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Big digital clock

By sertion
My first ever Rainmeter skin. Thanks to Alex2539 @ for the help.

It's a digital clock using the ISO 8601-standard (Hours [DOT] minutes [Colon] seconds) and it also features the weekday and the number of the week (week starts Monday).

It is possible to get the number of the day in the month in this skin by editing both of the .inc-files replacing the %W with %d. This will, however, not display the number of the month.

Version 2 (2011-06-28):
• Added the long awaited AM/PM variants
• Replaced .zip-file with self installing .rmskin-file
Version 1 (2010-11-22):
• Uses include-file for clock and themes
• Added summer-theme
Version 0 (2010-01-10):
• Initial version
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How do i change the size without getting the time and day into each other? i mean like zooming in
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Sadly this is no longer being maintained and will therefore not work great with new features added after 2011.
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Very awesome. Would you happen to know how can I change the week number in the background into the day number? :-)
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There is information about this in the description. :)
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How to download???
There's a link near the right hand side of the page,
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why the date is all time on 31?
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It's the week, not the date.
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Completely amazing clock, but I do have a question. Today is the 9th, but my clock displays the 19th. Is there any way to fix this?
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Thank you!

The number in the background is not the date it's the number of the week starting on Mondays. There should be a comment early on telling how to change this.
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Very nice. I love it. Here is a screenshot of me using it. [link]
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Thanks. Looks great :)

awsome clock... (really lovin it)

but i want to change the language of the days...
where can i change those???

i hope for a reaction..

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Where you can find your installed Rainmeter-skins go to Sertion\Big digital clock\ and open up (or clockbase [am-pm].inc) and add the following text right below "[MeasuresDay]":


That line would make all the days appear in swedish. To get other languages you'll need to change it yourself. I don't actually have Rainmeter installed right now, but this should work.

Source: [link]
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I love this clock :)

But i want to change the number of the week to the number of the date.
in which document i have to change it? when i click on it /edit skin? i cant find it :(
pls help
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