly go to running a business. 
Frown: And higher on that list would be actually having some form of muscle or strength in general.
Smile: Tell me, how's your alcoholism again? 
Smile: Ahem...allow us to introduce the two fighters for our very first DEATH BATTLE!
Frown: In one corner, we have Saxton Hale, the CEO of Mann Co. and the worlds strongest Austrailian
Smile: In the other, we have Mr. Gar, former member of P.O.I.N.T. and owner of the Lakewood Plaza Turbo! 
Frown: That's Smile and I'm his brother Frown, and we here pit two fighters against one another and determine who would win in a fight to the death! (With the loving help of those we ask for the help of)
Smile: Let's get this show on the road!

Mr. Gar (OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes!) vs. Saxton Hale (Team Fortress 2)!
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Now, you may be wondering, who will be the first combatants in my section of Death Battle?
Allow me to unveil my first fight, also known by the title of

Thanks again to :IconOmnicidalClown1992: for the creation of the DB Icon for the fight, and also for other fights I have planned in the future! Make sure to go check him out and see all the other rad fight ideas he has done in the past! 
Stay tuned folks! 
It'll take a bit to right this out, as I have to do the prelude to further introduce th
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Cookie Monster's Cookie Quest! (SHOW CONCEPT)
Cookie Monster is a beloved American icon, and now he has his very own cartoon series! Not as necessarily geared for young children and more so for a wider audience, it has a very Looney Tunes formula in which Cookie Monster gets into wacky adventures trying to accquire some cookies. The show would feature a wide variety of characters from the Sesame Street mythos and also play with them a bit, making them fit the situation they need for the episode, while also staying true to their original versions. 
Episode Ideas
"Transylvanian Trickery": Cookie Monster planed himself a vacation to Tahiti, but went on the wrong plane and ended up in a dark country town within Transylvania! After doing some searching, he finds a little girl who tells him a terrifying tale of The Count, who has kidnapped her family and the rest of the town to turn them into ruthless vampires! It's up to Cookie to save the town and fight The Count, and maybe find some snacks along the way.
"Moving Pa
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My Hopes for Death Battle Season 5
Hey all! Happy New Year to everybody! While I don't post a lot of stuff on here, I'm always thinking of new ideas for something to type out. One thing I like to think about is Death Battle, and I make ideas for it way too often. Now, I will state that while Death Battle is not perfect (not implementing things they find in their research, and I will attest to this day that Tracer vs. Scout's outcome makes no sense in context). Regardless, I have been a fan since the series first began, all the way back with Seamus vs. Boba Fett, and I love to see where Death Battle has improved over the years. While my list is pretty unrealistic, these are Death Battles that I hope we can see in the future, whether it be this season or further down the line.
Maka and Soul (Soul Eater) Vs. Ruby Rose (RWBY)
Why?: This is one of those fights that have been suggested by everybody and their grandma has suggested, kinda like Hulk vs. Doomsday, and while I don't know much about the characters
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Injustice 2 Moveset- Bloodwork (WIP)
Real Name: Ramsey Rosso
First Appearance: The Flash Vol.5 #29 (2017)
Powers: Haemokinesis and Hameo-Physiology
Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman
Class: Power
Symbol: A realistic heart
Origin: Ramsey Rosso was a young boy born to two happy parents who lived him very much. However life was difficult for Ramsey, as he was one of the few people to be diagnosed with Haemophilia, the condition in which the blood does not clot properly. This lead to him to be treated as though he was a "porcelain doll", and the slightest cut could have lead to his death if not careful, and therefore he lead a very sheltered life. When Ramsey grew up with his growing contempt and inability to truly enjoy life, the man became a coroner in the local morgue of Central City. This career path caused the man to become even further obsessed with mortality, and wished to challenge it. He did this by expe
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Super Smash Bros.-Sonic Redesign
B-Spin Dash
: When the player presses and holds B, Sonic will spin in place and charge up his spin dash. The longer the attack is charged, the longer the attack will be performed, very similar the former version of the attack. However the new addition makes the attack much more aggressive in certain situations. If the player presses B when they hit the ground as Sonic, he will perform a Drop Dash, and shoot towards the direction he is facing at medium speed. This works similar to how someone would tech when getting launched and hitting a wall. The Drop Dash also works as a way to launch off of a wall in which can be used as a high speed air attack. Otherwise, the attack cannot be used in the air, making it a much more situational move.
Side B- Light Speed Dash: Very similar to PAC-Mans Side Special, Holding Side B will cause a string of rings to spawn in any direction you want, and once the button is released Sonic will dash through all the rings, building
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Injustice 2 Guest Character- V
Real Name: Unknown
First Appearance: V for Vendetta #1 (September, 1988)
Powers: Physical Super-Human capabilities due to Biological Experiments
Voice Actor: Hugo Weaving
Class: Tech (w/ explosives)
Symbol: A Rosa Violet Carson
Origin: The year is 2028, and the world has changed for the worst. The United Kingdom is controlled by Norsefire, a totalitarian government who regulates and controls the country with an iron fist. However, there was a man who would come to bring justice to the people, a man engineered by the horrors of the new reality, as he was tested upon within the prison he was placed into, for unknown reasons. However, years after the incident the man made himself known, acting as a freedom fighter to some and a terrorist to others. Implementing himself as an idea more than a man, the person known as V put his master plan into action, inspiring the peo
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Justice League Action-Episode Ideas
Hello all! Today I want to talk to you all about a little show I discovered on Cartoon Network called "Justice League Action", which I think is pretty awesome, and something that I wanted to see when it comes to a superhero show. I've always enjoyed a good mix of action and comedy when it came to shows, and this one fulfills that wonderfully. Here's a playlist of some clips of the show if you are interested and wanted to check it out
    As I was watching the clips and I realized how much I genuinely enjoyed the show, I decided to show off a list of episode ideas I had come up with to see what people thought of them. Let me know what you think, and if you think of any cool ideas or want to ask about mine or about the show in general, I will gladly listen. :)
-Construction Crisis: Superman and Cyborg are helping the hero Steel and the local construction crew build a new community center in Keystone c
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Cthulhu fights to save DEATH BATTLE from evil!

