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Sting Shimeji

to download
:bulletblack: Click the download button on the side of the screen. A zip folder with his image set should show up. Only the image set are downloaded here, the shimeji program is not included
:bulletblack: If you don't already have have program, you can get the English Enhanced version here.
:bulletblack: Open the program and go to the folder labeled img. Create a folder within img labeled Sting and copy the images in the zip folder into the this new folder.
:bulletblack: Activate the program. It will ask you which shimeji that you have stored in the img folder you want to use.

Thought bubble frames come with interchangeable images so he can also think of Minerva.

Rogue Shimeji
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He's so cute when hes's shimeji X3 especially in the last two drawings of the penultimate line and the first two drawings of the last line X33333
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How do you change the actions? Like the thought bubbles.
He only walks around and sleeps for me. ;u;
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You might have the tamer version of the program. The English Enhanced shimeji climb, throw internet browsers off screens, and multiply like rabbits, but the Japanese shimeji program comes in two version, calm and mischievous. EE is basically an English version of Mischievous, I think, while the Calm version performs fewer actions.

That being said, the thought bubble animation is easily the least likely one I see. (They also only throw your browser if it isn't full screen.)
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How do you make these?
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Like, me specifically? Or people in general?

I draw them on Paint SAI. I use a 1pt airbrush for the outlines, and a mix of the color fill and pencil tool to color everything in. I also do a lot of copying and pasting. A little too much, maybe. I've been meaning to update Sting and Rogue so their clothes move a little more when they walk.

For creating them in general, you have to draw 46 separate images. Save 'em as PNGs so you retain opacity, and use black outlines. Technically you don't have to do either of those things, but if you don't retain opacity a white backdrop will follow your shimeji, and other outline colors do weird stuff. The image files have to be saved using specific names (which all have the format of shime#), because the program looks for whatever image has that name to show a certain animation. You could get a more complete tutorial from here:…
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