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Melonia drawing

:iconneogeo20039905: said I should draw something and I agreed. Not knowing specifically what to draw, I picked my character on Phantasy Star Online 2.  I drew completely from memory with no reference pictures.  I used Paint and took...probably not enough time :D

But hey, got to start somewhere!  And maybe do more, practice's fun but I admit a little frustrating because I am OCD and I see, well...LOTS of mistakes and places to improve XD

Geez her hair style looks more like a hat....will have to work on that.  Maybe use an actual reference picture next time :)
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Huzzah! I'm glad you drew something, and I like it~! Now draw more! Tis how you get better and better~ 8D

I love PSO2, but haven't played it in awhile. If only they'd release an English version. Rawr.
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This is my first serious attempt in 20 years (or so!) and I just need to give myself the time.  Practice definitely helps :)

I still play PSO2 a lot.  Played it today in fact :D  I really don't see it coming out in the USA though :(
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Glad you got back to doodlin'.

I haven't picked up PSO2 in awhile, I was kinda disappointed when Sega announced the SEA version and just basically wouldn't even acknowledge they left us in the dark. Boo!
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You helped give me that one last push I needed to draw...anything really.  So thanks :D
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No sweat, I'm glad you're doodling~! Now draw moarrrr~ :D