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Malin and Kyda - Reference sheet

Malin was a young prodigy who caught on to electric engineering very young and excelled in maths and sciences in school. She would always toy around with gadgets and gizmos, often making her own toys and more interested in improving them than playing with them. Feeling like the military gets all the good gear, she joins them at a young age, and catches the interest of DARPA with her field modifications and enhancements to her equipment. She joins them in experimental programs to enhance the soldier itself instead of the gear. Teaming up with some of the brightest minds in every field of science, she sacrifices her own body to make cybernetic enhancements that would push her beyond the limits of the mortal body, but without sacrificing what makes her a person. All the prosthetics are made to emulate natural body parts, so they're soft, warm, squishy and only as strong and flexible as a normal body part would be! They might light up from time to time, though.

Expanding on that mindset, they stumble upon the possibility to clone someone, and Malin volunteers again. Wanting to find out if two identical people would make identical choices, and if this would lead to perfect cooperation or perfect chaos, Kyda is created, a mirror copy of Malin in every sense. Together, they push the boundaries of what is possible with mind and machine, while making sure to always follow their warm, kind hearts to take care of the ones they love.


There's more lore but I don't wanna dump it all here, just enough to explain what's going on should suffice! I was messing around with :iconrandomly-artistic: who drew some incredibly cute genderbent art of my Arcanine boy Rolf. We both immediately fell in love with her and within a day I had decided to make her a full-blown character! I had a really hard time choosing a color palette for her, so I didn't, and now I have two! My brain immediately filled in the lore, so I couldn't say no anymore. Meet Malin and Kyda! They're energetic, spirited, warm ladies with incredibly smart heads on their shoulders, powerful arms for punching and hugging and no patience for bullshit! They'll poke at your buttons and mess with your head, but only to better understand you and take care of you, even when you won't!
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