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+ Hetalia Brushes ver 2.0 | For MS5/CSP +

By SerketXXI
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New upd8!

Download this brushes by click "Download" button~

Ver 2.0 Updated! (May 11, 2014)

Added Hetalia Pen 'cause there's missing file on .zip file. (Thanks for :iconmidaruchi: )

Ver 2.0 Updated! (March 21, 2014)
Screenshot (48) by SerketStalker 
Now you can use this Swatches and some new brushes! Find here on bonus inside:
-Hetalia Swatches
-Hetalia Shading3
-Hetalia Bokeh
-Hetalia Bokeh2

Ver 2.0 (March 20, 2014)
-Added Hetalia Pen
-Added Hetalia Pencil4
-Added Hetalia Shading2
-Added Hetalia Flower2
-Revamped and changed name.

Ver 1.0 (July 29, 2013)
-First upd8

If you have old Hetalia Brushes ver 1.0, you can upd8 it from Clip Studio Paint (Pro or EX) or Manga Studio 5 (MS5 or MS5EX)

For Artists of Himaruya using Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint!

Other CSP/MS5 brushes:
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ElenielfireflyHobbyist General Artist
These brushes are literally the main ones I use to draw with. Thank you for creating such awesome brushes!!
xKanonchan's avatar
looks so awesome thank you sooo much for sharing I'll definitely try your brushes out in the future <3!!
Ferber9's avatar
Ferber9Hobbyist General Artist
oliveroso's avatar
WingsOfPotatoes's avatar
WingsOfPotatoesStudent Digital Artist
Downloaded ^^ Thanks!
Midaruchi's avatar
MidaruchiHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the update~!
BiGeurae's avatar
BiGeuraeStudent Artist
after i had download,show me how to add all brushes to CSP/MS5.thanks!
BiGeurae's avatar
BiGeuraeStudent Artist
oh,thank you^^!
Satsuki98's avatar
Satsuki98Hobbyist Digital Artist
A-awesome! ;u; 
Puffin-Kunzie's avatar
I have a question !
Will there ever be compatible versions with Paint Tool Sai ;;w;;?? That would be so helpful !! 
SerketXXI's avatar
SerketXXIHobbyist Digital Artist
uh sorry this is for Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio 5 only.

this file are .sut, that compatible with CSP/MS5.
Puffin-Kunzie's avatar
Ok thanks anyway

I'm downloading CSP now actually 
ShikiMoriyume's avatar
ShikiMoriyumeHobbyist Digital Artist
i've been wondering if someone will make a hetalia brush for MS. I've been messing with my tools these past few weeks *cries* you're a life saver :iconsupertighthugplz:
Yaseko-Kurusu's avatar
Thanks a lot!
Just a question,will you ever make Himaruya's brushes for circoular sparkles?
SerketXXI's avatar
SerketXXIHobbyist Digital Artist
circoular sparkles?

can you show me for examples?
SerketXXI's avatar
SerketXXIHobbyist Digital Artist

Here's Brushes Set with bonus inside:…
Yaseko-Kurusu's avatar
Yay,thank you very much :> You're so good at making brushes :XD:
SerketXXI's avatar
SerketXXIHobbyist Digital Artist
oh, that.

well I also make it too!

I will submit it as bonus version~
Yaseko-Kurusu's avatar
Can you please create the new brushes in ABR format? My computer and photoshop can't read the SUT format :<
SerketXXI's avatar
SerketXXIHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, sorry this brushes are for CSP/MS5 ONLY.

if you want to try Clip Studio Paint, you can try here:

I will send you a keygen for csp.

and for Photoshop, I will upd8 this Hetalia brush set soon.
Yaseko-Kurusu's avatar
I see.
Thanks a lot,that would really be helpful because I haven't it :XD:
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