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Published: November 21, 2019
Character  Video Game


SPECIES: demon/nekomata

FAMILY: Damien, Dominic, Peter, Georgie, Shiloh, and Leah. 

HATES: when he can't get something right the first time, loud noises, and the dark.

LIKES:sour candy, comics, training with his brother, Damien, and video games.

PERSONALITY: Eli is actually like most kid brothers except for the fact he can easily get stressed and when he does this causes his ability to activate without warning causing him to shape-sift into something monstrous or something that looks like it's parts was picked at random depending on how stressed he's feeling, this also sometimes happens when he gets upset.

POWERS: he can shapeshift with no limits unlike damien except for the fact he can't change his normal color features for some reason. 

BIO:Eli can't really control his attacks or powers just yet because he's still learning how to do so(especially since after what his brothers likes to call the incident with Pepsi). he is actually the youngest of his family. unlike his brothers he can get easily stressed because of his goals to do well because of this it causes him to get stressed often.He considers his big brother Damien as his idol.
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