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Discord's season 5 wishlist



I'm baack!! Now that season 5 is almost here, let's see what Discord wants to see in it. :D
Angel getting the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, the CMC getting Applejack faces for cutie marks, Scorpan being creepy with the ponies, draconequus Twilight, Snips and Snails turning into Pinky and the Brain....only the chaotic mind o Discord can imagine such things....
If someone wonders why a cast member like Discord would make a season 5 wishlist, just imagine that he wrote this before he was given the script. XDD

I hope you like the comic. I would also like to hear your personal season 5 wishlists in the comments! :)
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Well he predicted season 6 with the princesses getting captured and did take part in the rescue mission.