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Rogue Shimeji

to download
:bulletblack: Click the download button on the side of the screen. A zip folder with his image set should show up. Only the image set are downloaded here, the shimeji program is not included
:bulletblack: If you don't already have have program, you can get the English Enhanced version here.
:bulletblack: Open the program and go to the folder labeled img. Create a folder within img labeled Rogue and copy the images in the zip folder into the this new folder.
:bulletblack: Activate the program. It will ask you which shimeji that you have stored in the img folder you want to use.

Thought bubble frames come with interchangeable images so he can also think of Yukino.

Sting Shimeji
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AshB119's avatar
It still doesn't work :c
Mayu-Sama-Desu's avatar
i tried it but hes not popping up :(
KawaiiGirl48's avatar
Rogue is soooooo cute when he's a shimeji X3
FroshxLector's avatar
very cool ! You could make an on Frosch? She is so cute. <3
help, its not allowing me to download
SerpentTailedAngel's avatar
I haven't disabled their downloads. I can only assume this is an issue with the site itself. My apologies for that and i hope it's resolved soon.
Karinalokita102's avatar
I just dont underestend that referece, im sorry but you can explaind this for me? Pd: you dont speak spanish? 
SerpentTailedAngel's avatar
I'm sorry, but I don't speak Spanish, and I'm not entirely sure what you're asking.
Karinalokita102's avatar
Oh, it's ok. I understend that already(?)
KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV IT <3
J-Max-Endless-Sound's avatar
So cute~. (▽◕ ᴥ ◕▽)
Moodlle's avatar
I think I got a bit too excited when I saw your Sting and Rogue shimejis on tumblr~~ I've been looking for Shimejis for them for a while now :'D
SerpentTailedAngel's avatar

I think I requested someone make Sting a few years back, but it never happened, and eventually I figured out how to make them for myself. I just wish I didn't fall in love with Rogue too at some point between then and now, because it doubled the size of the project :laughing:
Moodlle's avatar
Haha~ Well they're both adorable :3 I have them out pretty much every day with three of my other favourites~
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