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Snips, thank you

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I wanted to draw this for a while... but I know Snips and Snails aren't exactly the most popular characters of the series...
Anyway, I hope you like this comic, because I always had a soft spot for these clumsy unicorn colts . :)
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The-Kinky-HobbitHobbyist General Artist
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CatRock111Hobbyist General Artist
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Maybe if these two get their own episode and it goes something like this, more people would start to like them.
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SandyFeralStudent General Artist
Daaaaaw there adorable!
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DuskWolf300Student General Artist
Adorable work
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frans97Hobbyist Photographer
Spongebob and Patrick kinda reference much?
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J4BHobbyist Digital Artist
I like this comic.
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Nice to see a little love for these two. They may have their issues, but I see no reason for ill will towards them. Their EQG equivalents, on the other hand, aren't so nice.
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You actually made me feel emotions for Snips and Snails other than anger. Congratulations, I give you the Feels Award!
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Must be hard to be worst ponies.
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PeternatorsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I not really like these Two, but You make me see them in another way!
Great Job!
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Dawww that was cute though I don't like those two but still cute.
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
D'awww...BBF, Best Buds Forever
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Those two may be silly, but their friendship is strong. Good work sir. :D
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I really like this comic. I don't think these two really get enough love. 
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I would actually like to see snips and snails grow up to be decent stallions. They are just colts now, so yeah. They are understandably pretty dull (worse than most) But I would like to see them fill out into being actual DECENT male characters in the show.

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Rebron-yHobbyist Digital Artist
I second the motion.
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these two are stooges; but I can appreciate this moment...
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MillenniumFalsehoodProfessional Traditional Artist
As much as I dislike these two, I have to admit you pulled on my heartstrings a little with this comic. Great work. :)
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awwww this is so sweet ;-;
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RechaDisHobbyist Artist
dont worry, snails. Diamond tiara doesn´t deserve a birthday cake 
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GreatTeacherDiCensoHobbyist General Artist
Dawww!  Even goofballs need love!
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Moral of the story: You can ruin Diamond Tiara's birthday and receive absolutely no comeuppance as long as it's attributed to Diamond Tiara, because nobody likes Diamond Tiara.
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*replace 2nd "Diamond Tiara" with "Friendship", I fucking ruined this joke.
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