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Pokemon Birthday Meme!

I'm back everybody! Phew, finally finished my diploma and now i'm free!!! (sorta, not really).

Anyways, i came by this meme, [link] , on Facebook and decided to make my own personal pokemon out of it.

The only existing pokemon that matches my birthday is Cobalion [link] .

Wrulf (pronounced 'Wolf', silent 'R') is based on my own character, Wolfie (duh).

Anyways, it's great to be back and i have some good news. I'll start taking commissions in December. That's right, pay me to do your bidding. (that sounds so wrong).
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Hey, that's not so bad.
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no no noo noooooooo!
there not wolf there rabit
._. And The final dvolusion looks like bonnie is in steroids + Transformer looking eye + And the easter rabbit from the rise of gurdian

me noo need more gay hentai
Dancing Arceus Cat Petch Intensifies Kyurem la Bonnie's seen too much 
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I was like cool, that is the best pokemon ever...wait it is your character...duh duh duh...pokemon still suks then...but they should consider a pokemon like this one XD so cool
please give me the link for this meme template <3
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Cool Pokemon. 
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that's awesome. I'm a wolf lover myself (not literally, that would be beastiality). Love the design. great job. I did that meme too; I got Normal, twice! Which is lame. But thanks to you, now I want to think of a design for a normal wolf pokemon. One that probably requires a moon stone to evolve, like most normal types. Would make sense since wolves have a connection with the moon and all. lol.
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p.s. also like the Logo. Is that fro a fanfic?
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WTF ahora los pokemons son mas digimons que caca lol
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This needs to be added to the game! :o
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Well, there is a Steel-Fighting Pokemon named Lucario. o3o
Do love the idea, though.
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looks more like a rabbit than a wolf lmaofldfshjglhjgfkljgf

but its a great idea for a pokemon~ o.o can't believe they haven't made a wolf pokemon yet.
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thats gotta be the greatest thing I have ever seen
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Pronouncing those pokemon names was harder than learning the russian language! XD lolz
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It's a really cool "Pokemon"! I very much enjoy your choice of greys~

Although, I must point out that there is no such thing as a "Metal" type. What you're thinking of is the Steel-type. So your Pokemon should be Steel-Fighting, not "Metal-Fighting".
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The easter bunny must be hitting the gym.
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Lucario is STEEL and FIGHTING.
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just…AMAZING. it really adds character and backround u should make a story off this!
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i wanted to do comics, but i'm too lazy. Maybe one day.
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Boleh ker kalo nak tiru template ni??...:D
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hahahahaa..trima kasih...:D
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wow...kalo ade blank template kan best....hahahaaa...nak wat jugak...:D
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