Alias: Goes by a shit ton of other names
Height: 5 or 6 feet 
Weight: Unknown
Age: Stated to be as old as the Earth itself
Destructive Capability: Universal to Multiversal

- Became a true hero to regain his powers after losing them to a wizard
- While still significantly weakened defeated a band of heroes when he was out numbered
- Killed a small army of aliens and crashed their ship
- Defeated Nyarlathotep, a Shoggoth, and Dagon along with an army of eldritch horrors
-- Also somehow defeated a Black Hole
-- Potentially even faced and defeated H.P. Lovecraft
- Saved a town full of Zombies from a mind controlling eldritch horror
- Fought and even changed his destiny
- Beat DEM in battle
- Defeated Azathoth the most powerful being/god in Cthulhu mythos/universe
-- In doing so saved all the worlds
-- Like all of them 

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Axe Cop will chop your head off in DEATH BATTLE!

Axe Cop
Alias: Axey Smartist
Height: Speculated to be 6'2"
Weight: 194lbs

- Saved god and Jesus from Bad Santa
- Became president of the world and karate
- Some how destroyed an entire planet with a single stick of dynamite 
- Was born with his mustache
- Has every weapon in Lego Star Wars
- Made every alien a bad guy just so he could kill all the aliens in the whole universe

- Is possibly a biblical figure  
- Married Abraham Lincoln
- One-shot a creature with all the power of the universe

