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someone tagged me or something so why not

someone tagged me or something so why not

tagged by Piptinasadventures Rules 1) Answer the x amount of questions made by the deviant(s) who tagged you, then make your own y amount of questions. 2) No tag-backs. 3) Tag as many or as little people as you want. His questions: 1) Whats the meaning of life? ~ to live 2) What Country would you visit some day? ~ honestly nowhere 3) Favorite Sushi? If you don't have any just say your favorite sea food. don't have that then your a pizza pocket XD ~ the one with fish roe 4) Hot or Cold weather? ~ cold. definitely cold. 5) Where would you hide in a zombie apocalypse? ~ according to statistics, i'm more likely to be a zombie.
Im gonna upload as much of my video thumbnails as possible now.
Down the rabbit hole:

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I really like your comics so far ^^
Will you be making more?
hiii henry its kelly d like the one with the blue hair and blue eyes and blue backpack and the blue sweater and the blue shoes and the blue veins and the blue binder and the blue pencil case and the blue pencils and the blue journal and the bluish phone case and the blue pants and the green watermelon 
do you know who i am?
hallo henry dude, I go to your school... XD