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Published: November 15, 2019
NAME: Damien
NICKNAME: Demon-dachi
SPECIES: Demon/cat yokai/????
LIKES: Chocolate,candy(especially raspberry flavored), fruit, horror movies, horror shows, and horror stories, horror games, when he absolutely sure he can trust someone, he also loves to play a good prank once in a while on those who've annoyed or angered him, but also likes to gives those he considers his friends a hard time.
HATES: His grandfather(with good reason!Emote - Shy Wave 01 ), being lied to, when someone takes advantage of him or tries to use him in some way, when someone threatens him, his friends, or his family. he also hates vegetables and he also hates certain noises .

FAMILY: His father,Fabian, was a monster and demon hybrid while his mother, Nyra, was a cat yokai from a line of extremely strong cat yokai. He has five younger brothers and a twin brother, their names are Dominic, Peter{also known as pepsi because of the hoodie he always wears has a pepsi logo.}, Georgie, Shiloh, Leah and Eli.

POWERS: He is able to shift between his demon and yokai part meaning that he can become full demon or full yokai, this power is actually a mutation of his father's ability to shapeshift and his mother's ability to share power or staminium with others, and yes he can take on other forms but is limited to what forms he can take depending on their size or unique traits. He is ten times stronger than a normal cat yokai and if he were to become full demon he can easily overpower a oni yokai even though he is only 4 foot tall in his demon form. He specializes in fire type attacks and when in full demon form he can cause opponents to freeze with a simple glare. but it has a time limit and it's can be shorten or lengthen depending on how strong willed the opponent is. He can also warp place to place and erase or manipulate memories. he also has a ability that i like to call shadow puppet he can his shadow to make a clone allie or to store stuff. he use it to store eight items in total not depending on size or shape. he likes to call his shadow puppet "Shade" and gives it free will to move around and such from time to time.

 SOULITIMATE: Gluttonous flames: causes huge purple flames to seemingly come out of nowhere turn everything into ash with ease.

ATTACK: scratch

TECHNIQUE:fire 10x5

INSPIRIT:Cursed aura:causes opponent's defense to suddenly drop and to attack recklessly and sometimes attack allies for no good reason.

PERSONALITY: He can be cold and harsh or ignorant to those who are strangers to him as a type of defense but can be friendly and blunt with those who he considers his friends.He can also be sarcastic depending on the situation, he also likes to give people a hard time and can be quite annoying at times especially when he keeps on pranking people or taking things and moving them to a different spot but he only plays pranks that can cause the person to get into a lot of trouble on those who have annoyed or angered him, most of the time the pranks he plays on his friends are quite small and usually harmless. He is a big horror buff, give a horror movie or comic or anything like that and he's happy, which is rare since most of the time he acts unemotional or bored. It is actually rare for him to make friends since he is more of a introvert than a extrovert.(Meaning that he doesn't really talk to others.) He actually has a short temper and can be easily angered with people taking him for granted, being lied to, or people judging him. He can also be easily angered with threats or insults depending on who they're being hurled at, if it's him he might not react or he might throw a threat or insult that will make you shut you up.(surprisingly he is quite witty and smart when he decides to talk.) But, if you insult his friends or family than that's a different story all together, you see he might throw a threat that might have something to do with extreme bodily harm while trying not reveal his demon side at the same time, meaning that he can be quite caring when it comes to friends and family.  

BIO: Damien is a nekomata and demon hybrid. his father is actually a pretty good man since he himself is a hybrid of a demon and a monster who came from a family that was made up of many different monsters while his mother came from a family of extremely strong cat yokai. when he was a child he saw his parents get murdered before him and his brothers. he would only discover later that his grandfather was the one who was responsible for his parents murder, with the unintentional help of one of his brothers. He has since been living in a hut with his brothers at Mt. Wildwood and currently visits other places in Springdale to hang out or to just get food or a few stuff for his current home. He rarely visits the yokai world and spends most of his time there looking for his brother, Dominic.
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This is really well thought out!

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thank you! he also got his own ask box, i'm really proud of him.

Ask Damien and the gang
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what? thinking of asking him a question go ahead!