- Stomped Chuck Norris
- Strength
-- Can Casually break unbreakable chains
-- Can hold up the sun in one hand and threw it bac
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 32 14
Jack the Ripper slices up DEATH BATTLE!!!
Jack the Ripper
Alias: None
Height: Unknown but slightly taller then Luther who's 6'11"
Weight: Likely lighter then he should be
Age: A little over a century
Destructive Capability: Large Building

- Has a total of 5 known victims before he was imprisoned
-- Given the nature of the talented likely killed many more then this
- Was Binders secret weapon against Luther
- Rather easily defeated Luther Strode in their first encounter
-- Didn't kill him due to Binder's intervention 
-- In their second encounter almost did kill Luther if it wasn't for Petra's intervinton
- Managed to fatally wound ever person inside of a mall in just minutes
-- Might have been shorter given how long he wanted them to take dying
- One of the few chosen to be forced into bindings 

- Strength
-- Is able to trade blows with Luther Strode
--- Is st
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Mature content
Snowflame snorts THE FUNK!!!! :iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 17 8
Toad hops into DEATH BATTLE!!!

Alias: Mortimer Toynbee, Todd Tolansky, Hop-Friend (Avataar counterpart)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 169 lbs (formally 260 lbs)
Age: N/A

- One of the original members of the Brotherhood of Mutants
- Leader of his own Brotherhood team
- Tried team up with Spiderman once

- Came close to beating Wolverine in a fight
- Took out Outlaw
- Became a janitor at the Jean Gray school for Higher Learning
-- Actually came close to a romantic relationship while there
- Fought Frog-Man and Spider-Kid to a standstill
- Took over one of Doctor Doom's Castles without him knowing
- Managed to Kidnap both Angel and The Thing
- Came close to beating The Vision in a 1 on 1 fight
- Beat both Spiderman and The Vision in a fight
-- Although to be fair he had a mecha suit
- Along with Prosh and Mystique helped defeat the stranger
- O.N.E. has him li
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Katia Managan hears voices in DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Prequel or Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure official website (12 March 2011)
Full/Real Name: Unknown
AKA: Katia Managan, Slutcat, Fleabasket, Catface
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Khajit
Place of Birth:
Alignment: Lawful Good (???)
Affiliation: Herself
Occupation: Traveler, Adventurer


Katia's past is unknown. She simply...appeared on a boat to Cyrodil, wan
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The Auditor brings Darkness to DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Madness Combat 7: Consternation (2011)
Full Name: None/Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Shadow Creature

Occupation: None
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Origin: Nevada. The brutal killer known as Hank Wimbleton was running around, killing and killing. He couldn't be stopped: the Sherrif? Failed. A psychotic clown? Failed. The Auditor created the A.A.H.W. for his own uses as well as to stop Hank from interfiering with his plans. Nevada needed a villain.
Provided much difficulty to Hank and Co.
Fought against Jeb, Hank and Stanford (the last two at the same time) and handled very well
-All three of which are main protagonists
Is supposedly one of the Higher Powers, who are gods in the Madness Combat universe

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Prelude: Villain Number Nine with Extra Net

T: Oh, God, are we really doing this?
Rex: Yes. Unfortunately.
Charlotte: The villain. The main antagonist that puts everything in the story in motion.
Rex: But sometimes it's the people you least expect to be the big bad. Like today's lazy competitors.
T: Robbie Rotten, Lazy Town's genius inventor.
Charlotte: And Melvin 'Big Smoke' Harris, Los Santos' drug lord.
Rex: I'm Rex, he's T and that's Charlotte and we're here to analyze their intelligence, equipment and skill to find out who would win...

