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Jackal Shimeji

He's done :heart:

New personal record for completion time. Less than a month. Not bad, considering I went about a week without touching after telling everyone I was totally going to finish this one.

to download
:bulletyellow: Click the download button on the side of the screen. A zip folder with his image set should show up. Only the image set are downloaded here, the shimeji program is not included
:bulletyellow: If you don't already have have program, you can get the English Enhanced version here.
:bulletyellow: Open the program and go to the folder labeled img. Create a folder within img labeled Jackal and copy the images in the zip folder into the this new folder. (If you aren't using the EE version, do not create a sub folder. Replaced the images in your img folder.)
:bulletyellow: Activate the program. It will ask you which shimeji that you have stored in the img folder you want to use.
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Can you do one of natsu or kirito from sao

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I wrote that to all shimejis (Rogue, Sting, Zelef) but SHIMEJIS ARE SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You don't have this compatible with MS Paint? 
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Technically, any image can be edited in MS Paint. But to the best of my knowledge the program lacks a good transparency feature, so you would only edit a shimeji using Paint if you want them to be square in shape when you're done.
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I know, but the shadows are not compatible, so i can edit but not gonna be good because the lines are with the shadow.
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I don't quite understand the issue. You want to edit the shading?
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No no, is the shading that is not compatible, so i can't edit the image because of the shading.
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I'm still not getting it. The image files as a whole should be no more or less compatible on Paint, be any individual part shaded or not. the big issue I think would come up with editing them on that program is the transparency... but that's not your problem.

You've lost me.
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