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Discord's humble home

By seriousdog
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"Make new friends but keep Discord" has shown me that Discord has one of the most awesome domiciles I've ever seen. I want to live there, darn it! :(
Anyway, as always,  I hope you like the drawing.
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This is awesome! Great jobClap :happybounce: Parcel post (ahhh) plz  ^^
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If Rarity ever comes here, she would probably wear a dress that was made from many previous dresses of her's just to fit in with the weirdness.
fost0385's avatar
Poor mailpony :(
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Yes, I like the drawing. It's so colorful and chaotic, just like it should be.
GUILLE832's avatar
¡Hola niños! ¿Sabeís que hora es? Hora de Avent... digo, headcanon!


¿En serio? ¿No se va a quedar nadie? 
Bah, que os ****


La "casa" como tal no existía hasta después de su reformación. Hasta entonces la dimensión de Discord no era más que caos sin fin. Sin embargo, tras pasar una temporada viviendo con Fluttershy Discord decidió que le gustaba la idea de disponer de un domicilio fijo.
seriousdog's avatar
Me gusta la idea de que haya adaptado su dimensión a sus nuevos gustos tras vivir con los ponies. Ahora quiero ver como era esa dimensión A.C. ( Antes del Cartero) XD
Argamis's avatar
Jaja! A.C.! xD

Esta casa flotante hecha de pequeñas islas de distintos colores me recuerda las bellas construcciones en SIMs de Second Life allá por el año 2010 (inpiradas en la luna Pandora de la película "Avatar").
LookMaIDrew's avatar
Discord lives in Xen)
jyroman53's avatar
Welcome to trollland !
BB-K's avatar
Interesting, and I thought that red waterfall reminds me of lava but it's not, it's just red orange warm waterfall. :o

This place look chaotic will suit more for Rayman universe. :o
seriousdog's avatar
Maybe that's the universe where Discord truly lives (even though to me it looks more like something out of the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy). XD
BB-K's avatar
Ahh, that universe too which Grim comes from? :o
templar127's avatar
No place like home!
ThatDiscord's avatar
Do you mind if I feature this on my profile? It is great
KaijuInfinity's avatar
Huh, where can I find the street it's next to?
reynaruina's avatar
Dat effing place I swear xD I also love how he starts doing cleaning -hehm, I mean "dirtying" while he vents xD
cajobif's avatar
Seriously? You want to live there? Do you have any idea what happened to that poor mailpon... Oh! He's still there? No wonder their tea parties are at Fluttershy's place.

Wonderful (and chaotic) work
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Living there?! I would shit my pants if I would.
MusicalityMix's avatar
I just love that Discord lives in Dr. Suess land.
Fist-of-doom's avatar
I wonder if that place just exists and no one except for him (and that mail pony...somehow.) can reach, or if he made it himself. In both cases I'm concerned about what else may live within the Chaos Dimension.
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
I like the land that falls that turns into a waterfall like a rainbow
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What, you didn't think he just had a nice little cottage on the outskirts of Ponyville did you?

So many ponies aren't going to be getting their mail anytime soon.
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