Rex: It was just another day in Lazy Town. Robbie Rotten was sitting in his underground lab eating his favorite food - a very suspiciously looking cake.
T: Supposedly due to his actions, Lazy Town became the laziest town on the planet. Until the same day Rob
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Disney - February Cartoon Crush 4 by EnvyQ00 Disney - February Cartoon Crush 4 :iconenvyq00:EnvyQ00 45 4 Cuphead - Improved Style! by EnvyQ00 Cuphead - Improved Style! :iconenvyq00:EnvyQ00 55 3 Cuphead - Envy Official Design Sheet by EnvyQ00 Cuphead - Envy Official Design Sheet :iconenvyq00:EnvyQ00 41 5 Cuphead - Envy Redesign Concept art by EnvyQ00 Cuphead - Envy Redesign Concept art :iconenvyq00:EnvyQ00 44 16 LazyTown - Headcanons dump (Robbie) by EnvyQ00 LazyTown - Headcanons dump (Robbie) :iconenvyq00:EnvyQ00 122 28 LazyTown: Rotten Emotions by EnvyQ00 LazyTown: Rotten Emotions :iconenvyq00:EnvyQ00 135 22 Stiffay by togipo Stiffay :icontogipo:togipo 210 21 WOULD YOU LIKE TO by Dead-Opera-Star WOULD YOU LIKE TO :icondead-opera-star:Dead-Opera-Star 165 87


Untitled by Service-Smile


Titles: The DOOM Marine, The Doom Slayer, The Unchained Predator, The Ultimate Death, Hell Walker
Weight Class: Heavy (Falls fast and is hard to knoackback, but is surprisingly agile in his movements)
Debut: DOOM (1993)/ DOOM [Reboot] (2016)

Bio: The man dubbed the Doom Slayer by the armies of the underworld is legendary for his one man war against the demon hordes. After two successful travels to the realm of the dead to save the soul of his pet rabbit, and returned to Mars where he was stationed with high hopes. Hopes that were shattered when he was sent to the underworld once more after a betrayal of a scientist from the UAC, Dr. Bertruger. Seen by the demons he fought against as a time-traveling warrior, The Doom Slayer waged war for what seemed to be an eon in the underworld, until trapped within a sarcophagus by the horrid creatures. Eventually however he was realeased by the UAC, and continued his conquest of the horrified monsters. The legions of the underworld cowered as the Doom Slayer arrived once again to prove his namesake. However, he was captured after a mighty slaughter, leading him to be imprisoned once agin by the man known as Hayden. Now free once again with an upgraded suit it is up to the Doom Marine to finish what he started, as he now faces the greatest challenge yet: Hell on Earth.



First/Default: The Green Preator suit with all of its upgrades as revealed for Doom: Eternal 
Second: The same Preator suit but now a shade of dark blue (Quake 3 color)
Third: The same Preator suit, but now has a bright red and Snow White color palette (Quake 3 Color)
Fourth: A black suit of armor, looking as though it was a skeletal warrior (Death Knight from Quake Champions)
Fifth: An original violet color for the Preator Suit 
Sixth: The Preator armor now has a scratched/rusty orange suit of armor (Based on Ranger from Quake Champions) 
Seventh: A grey armor that looks more like muscular demonic flesh than the Praeator suit, however has the same build and weaponry as the suit (Based on the Revenant and Zombie soldiers from the modern Doom)
Eighth: The classic armor from Doom 1 and 2, however with the upgrades gained from the new suit in Doom: Eternal


Basic Attacks:

Jab: The Marine starts the jab with a short range right hook, a wide range uppercut with his left, and then a strong push kick with his right leg (essentially a Sparta kick). The ending kick has good knock back, and does about 15% if all attacks connect

Side Tilt: A two hit tilt, The Doom Slayer will perform a quick yet strong gut punch, and after the punch is done he realeses his wrist blade, stabbing the foe. The attack has poor knockback, but does 13% overall

Up Tilt: Doom Slayer takes the newly upgraded Super Shotgun and jams it straight upward, firing off a shot afterwards. The intitial hit does about 4% damage, and the shot can do anywhere from 14% to 5%, depending on how far the opponent is from the blast. The closet the opponent to the initial shot the more knockback they experience

Down Tilt: A very fast and weak tilt where The Marine uses his energy pistol and fires a shot diagonally down. Okay range, and does about 2% damage per shot

