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Here... :iconserujuunin:Serujuunin 0 3
In a world where to believe you can fly
Is to be intoxicated or influenced
By some chemical construct of humanity
Meant to create the feeling of greatness
Without the achievement of something truly great
In a world where to be grounded
Means to be labeled and fit into a box
Packaged so neatly that people can tell who and what you are just by looking
Stood in rows on a shelf so people can pick and choose
Assembly line production of procreating machines
In this world
People are no longer individuals
Just pieces of the machine
Meant to fit together, act together, speak together, think together
Very few are worthy of the title "Hero"
In a world where to be individual is to stray from the herd
To think with your own brain, speak with your own lips, and act with your own body
To paint yourself a different shade of human
Is to label yourself an outcast
And guarantee that you won't meet the manufacturer's standards
Those of us that can think, speak, and act of our own volition
That can see the
:iconserujuunin:Serujuunin 0 3
I Remember...
I remember when we first met. I remember that it was in our grade eight math class, and you had to sit next to me because our last names were so close together in the alphabet. I remember that I wasn't very happy that I wasn't sitting next to a friend of mine, and that you and I didn't talk much at first. I remember when I first got the courage up to talk to you, and I gave you an invitation to my birthday party. I remember that you didn't come.
I remember staying in the stairwell with you waiting until your dad showed up. I remember being mad at Rory for pushing you into the wall. I remember your dad telling me that he was happy you had a friend like me. I remember that it was just you and I in that stairwell, that everyone else had gone to class.
I remember our grade nine graduation, when I couldn't bring my boyfriend and you promised that you'd dance with me. I remember all my friends standing behind us giggling that we were dancing together, and your girlfriend wasn't very happy.
:iconserujuunin:Serujuunin 0 0
The snow is falling. It's the first time the snow has fallen since you've been gone. It looks so white and soft and fluffy out there on the ground, it makes me remember the times when you and I went to the park in the snow. We were the only ones there and we played in the snow until the streetlights came on and until our fingers and toes froze. We walked back to your house in the darkness beneath the streetlights, listening to the snow crunch under our boots and our laughter ring in the air. You held me as close as you could to keep me warm. We sat in front of a fire and drank hot chocolate and I fell asleep in your arms.
I can feel the tears in my eyes now, but there's no point in blinking them away. There's no one here to see me cry.
The moon is bright. I remember comparing the moon to your eyes, and you told me I was silly, that there was no way your eyes were as bright as the moon. I said you were right, they were brighter. I remember sitting on the balcony beneath the moon and the
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A First Time For Everything
John sat in a chair in the waiting room, feeling incredibly guilty and uncomfortable. It was always hard to fit in with humanity on the night after a moon, but it just seemed that much harder now as he looked down at his own hands. It was all he had to suppress the image of them wrapped tightly around Madison's wrist, squeezing until the skin turned purple, hearing the cracks and pops as the bones broke...
He took a deep breath, clenched his fists and shook himself mentally. He needed to distract himself somehow, or he'd drive himself mad. Looking up, he contented himself momentarily with observing others in the waiting room. His keen senses could detect the lingering smells of grief, despair, relief and joy, muddling his own emotions. He was thankful for that at the moment, for it distracted him from his own regret. He wasn't able to blame himself for Madison's injuries with as many distractions as there were in the waiting room.
A lone man sat in a chair on the opposite end of the ro
:iconserujuunin:Serujuunin 1 2
You are a Fighter... So Fight.
Ezio peered out of a hay bale, carefully tracking a Templar official. His dress was obvious, and his status was further exacerbated by the pair of guards flanking him, peering around the bazaar scrupulously, seeking to protect their charge from any unwanted attacks.
But the official had to die. He had on his person, Ezio knew, documents that would incriminate several local merchants, revealing their interactions with the Assassins, and if more Templars were to be made aware of their actions, he was sure they would be killed.
As his target rounded a corner, Ezio bounded out of the hay bale, seeking refuge in a thick throng of people moving in the same direction as the official. He sought to end the official quickly and silently, perhaps with a dart of poison or a well placed throwing knife, but it would appear the Templars had other ideas.
Without warning, the group around him scattered, leaving Ezio exposed and confused. Their startled shouts and yells baffled him momentarily, giving h
:iconserujuunin:Serujuunin 1 18
The Fury Of An Assassin
Leonardo shook his head. "He's let me do a few small experiments, but mostly I rely on his feelings, his emotions. He tells me how he feels, when he feels it, and from that, I've been able to predict his behavior, and to help him to. He struggles with this hunger… He feels it always, and it's… Implacable. It's hard for him to continue his work."
"Why is that?"
"Killing a man, it's a messy affair," Leonardo explained. "With all the blood… His senses go wild. It fills his nostrils and clouds his judgment. At that moment, all he feels is hunger." He shook his head again, looking down at his hands and entwining his fingers. "I wish there was more I could do for him."
"As do I, Leonardo," Anna admitted. "Have you any idea why he avoids me the way he does? I've assured him I feel no fear, no disgust-"
"It's not that, not at all," Leonardo said. "He is afraid of himself. He cannot fully control his thoughts or actions. He does not wish to harm you, Anna. This is why he avoids y
:iconserujuunin:Serujuunin 3 11
Baptism By Fire
"It really is quite fascinating," Dr. McIntyre said, a smirk on his face. "With all the research we've done on subjects before John, we've gleaned a substantial about of information on the subject.
See, the cause of lycanthropy is not a virus, or a bacteria, or any known pathogen known to man. It's something completely different. In eight years of research we have yet to discover what it is. But we know how it works.
When an individual is 'infected' with lycanthropy, the infective agent initially acts like a virus. It takes over a host cell. Except, where a virus would inject its own viral DNA into the cell, this agent takes up the DNA existing in the cell, puncturing its nucleus and removing the DNA. This DNA is altered by the addition of several genes that do not exist in human beings, coding for proteins we've never seen before. This new DNA triggers an instant replication of the cell, and this division propagates this new, altered DNA. And it occurs all over the body, in every tiss
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Mature content
Wolf Among The Ruins :iconserujuunin:Serujuunin 1 4


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