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Goodbye, MLP season 4

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In my honest opinion, season 4 was amazing. I loved almost every episode ( my favourites are Twilight's Kingdom, Pinkie Pride and Flight to the Finish, in that order).
I want to say goodbye to this glorious season. I hope this drawing that references pretty much every episode and almost every significant character of the season is enough for now. :)

I'll point out at least a reference in the drawing for episode:1 and 2 Princess Twilight Sparkle (The vines and the tree of harmony),3.Castle Mane-Ia (The Pony of Shadows),4.Daring Don't ( Daring Do and Ahuizot),5.Flight To the Finish (Scootaloo is making the routine woth the scooter),6. Power Ponies ( The Power Ponies comic book),7.Bats ( The vampire fruit bat),8.Rarity Takes Manehattan ( Coco Pommel and Rarity's key),9.Pinkie Apple Pie ( Big Mac with the cart, Goldie Delicious),10.Rainbow Falls ( The Ponyville relay team and Rainbow's key),11.Three's a Crowd ( The giant worm and the glass of water),12.Pinkie Pride ( Cheese Sandwich and Boneless),13.Simple Ways(Trenderhoof),14.Filly Vanilly(Fluttershy's outfit),15.Twilight Time(Pipsqueack),16.It Ain't Easy Being Breezies(Seabreeze, Fluttershy's key and the Doctor's glasses),17.Somepony to Watch Over Me (The chimera and Applejack's boots),18.Maud Pie(Maud Pie),19.For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils(Sapphire Shores and her headress), 20. Leap Of Faith ( The Flim Flam Brothers and Granny swimming),21.TestingTesting 1, 2, 3(Vynil Scratch),22.Trade Ya(The Discord Lamp),23.Inspiration Manifestation(Rarity's eyes and horn),24.Equestria Games(Spike breathing red fire) and 25/26.Twilight's Kingdom ( Tirek, Twilight's Key).

As always I hope you like it! ( It was a pain drawing more than 50 ponies in one picture, but this season deserved that and more). :D
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Detective88Student Traditional Artist
This was my favorite season. This should've been the final one. :D 
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AminaIslamHobbyist General Artist
That was my favourite season!!! :3
Timelord909's avatar
Timelord909Hobbyist General Artist
mine too! 
Timelord909's avatar
Timelord909Hobbyist General Artist
Twas the best written season of mlp
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
PinkieThePowerpuffStudent Artist
How can Bulk Biceps fly with tiny wings while Scootaloo can NOT :?
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fireheart0808Student Digital Artist
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bluezolaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello season 5!
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This is just epic!!:D
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A reference to Simple Ways in there anywhere? It's a forgettable episode but I do just hope I'm blind and you haven't missed it out!
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seriousdogStudent General Artist
There is a reference, no episode was left without reference. :) Trenderhoof appears near the Flim Flam Brothers in the background. It's a minor thing mostly because I also found the episode kinda forgettable, but it's there.
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lavenderspurHobbyist Digital Artist
I found him! :D
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Brosforever28Hobbyist Artist
There's gonna a season five, right?

Awesome picture, but where's shining armor?
seriousdog's avatar
seriousdogStudent General Artist
Yes, season 5 has been confirmed (It will air during 2015).
If you're looking for Shining Armor, he's behind Rarity, next to Silver Spoon and Zecora.:)
EmilyScary's avatar
EmilyScaryHobbyist Digital Artist
nope it airs in the end of 2014
seriousdog's avatar
seriousdogStudent General Artist
Oh! Better than I thought, then. :D
EmilyScary's avatar
EmilyScaryHobbyist Digital Artist
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Yumechan774Hobbyist General Artist
Es fantástico *-* Perfecto para ponerlo de fondo de pantalla :3
GreenBolt-PonyArtist's avatar
GreenBolt-PonyArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
The season was awesome! Bye season 4, you were good.
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yanoula12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The whole frikin' season WHOAOh Noes! I am a dummy! 
seriousdog's avatar
seriousdogStudent General Artist
She didn't appear in season 4, so I couldn't put her here. It's a shame, because I really like Trixie.
nintendolover2010's avatar
Okay. Who is that grey pony next to Coco Pommel?
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