Dash Attack: The Doom Slayer performs a full on drop kick with high knockback and good damage (around 10%). Afterwards the soldier will land on his back as though he was knocked to the ground, allowing him to perform his get-up attacks or roll in the set direction

Neutral Aerial: The shoulder mount on The Doom Slayer's new armor points forward and realeses a multi-hit purse of flame, pushing the foe back slightly with each hit, doing about 10% after all the hits. Each hit itself does around 2-5%

Front Aerial: Doom Guy brings his hands together and performs a strong overhand slam, spiking the opponent and doing 12% normally, but hitting with the spiking sweet spot can do 15% damage

Up Aerial: The Marine pulls out his Plasma Rifle and fires 5 quick shots into the air above him (each hit doing about 3% damage), however it can be rather easy to ignore 

Back Aerial: Facing forward, The Slayer puts a Shotgun over his shoulder and fires, doing the same damage and having the same properties as the Up Tilt, however considering the longer range of a normal shotgun it has farther reach and thus can do anywhere from 14% to 3% damage

Down Aerial: Very similar to Dr. Mario's new down aerial from SSBU, Doom Guy curls up before thrusting his feet down with extreme force. When sweet spotteted he can spike the opponent, the attack doing anywhere from 14%-17%. Slow but deadly!


Smash Attacks:

Side Smash: The Doom Marine unleashes his Chainsaw and rams it forwards as chews up any foe caught in its path! It hits multiple times and after a few moments he swings it upward and knocks any foes away, doing 35% damage overall.

Up Smash: The shoulder cannon on the soldier paints upward and fires a spurt of three missiles, each traveling s short distance before exploding and having decent knockback. Each missile does about 8% damage (does a total of 24% damage overall)

Down Smash: The Slayer slams his foot down into the ground and knocks foes away that are too close. However, if the opponent is close enough him and are hit by the sweet spot, causing the foe to be buried. Can do anywhere from 10% to 18% damage



Grab: Using the Super Shotguns new hook attachment, The Doom Slayer will shoot it forward and try to catch the opponent. If done, he will drag the opponent to him quickly, force them to their knees and wrap one hand around their throat. The move can be used to grab onto ledges as well

Poke: A slow yet strong pummel, in which with the hand holding the Super Shotgun he will slam a closed fist onto the opponents face, doing about 6% damage with each hit

Forward Throw: With his one hand he lifts the opponent into the air, before quickly and suddenly slamming his head into theirs and while has mediocre knockback, its rather devastating with 12% damage for a single hit

Up Throw: The soldier whips the foe directly upward before shooting a missile straight up at them, doing about 15% damage and allowing the explosion to damage other foes that end up near

Back Throw: The Marine will fling the opponent behind him before blasting them with the Super Shotgun, doing about 13% and having good pushback. The shot gun blast can also possibly damage another foe if they got in the way

Down Throw: The Doom Slayer will slam the foe into the ground before stomping on their face, doing about 10%


Special Moves:

Neutral Special: When the Neautral Special is used, the Doom Slayer unloads his heavy assualt rifle and stands at the ready. But instead of unloading a barrage of bullets upon his foes, he opens up the side rack containing Micro-Missiles. The missles fire incredibly fast from the rifle and each burst will fire four missles at a time. Small but packing a punch, each missles does 6% damage (knockback is low, but of course depends on the damage of the foe struck). Its notable that while difficult as the missles travel at slightly adjacent angles from one another, it is possible to hit a foe with all four missles, racking up a quick 24% damage.

Side Special: Doom Guy has had his fair share of adventures to the underworld, and thanks to it gained some new gear. One such example is the Siphon Grenade! When used he shall throw the item forward in an arc. If it hits an opponent it will latch onto them and begin to glow akin to a Sticky Bomb. However, before exploding and damaging the foe it will slowly damage them (doing about 2% damage every second) and each time it damages the foe it will heal the Doom Marine 2%. When the bomb explodes its in a bright red explosion it will do about 10% damage on its own, meaning the attack overall can do 20% damage to an opponent.

