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This looks different than my normal style, but this is actually what all my sketches look like!

Rose Reilly is Reese's younger sister. She is a gamer, so I considered making her a closet geek, but then I realised she's not a geek at all. She just plays MMORPGs with Reese and Greg.

Reese is really good-natured, but snarky and foul-mouthed, haha.

Sloane is actually the driving force in my story, even though in the beginning she is a backgrond character. She is what sets everything in motion, though whether she'll be the one to stop it... I don't know!

Donald is deaf, which makes me feel bad about giving him an annoying laugh, because he can't hear himself. His two good friends Sloane and Rose both know sign language, but while Sloane already knew it because she thought it was cool, Rose learned it specifically so she could talk with Donald. Doing something for someone else is very odd for her.

I don't know what part Alex will play. S/he is standoffish, but nice. Very mysterious though.

Meme here: [link]
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Aw, I like Alex. (I have a thing for androgynous characters/people :D)