Up Special: One of The Marine's only non-violent moves, utilizng some gear from the battle royale faze of his life and equips the Lateral Thrusters. Essentially R.O.B.'s up special, using it will allow the Doom Guy to fly around for a brief period before losing 

Down Special: Range is one of the Doom Slayer's best friends, and the Gauss Cannon shows that he can be as deadly far away as he is close. Taking a few moments for it to charge up, once complete it will fire a powerful laser across the screen. It travels about the length of Battlefield and while thin and not incredibly fast, it can be tough to avoid and be the cause for 30% damage. However, it acts similarly to Robin's Thoron, as the more of the attack the foe takes the more damage they take as well. This leads the attack doing anywhere from 10% to the previously established 30%



A64c8835-fa32-4fe8-9953-0cac51172fab-8839-00001563 by Service-Smile

BFG Berserker Rage: The Doom Slayer leaps up into the air, grabbing hold of a gray box and suddenly tensing up as a red glow envelopes the soldier. He has submitted to the RAGE! Unleashing his most powerful weapon, the BFG, The Doom Marine aims and fires three shots at the stage: One to the diagonal left, one straight below, and one to the diagonal right. It blasts past opponents that it makes contact with and explodes in powerful green explosions when they hit the ground, doing some devastating damage (Being hit by the energy orb: 30%, Being hit by the explosions: 65%). As he fires the BFG he shoots missles from his shoulder cannon above him (doing about 15% per missile). Once the main series of explosions is over, The soldier then slams himself into the ground, performing a powerful stomp that creates a shockwave, which in itself does about 20% damage if hit by the shockwave and 35% if caught underneath the foot of the Doom Marine. He then returns to normal combat.


Intro/Taunts/Victory/Misc. Poses:

Intro: A red portal opens up and two Imps go flying out of it, followed by the slowly approaching Doom Slayer. The demons run off and the portal closes behind him as takes his fighting stance

Stance: The Doom Slayer stands prepared, slightly hunched with his arms at his side, breathing slowly as he stares ahead. Ocasionally he will pop his wrist blade and retract it, and others he will crack his knuckles 

Walk: The Marine slowly advances forward, his whole body seeming to bob up and down with each step

Dash: Doom Guy hunches down slightly with his flexed (almost akin to a football players charge). It is incredibly quick and good at surprising unsuspecting foes

Crouch: The Slayer gets down on one knee and is leaning on one of his fists as he continues to stare straight ahead

Jump: A high leap that leads to him performing a slight squat in the air 

Double Jump: Another jump that leads to about the same result

Taunt #1: The Doom Slayer opens up the Super Shotgun and reloads it, before dramitically closing it back up and posing with it
Taunt #2:  A flaming hole appears from below The Slayer with a demon trying to grab at him. In response he slams a foot into their face and knocks the demon back down, causing the portal to close
Taunt #3: The Marine does a slow yet impactful thumbs down straight forward…

Victory Theme: The Doom Marine's theme is the 2016 rendition of At Doom's Gate by Mick Gordon, going from 32 seconds to 40 seconds 

Victory Pose #1: Doom Guy has his back to the camera, before he spins around with his chainsaw, lifting it into the air and intimidating the viewer
Victory Pose #2: The Doom Slayer is holding a tiny Doom Guy figurine who fist bumps
Victory Pose #3: No one is present, until an Imp's head is slammed against the camera screen, followed by the Doom Slayer showing that he is the one who did it. The Imp struggles to be free by the Marine doe not loosen his grip



301f610d-b44b-49fb-b65d-879357ea1df1-8839-0000157e by Service-Smile

Tower Of Babel

The stage contains two towers on the sides of the stage and large fires in the background. The sky is red and the occasional lighting and thunder will occur during the battle. Otherwise the stage is flat, and on certain occasions you can see various demons from the DOOM series traversing the background. As that battle rages on between the various smashers the ground begins to shake, calling for the arrival of the CyberDemon! He will attack and potentially kill players, acting as a boss character for the stage. Foes can be KO'd off the top or the sides of the stage, however the Towers present can sometimes get in the way of that and give foes the chance to tech.

19c4e67d-25b8-47ed-a63d-4fe290b22bcb-8839-00001591 by Service-Smile

Cyber Demon

When he appears, the Cyber Demon does not initially enter the foreground, preferring to keep a short distance before getting down and dirty. Standing in the center of the stage in the back firing missiles from his arm cannon, bombarding the stage from the cannon on his back, and end it off with charging up and aiming at a random foe before firing a high powered laser capable of some major damage. After this initial spur of attacks the Demon will wait for a short bit before continuing his assualt, now entering the main battlefield! Once here he will ram through foes, traveling from one tower to another before stopping. With a raise of his hand he will either be able to summon flames to cover the ground and damage foes who make contact with it, and other times summon stone spikes at a quick speed that can easily launch and defeat foes. This will repeat a few times before he grows bored and returns to his original place, hidden by one of the towers in the background. His return will be sooner than later, however defeating him while he is present will cause him to take much longer to return.

  • At Doom's Gate (DOOM 2016)
  • Rip & Tear (DOOM 2016)
  • Flesh & Metal (DOOM 2016)
  • Rust, Dust, and Guts (DOOM 2016)
  • Mastermind (DOOM 2016)
  • The Stench (DOOM 2016)
  • Death and Exhale  (DOOM 2016)
  • Lazarus Waves (DOOM 2016)
  • Harbinger (DOOM 2016)
  • Argent Energy (DOOM 2016)
  • Impure Spectrum (DOOM 2016)
  • Ties That Bind (DOOM 2016)
  • BFG Division (DOOM 2016)
  • Harbinger (DOOM 2016)
  • Incantation (DOOM 2016)
  • Cyberdemon (DOOM 2016)
  • Skullhacker (DOOM 2016)
(All songs can be listened to on Mick Gordon's Youtube Channel, or by following th link here…)


Palutena's Guidance:

Pit: "Lady Palutena, who is this guy? He's kinda...offsetting."

Palutena "Pit, you need to listen to me when I say this. That is The Doom Slayer. He is a legendary warrior across time and space. He is the one man that the Underworld shudders when they think about. If he's here to fight, you're in trouble."

Pit: "Hold on, he's just a normal guy, and yet he scares monsters? How powerful is he?"

Viridi: "To put it lightly Pit, he has decimated entire armies of demons, THOUSANDS OF THEM! With little more than his bare hands, disgusting earth weapons, and some of the weapons from the demons own arsenal. Anything he grabs he can master to demolish anyone in his path."

Palutena: "Wearing the upgraded Preator suit, The Doom Slayer has brought a wide assortment of weaponry. Many of them excel at close range such as the Super Shotgun and the shoulder equipment of his armor. It would be best to fight him from afar and try push him back I'd he gets too close, which is easy considering his surprising speed. Please be careful Pit!"

Pit: "*Gulp* I'll try Lady Palutena...Alright, let's see how The Doom Slayer handles an angel general for a change! 

Codec Call:

Snake: "Colonel, I need some info on my opponent. He looks military, but I can't read from what division."

Col.: "*Shudder* Snake, that's no ordinary solider, that's The DOOM Marine, member of the UAAF and one of the deadliest combatants alive. I cannot believe he of all people made it into Smash!"

Snake: "Hmph, I've seen scarier."

Col.: "Snake he is practically responsible for the FPS genre of gaming, and he has a rather impressive track record. Taking on hordes of demons, corrupt government projects such as the UAC, and carrying some impressive firepower. I'm sure he has plenty of weaponry with him, so be sure to watch out for anything he pulls out."

Snake: "I'm more worried about the guns he isn't firing, the guy looks like he's built to be a professional wrestler!"

Col.: "His strength is immense even without his new Preator suit, capable of knocking back foes with slow yet strong strikes. Considering how quickly he can move on the battlefield The Marine is deadly from any position. This may be one of your hardest fights yet Snake. Godspeed soldier."

Snake: "Thank you Colonel, I'll show this Guy what DOOM really is."
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: The Doom Slayer
Hey guys! I took a bit of a break from Death Battles and that may continue for a little bit (though I promise to return to them sooner than later)
But going off of the hype for DOOM: ETERNAL and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I decided to do my idea for a Moveset for one of the most badass guys in gaming!
I'll admit he will probably never be in the game, but considering D:E is coming to the Switch and the sheer importance of the DOOM franchise as a whole, it would be pretty cool to see the Slayer battle some of gaming's biggest icons.
The templete for this was created by :iconzacmariozero:
Also check out this cool artwork I saw for the Doom Slayer being in Smash over on Reddit…
Hope you guys enjoy!
I'm gonna be real, Tumblr has some cool stuff here and there, but its a shit hole. I read things off of there that are stupidly scary, and I feel like I'm gonna vomit. Like for real. If Tumblr shut down and every sick bastard on there was wiped off of the Earth, the world would be a better place imo.
Yikes the new Teen Titans show looks edgy as hell. And Dick Grayson killing people? Seems a bit odd imo
Hey all! Ive inherited some new Death Battle/Death Battle X's and I'm gonna sell some old ones I lost interest in and claim the new ones I got 
(Images made by OmnicidalClown1992 so credit him if used, can be done as a Death Battle or Death Battle X based on preference for the fight)
There's no real requirements, so feel free to do what you want! 


B82d81a9-f59e-4ee8-9e73-2b03fd4101c5-13522-000021c by Service-Smile

Warriors of the Wasteland 

Johnny Alpha (Strontinum Dog) vs. Tank Girl (...)

5e435d9a-4e10-4c98-8b4a-97cb1847cc73-2098-000004d9 by Service-Smile

Hunt or be Hunted

The Predator (Predator) vs. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)

618784de-e859-49cf-adde-a843362da393-2174-000002f0 by Service-Smile

Modern Grim Fairy Tales

Old Man Logan (Marvel Comics) vs. Red Son Superman (DC Comics

CLAIMS + What I already Have

Ive been slacking super hard and I'm sorry about that, but I promise to get on it know that I'll have more time on my hands!

0f37cb1a-ec35-4c73-b98c-11708535d47b-2174-000002d0 by Service-Smile


Saitama (One Punch Man) vs. Starpunch Girl (Star Punch Girl)

0eca8457-5709-4cc4-ab7c-e6ab8e0e1a16-1263-000001b4 by Service-Smile

To The Tune of Loons!

Bugs Bunny (Loony Tunes) vs. Gwenpool (Marvel Comics)

Ce4ca5c6-aea2-4a04-9e5c-8db1b24440b7-740-000001c9d by Service-Smile

Humanity Will Know PAIN!

Magneto (Marvel Comics) vs. Mr. Sato (Ajin: Demi-Human)

Df9b4e20-9845-48f5-b6d2-224f9f066393-432-00000020f by Service-Smile

Made to Murder

Scaramouche the Merciless (Samurai Jack) vs. Scud the Disposable Assassin (...)

5539e053-c125-4254-8a3e-69842d3d88f9-2098-000004d8 by Service-Smile

Monsterous Management

Yubaba (Spirited Away) vs. Asgore (Undertale)

Have a great day everyone!


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We cut to the barracks from the 60's-70's TV show Hogan's Heroes where Colonel Hogan looks glum along with LeBeau, Carter, Newkirk, Kinchloe, Sgt. Shultz, and Commandant Klink.

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